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Dream About Shoulders meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dreams meaning..?

I dream.. i was i was headed somewhere...i forgot where...but n e ways..as i was headed somewhere i guess i made a stepbackwards...because wherever i was going i did not want to go empty handed..so i grabbed some stuff...so than as i was going to keep walking..this man stops me and grabs me by the shoulders and looks me in the face and says..u cannot take anything with you! Just go...you can do this..as if he were encouragin me for something good. So i keep walking and i end up in this room where i saw my mother..and in my dream i said i cannot live with her here she'll have me tied down forever lol...so i decided to find my own room with nobody just me...and outside the balcony i could see the ocean...anyway there was alot of people everywhere...

Ok that man was probably your subconcious mind trying to tell you that you need to stop relying on things to help you, this things would represent anyone or things. What you need to do is get a grip on what you want and need to do and get those things done, maybe the dream will go away.

Example: Dream Meaning?

I had recieved a phone call saying that my friend Katie and I had to report to the airport a.s.a.p. When we got there it was completely empty(which is weird) but there were three teenagers in hoodies and sunglasses. One touched me on the shoulder and I flipped out. I ended up beating them all up while my friend just watched. At the end Katie told me to stop. I did we saw who they were. Three hot brothers that we knew. After that I said sorry, and we went onto a private jet and flew somewhere.

What does my dream mean?

Example: Dream meaning- murder?

I believe in dream symbolism and enjoy picking apart my own dreams. Anyway, I had a dream I was murdered, I won't go into details, but the only info I can find regarding dreaming about murder is murdering someone else, not being murdered yourself. Anyone have info on that?

Example: I had a dream that my X crush was tapping me on the shoulder over an over again what does it mean?

Example: What it means to dream of a frog jumping on top of your shoulder?

I was so scare in the dream and I was with my daughter, my aunt and her ex husband

Example: What does it mean when you dream about an Eagle and a Chicken on both of my shoulders, talking to my Mother?

I had a dream I was talking to an Eagle and a Chicken on both shoulders Eagle on the left, and Chicken on the right. I began introducing them to various people along with my Mother. I used the names of both Eagle and Chicken which I dont remember, when introducing them to people. My mother who has passed away almost 10 years ago was Greatly amused as she hugged and kissed them both, then me. When she left, The Eagle started to pick on the chicken which I stopped for obvious reasons. After a while I Carressed Both with the side of my Head and thanked them for hanging out with me, and Gently let them be on thier way. I then went to see what my Mother was doing, and the dream shifted into another even weirder dream. The location of the dream was kinda like a Mall or Casino, That my Parents Owned in this dream, and I was there helping out with the Entertainment. I found my Mother checking out how the guest were doing in a Poker Room or Dining Room, as she adjusted some chairs. Both my Parents have been deceased for quite a while, But I Always dream of them, as if they Were Still Alive, Except I Still Live With Them! Weird Right? Thank-You for taking the time to Read and Answer

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have a lot of vivid strange dreams/nightmares and I was just curious if anyone could help me out with what this dream could mean. In my dream I wake up to a baby crying, I have no kids but I know this baby is mine. I walk out of my bedroom and follow the sound to my room mates room. I call out her name and she doesn't answer so I keep walking till I reach her door. I push open the door and the baby goes calm then my room mate puts her finger to her lips and makes the "shhh" motion. At that exact moment her face cracks and pieces fall off then the rest of her body and the baby shatter like they are made out of porcelain. I run to my other room mates room and pound on his door, then I go into his room. I sit on his bed and put my hand on his shoulder to wake him, the moment he turns to look at me his face begins to rot and deteriorate, the rest of his body follows suit till there is nothing left but a pile of dust and bones. At this point I throw myself against the wall and start screaming till I wake up.

Example: What does it mean to dream of a hand on your shoulder?

About a week ago I had a very confusing and powerful dream. I was briefly talking with someone, then the dream went black. I saw a blinding white light, as if I was staring at the sun. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder and I went to grab it, and when I went to grab it in my dream I also went to grab it for real, and woke up from grabbing my shoulder. When I opened my eyes, I had the image of the white light in my eyes, like when you look at the sun and the image of the sun is there for a while then fades, but this was from a dream... what do you think?

Example: What does my dream mean?

ok in my dream i saw my self sleeping and some random hand layed they're hand on my shoulder what does this mean .

Example: Dream Interpretation: What does it mean if I put my head down on this guys shoulder as I sleep and he starts?

Dream Interpretation: What does it mean if I put my head down on this guys shoulder as I sleep and he starts smelling me, breathing into my neck very deeply. He does this 3-4 times

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