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Dream About Shoulders meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had a dream I was shot in the shoulder. What does it mean?

Not too long ago I had a dream that I was walking home from school and I was collateral damage in a shooting. I got shot in the shoulder. In the dream I sort of recognized the place where I was too. What does this dream mean?

well no one realllyy knows what dreams mean..
may be you watched a scary/action movie before
you went to bed because EVERYTIME i watch
the first 48 hours and shows that has forensics
in them, i always have dreams about getting shot
or someone im close to getting hurt or killed.

dont worry sweetie, you'll be fine. :)

my grandmother is filipina and she is supertious
and she believes it means you'll have a long life?
my pysychology teacher told me it has something
to do with you having a big problem in your life that
you need to let go (forgive and forget)

take pyschology when you get the chance! its an
amazing subject. you'll learn a lot about dreams

Example: What does is mean to kiss someone on the shoulder in a dream?

I had a dream a few nights ago that me & my boyfriend were sitting on a curb on the sidewalk around 5-ish and he was telling me about something that bothered him (not sure what it was though) and i was trying to make him feel better, so i kissed him on the shoulder and he yelled at me. Help.?

Example: I had a dream i was shot in the right shoulder what does this mean?

I had a dream i was shot in the right shoulder. This is what happened, i have seen this man before, he was in my dream the night before threatening me and my uncle. he told my uncle he would shoot him. the dream ended. last night i had a dream that same man owned the restaurant where we ate dinner he came by and told my uncle to leave. he refused to. i then knew who this man was. it was Francis's boss from the show Malcolm in the middle,(the old western guy) anyways my uncle wouldn't leave and the man did as he said he would. he pointed the gun at my uncle. i didn't move. my uncle was diagonal from me. The bullet shot me in my shoulder, my right one. i blacked out in the nightmare. i woke up in a car with 2 girls that were from my school they took me to the hospital. i saw a man having a seizure and being dragged by his IV's and wires. that scared me i woke up. i cant even think about this dream without flinching. i must add though typing it made me feel allot better. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

Example: I had a dream a couple nights ago about a dude with an upside down cross on his shoulder what does it mean?

i had a dream a couple nights ago about a dude with an upside down cross on his shoulder

Example: What does a dream that a short hairy white worm is coming out of my shoulder mean?

It felt so real, i immediately woke up and grabbed my shoulder. It was disturbing.

Example: What does it mean when someone kiss your shoulder in a dream?

ok! My bestfriend had a dream about me and my girlfriend,my girl was upset and i kissed her on her shoulder what does that mean?

Example: I was shot by my abusive father in a dream...in the stomach and right shoulder, what does that mean?

My dad abused me for a really long time in real life. In this dream I was trying to hide from him and he saw me and shot me in my stomach and right shoulder. I could feel the shots and woke up right after he shot me in the right shoulder. What could this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

all summer ive had dreams about the same person, which i love. Lets say his name is bob. I had this dream last night where he laid his head on my shoulder and i say what are you doing and he doesnt reply, and then i say bob. no reply, then i took his head off my shoulder and i said this is more awkward then u think it is. ?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of being shoot in the shoulder?

I had this dream that a woman i knew in real life shoot me in the shoulder by accident. I felt hot and my shoulder hurt but in my dream i was laughing and it didnt bother me. What does this mean.

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