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Dream About Shotgun meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean?

What is the meaning of my dream?
I had a dream that I liked this guy in my class who i'v never even talked too. The relationship was not supported by family.He was pretty rich, we never said we liked each other but just talked by looking at each other. Later on I saw myself talking to that guy in this weird college in Rhode Island. We were talking about how he was unsuccessful and he was broke.

In my dream last night I had a bear trying to chew on me...I had a single shot shotgun, but it was in 2 pieces, my girlfriend was in the dream too, and I kept telling her to give me some shotgun shells so I could shoot the bear.. about the time that I got the gun together and loaded it up and pointed it point blank at the bear, He lost interest and wandered off..That's when I woke up...my GF got out of bed and was heading out to the front room, I asked her if she was coming back and she said she would sleep on the couch as my nightmare had woke her up...I don't put much stock into dreams
I just gave an old single shot to a friend...Bears do live on this Island...she told me I screamed like a girl 2 times..lol!...your dream is pretty mundane...but very logical,...and quite sane, Sounds like you are looking for a good mate and don't want to be dissapointed...

Example: Tiger meaning in a dream?

I keep on having this reoccurring dream of tigers following me. They are not necessarily attacking me, just following me but it's pretty scary to be followed by a predatory animal not know if it's benevolent or malign.

I'm applying to grad schools and I was at a university and I was there by myself. I leave a university building and there is a tiger outside which alarms me and head straight back inside. Wouldn't you know it, the cat finds a way in the building as well. I stumble and navigate to some room that had shotguns and I barricade and lock the door. I keep waiting for that thing to come get me and my finger is on the trigger. I feel safe with the arms.

The strange thing is it looked so peaceful, like I just wanted to befriend it but it may have cost me my life.

Personally I think it could represent a government; A caring and potentially powerful ally or nemesis. The university and shotguns may have represented clout.

What do you think? Am I missing something?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of humanity battling dinosaurs with shotguns?

I just want to say that it's not as crazy as it sounds. It was humanity that had the shotguns, not the dinosaurs, and this didn't happen until Pink Floyd disappeared from the dream. Until then, everything was perfectly normal. Then dinosaurs showed up and started attacking humans in this post-apocalyptic Jurassic Park kind of scenario until humanity started blasting them with shotguns. And then the sun came out and we realized we won.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a weird dream that my mom let me drive the car (im 13) while my cousin was in shotgun and my mom was in the backseat but my mom put on some auto drive thing that let the car drive itself. Then there was a roadblock looking for cars and when it came up to us I told my mom and we all switched seats but the cop showed us a newspaper of the day with me on the cover page driving the car. So he arrested me and my mom but put us in another with other people and my mom drove away. Then when we got home (For some reason my house was a place I was in last week) everyone was telling me off.

What does this dream mean

Example: Meaning of this dream?

ok so i was wondering what this dream might mean cause it was extremely vivid in some ways and seemed like i had some sort of purpose in it also its a long dream

so the dream starts with me finding a woman and we seem to be in the desert in a diner and i Guess i had just found her and we decided to go to the diner and talk i don't know what had happened previous to this but i assume it was some thing odd cause this woman is "special" in several ways that will be explained later in the dream so we talk and she leaves saying that i will not see her again or some thing to that effect perhaps in not so definite manner so i am walking in the city now and i seem to have no purpose in the walk just to walk for fun or such i am able to clearly remember the cloths i wear for some reason i wore a brown hoody old but good jeans and i also wore some sort of thing over the hoody sort of like a belt but not the same after several hours of looking i stopped in front of a building because some thing about it was different nothing any one would notice but in my mind some thing about it was different and important so i go in and a fat lady sat at the reception desk and i ask her for a person by name and its a female name of which is the name of the woman i met previously at the diner but she gave me no name (i don't actually know what the name was )
i say some thing else and the receptionist quickly asks for the woman to come and from a door on the right in a hallway comer's the same woman that i met at the diner she sees me and with a face of shock stares at my blankly for a moment she walks over to me and almost in a hiss asks what i am doing here and how i found her i say i didn't try and just did she asks what i am doing here then and i said nothing but then after a moment thought of it and produced a piece of paper and handed to it and now in my dream mind i think what was on this paper i don't remember writing it i see a flash of what it is a and its a list of thing that have been done by the dream me like a resume of sorts and they were magical feats and she looks at me again and then at the paper and she seems sceptically but apparently the paper had proof she signals for me to follow i do and we go through a hallway and signals me to wait i stand out in front of a broken wall that looked out over a huge space where people marched about from place to place this place was odd i noted to my self for it was to big in side for the building to hold it the wall looked like a bomb had hit it soon the woman came back and their was also a man leading a "tour" of kids and teens to this spot and he told them to do some sort of magic and she indicated i should join and struggled to preform the same acts but at one point i had been asked to do some thing and it was some thing to difficult for any of the people present to do and some thing went off in my i did the task and some explosion occurred and it knocked down the wall they bring me to a bed room for me and i stay their till indicated to leave and some Development occurs and apparently i am able to fight now and the woman i met is in danger from a large group of people attacking her i go their and i use a shotgun to defeate the people i meet her again and i say i am so sorry for letting her get attacked and i hug her tightly and say i love you (apparently their was some sort of development between the two of us sense she left me at that building) and that's the end of the dream but now when ever i think of her my heart races like that of lovers separated never have i had a dream effect me in the waking world none the less in such a manner so i ask about it here

Example: What does this dream mean?!?

There's this dream which is really weird. Here it is:
Okay, so I'm this kid, walking up on my porch about to go in when a voice says "No don't go in there! Come here he's gonna shoot you!" So I ignore the voice and see this guy with a rifle smiling at me so I run to the voice and so it turns out to be my dad. The dude runs after me and my dad says "Run! He's gonna kill you and he has other men too! Go!" so I run into this fenced area which is like a maze and the guys have a truck and follow me and then I meet two kids named Violet and Clyde and we run out of the fenced maze together and onto a sidewalk. Then we see police officers and they hand us a folder that has the plan to get these guys in jail so we do the plan and the end.
It happens frequently and I have NO CLUE what this means.. Does it mean that I might get killed by riflee?

Example: What does my dream mean...?

Ok so I dream that 2 trucks crashed by my house one landed in my front yard the other landed in a creek in my property (it landed over the creek the creek is really small). I was afraid they would blow up or catch on fire so I ran to the nabours house I can't remember the rest. I think they caught on fire

Thanks :D

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that my fiance and I were married, in what looked like a community centre (Not sure why!) and then it went to the evning and he was driving us down a country road when someone stopped our car and made us get out. I got out instantly, as they had shotguns pointed at us but my fiance did not want to. He froze to death in the field whilst we waited for help. Then our wedding photos were showing just his suit and not him because he died! Can someone explain this as it freaked me out. x

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream the other night and the dream was about me lying in my bed sleeping in my room, and i felt something to the side of me and picked it up and it was a to-go coffee mug, and i heard someone in my room and i got so scared that i couldnt talk and barely could breath, and i couldnt scream either, and so i ran upstairs and got my dad and told him that theres someone in my room, and he got a shotgun(he doesnt have one in real life) and went down stair and when he shinned his flashlight towards my closet this old woman walks out and just stares at us... I told my mom about this dream and she told me to describe the women and when i did my mom said i just described my dead great grandmother...

I had another dream the night after that and it was about how my sister had her baby(shes prego and due in a couple days) and my family and friends were outside playing around and my sister asked me to bring my nephew inside to change his diaper and when i walked out he was a toddler and my mom told me to bring him inside to give him his shot, so we walked up the stairs into our bathroom and he showed me where the needle and medicine was, and he told me to ingect it into his arm, but ew, no i hate needles and i couldnt do it, and then all of a sudden this nurse walks in and gives him the shot and i wake up...

i want to know what these dreams mean. and what im suppost to do about them.


Example: What does this dream mean?

I walking down a busy highway with couple of friends. While walking down the road. I saw a red house that look like a barn. It was about 3-4 blocks away from where we were at. Did not play that much attention to it because i was talking to my friends. As soon as we had got to the next block. I instantly got 4 pictures in my head. 1 was the Red barn house,2 a big trash can in the yard with lots of fresh garbage 3, at the bottom of the trash bin was kid barley alive it was unconscious 4 a guy in standing at the window with a shotgun.

As we got closer to the red house you can clearly see it was a barn shape house and there was a huge trash can in the front. As were passing the house there was a guy staring right at us with his shotgun as his side. As we pass the house we called 911 gave my info and then i woke up.

what does this mean?

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