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Dream About Shower Cap meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that i was drunk, swimming in a lake with my brother. I had a red lollipop in my mouth. We kept pushing each other underwater and i felt like i was drowning. I had my best friend pick me up. As we were driving down the road, we came across an anaconda laying over the road, blocking it. She decided she would drive over it. We saw the anaconda's head, it was eating a deer. It wrapped its body around the tires of the car and dragged us through town. It was very long, probably half a mile. While it was pulling us, I was waving my fist in victory out of the window to all of the people that were watching. It finally dropped us off at a very old victorian looking house. The house was white and it was my house. I walk inside, its my birthday party. All of my relatives are there. One of my uncles tries to tell me a story, and I feel sick so I start walking away to go throw up. My mom and grandpa get mad at me for interrupting his story and make me stay and listen to the whole thing before leaving. I go to the bathroom. It has a giant shower in it. The shower is all white and circular, and it has a toilet in the floor, just a toilet seat over a hole in the ground. It also has a dial on the wall. It is for a heating and vibrating floor. I turn it on. I get in the water and take the red lollipop out of my mouth. I start throwing up. It is a very thick paste, its white, pink, and red. as it comes up I cant breathe very well. It is even in my nose. I finally get all of it out and get dressed and return to my party. All of my old coworkers are there. I havent even gotten ready, my hair is still wet. All i want is a guy that i was seeing while i worked at the place that i used to work. he also worked there. i start looking for him. He is outside throwing a football in the street with a few other people. He is about 7 years younger. His facial hair has been shaved off. He is wearing a baby blue baseball cap, sweatshirt, and khaki shorts. I am embarrassed by how i look, so i go back inside to get ready. the party has died down a lot. There are people in rooms. Some are hooking up. I think the guy i was looking for is hooking up with someone in a room. I kick down the door. A fat man is in the room with very large lips. He is staring into a mirror at himself, he is drunk and cant breathe well. He keeps wheezing. i walk into another room and find the boy on a bed. He will not speak to me. He grabs my arm and tries to get me to lay down with him. I refuse. (I am angry with him because in real life, he stopped talking to me out of nowhere. I have been wondering for months why he has done this.) I dont want to lay with him until i get an explanation. I am crying. He is angry with me, he will not speak. He keeps smiling at me, like he is mocking me. He gets up and i have to chase him around the house. I find him on a couch. I sit next to him, he is on my right side, my best friend is on the left. I keep asking him why he stopped talking to me. He acts like i did something bad to him. My best friend vouches for me and tells him that i really cared about him. He tells me to look on twitter and i will find the answers. I go on one of my friends accounts, she has a video about me. She says that I am jaded in the video, she talks about how my name is badass and fits me. My phone dies. I tell the boy that he makes no sense. I keep grabbing his face, hoping he will realize that i'm serious. He is still smiling at me, mocking me. I hear someone laugh at me. I look over where my best friend was sitting. instead, another one of my friends is next to me. (In real life, this friend told me to be careful of this guy.) She thinks im stupid. I see lights outside. I go outside and the police are there. I go to close the door because it is open. There are many doors to close where the front door is. Probably about four screen doors and the actual front door. I am scrambling to close them all, because i am scared. the doorknob is on the right side of one door, the left side on the next, and alternate. I look up, a policeman is running towards me. My dream ends.

I have an answer, but Yahoo! won't allow me to post because it's too many characters. So I'll post a quick summary and if you want to know more, please email me at r.n853@yahoo and I'll send you the full explanation.


So here's what I get from your dream and I hope it helps. You are coming to face the consequences of your out of control behavior and the impact it's had on your life. This may be the first time you've searched inward for answers and you are coming to terms not only with the impact of your behavior, but who you really are.

Example: What does this passage from my AP English class mean to you ? How do you interpret it?

Of late years an abundant shower of curates has fallen upon the North of England; they lie very thick on the hills, every parish has one or more of them; they are young enough to be very active an ought to be doing a great deal of good. But not of late years are we about to speak. We are going back to the beginning of the century – present years- are dusty, sun burnt hot arid. We will evade the noon- forget it In siesta, pass the mid day in slumber and dream of dawn .
If you think from this prelude, that anything like a romance is preparing for you, reader, you never were more mistaken. Do you anticipate sentiment, and poetry, and reverie? Do expect passion, and stimulus and melodrama? Calm your expectations reduce them to a lowly standard. Something real, cool and solid lies before you; something un romantic as Monday morning, when all who have work wake with the consciousness that they must rise and betake themselves thereto. It is not positively affirmed that you shall have a taste of the exciting- perhaps towards the middle and close of the meal- but it is resolved that the first dish set upon the table shall be one that a Catholic-ay, even and Anglo- catholic- might eat on Good Friday in passion week. It shall be cold lentils and vinegar without oil; it shall be unleavened bread with bitter herbs and no roast lamb.
Of late years, I say an abundant shower of curates has fallen upon the North of England; but at that time that affluent rain has not descended. Curates were scarce then; there was no Pastoral Aid, no additional Curate society to stretch a helping hand to worn out old rectors and incumbents and give them the wherewithal to pay vigorous young colleagues from Oxford or Cambridge. The present successors of the Apostles, disciples of Dr. Pusey and tools of Propaganda, were at that time being hatched under cradle blankets or undergoing regeneration by nursery baptism in wash hand basins. You could not have guessed by looking at any one of them that the Italian ironed frills of its net-cap surrounded the brows of a pre ordained, specially sanctified of St. Paul, St. Peter or St. John nor could you have forseen in the folds of its long nightgown the white surplice in which it was here after cruelly to exercise the souls of its parishioners, and strangely to nonplus its old fashioned vicar by flourishing aloft in a pulpit the shirt-like raiment which had never before waved higher than a reading desk.
Yet even in those days of scarcity there were curates; the precious plant was rare, but it might be found. A certain favored district in the West riding of Yorkshire could boast three rods of Aaron blossoming within a circuit of twenty miles. You shall see them, reader. Step into this neat garden-house on the skirts of Whinbury, walk forward; Mr. Malone, curate of Briarfield; Mr. Sweeting curate of Nunnely. These are Mr. Donne’s lodgings, being the habtuation of one John Gale, a small clothier. Mr. Donne had kindly invited his brethren to regale with him. You and I will join the party, see what is to be seen and hear what is to be heard. At present, however, they are only eating, and while they eat we will talk aside.

Example: What Do My Dreams Mean?

Dreams i Have Had Can Anyone Tell Me What Some Of Them Mean?

ok so everywhere around the town is infected with cat people and zombies so im on the side walk to a shop and this
lady comes up to me and askes *can You watch my children?* *suer* i tell her she leaves a 5 and a 12 old near me and i do watch them and
then my sister comes out with a random saying *you Die By Car* then i look back at the children and the little one is there
but the older one is in the street so i run and grab her and go back to the little one and by the time i let the older one
down she is gone the mother comes rushing up to me *WHERES MY BABY* She asks i look across the street and there she is with a
cat face so i grab my sister and we go down into the sewers and we run a cuple of other people start to follow usand then we
see it zombies everywhere ahead of us and cat people filling in behind us and dj and the group of people deide they whould
rather charge throw the group of cat people and for som reason i just sat down well they run away the zombies come towrds me
and i blank out and i awake in a bathroom i stand up to come face to face with a cat person then he starts bleeding from the
mouth and i looki behind him and there is a zombie cutting throw the cat and the cat drops to the floor and i back away
agenst a wall where the zombie cant see me and i guessed wrong i look ahed of me and there is a camra on him and me he is in
a towle ready for a shower and im in a lace bra and really tiny underwere and for some reason for this next part i lost
controll i walked over to him and he wraped his arms around me and i awoke out of my dream feeling fantastic all i know is i
want to have that dream again!

I Had A Drean Where I Was An Actor It wstill Is Blurry But All I can remember talking to a fat kit and tossing him in the
street it seemed like we are at grams house but there was inground swimming pool and hot boys and me yelling at the derector =
and i woke up feeling ok

so it started with me and destinny in a crapy house and on the back of it was a lake and we went for a swim and i remember swimming back to the dock and telling destinny "we need to get out of this crap hole i have not changed my sheets in a week" she just agreed withme and when we got dressed and went in there was all my friends watching movies so i sat down its a little fuzzy when it comes to this part but the boys took something from me and we all ran after each other and stoped suddinly and i looked to my left and there was this beautiful girl looking at me not your kind of fashon modle beautiful but in an artsy way she had dark clothes on and a cap that coverd her hair so i got up and walked to her "hi" "hi" and it all went by so fast she was asking me to be her gf and soon me and darlene wer at her appartment and she left but we wer on the phone with her and we looked around and fount out she makes her oun tee shirts and she was awesome at it and we went back to the place with the movie and sat down and for some reason zack was staring at me and then the girl came to sit besides me and she cuddled up in my arms and zack was giving me death stares and i woke up

ok this is not a dream but it was strange it was when we were going to maine and we went to a rest stop in total darkness and i diddent want my shoes on i took them off and started to walk to the bathroom dj and destinny were already ahead of me and mom and k were in the car but as i was walking this woman with red beautiful hair started to walk next to me and without moving her mouth she called me her *little Buddy* and we walked to the bathroom togeather and wheni was done i walked out with my sisters and the girl never came out!

ok so im in this abandon house and me and my family are ghoust hunting and we hear giggles and its not us so we all run out and i run on the lawn and i feel this sudden chill and then two freezing cold hands on my arms and i felt her mouth breathing near my ear and i was lifted off the ground and she whisperd in my ear *tell the children they will always have money in there birthday cards* and i awoke shivering her voice was so chilling

ok so im in the kitchen looking at pa sort his things near the door and i get this vibrating feeling all throw my body i look in the living room and its yellow like im looking into an old camra like its 1970 well maybenot that far back but there was a brown haired girl wearing a green sweater and she looked back at me and then she whisperd look out for the green sweater and i awoke with a shiver

Example: Have you EVER had a dream that involved a shower cap and a tic-tac?

Example: What does dreaming of having nits mean?

I had a dream that i was out with my friends and i was no stop scathing my head and I scratched a nit off and it was crawling round on my finger i was like omg, so I went home and my mum got these sprays you spray on and put like a shower cap on my head for a bit and then she started combing then out and i was revealed.
this was a weird dream what does it mean?

Example: What does it mean to have this dream about my friend?

H is a friend in real life. We were in my bedroom and I was laying down on the bed and he was standing over me talking. Then he got on top and things happen with our clothes on. Then he fixed my Television cable. I never thought of him this way, yes I am attracted to him and he is attracted to me but we are just friends. I don't see him in a close moment like that, even though we joke about it from time to time. His ex girlfriend thought we were getting together nothing happen. When they were around me he would look at me and smile and that's why she thought we were together. Yes he has flirted with me but I did not really think anything of it. Why did I have this dream I wasn't even thinking about him at the time. Weird!
Is it possible he may think of me more than a friend?

Example: Really really strange dream what does it mean? (warning; does contain sexual & nasty stuff) lol?

so the dream goes off to 3 different scenes, please bare with me, also im not making any of this up! ill cut it short becuase its a really long dream.
okay so it starts off where micheal myers is trying to kill me so then instead i get on top of him and make him have sex with me, he pulled out his "penis" so i can suck him off but it was a weird noodle shaped like a pigs tail and it was all dirty and nasty, and when we were having sex it felt soo good and i wanted more.
then it went off to another scene where i was in the bathroom and dying my blonde hair black so i went to the shower to rinse it off and it stayed black so i layed in the bathtub naked and out of nowhere i had a baby penis, like on my vagina (im a girl going to be 18 y/o) so i started to play with it ya know, and i ejaculated like alot and *** sprayed everywhere on the walls so i did it alot of times and cummed on my hair and it turned it back to blonde, also it hurt everytime i ejaculated, so i got changed and noticed the penis got bigger.. (i know wtf)

last scene i was at a pizzaria and i found an old magnet beer bottle cap (brand coronas) all dusty and old and it had gold on the sides and it had dates from when it was made 1330's - 1760 and the place where it was made i forgot but it started with a S, then my sister fell off a chair and screamed and that's where the dream ended... soo what can this mean? anything bad or serious?

Example: Dream about being 'possessed'.. Possible interpretations.?

Well, basically I've had this dream a few times this past month or so.. I'm sitting at the table with my mom, and my sister's going into the bathroom to shower. I then hear my sister shriek really loud as if something's wrong, and look at my mom, and her face is all contorted, and oddly shaped and what-not. With this ridiculously deep, and demonic voice she says "I'm in you too" and proceeds to overwhelm me. This part of the dream is very vivid. I feel as if I'm going into a black tunnel, hardly able to scream, and move, I start kicking and punching as hard as I can, but eventually wind up being overcome by the entity, or whatever it is.

Now, I've never been a religious person, in fact I don't believe in god's existence at all, but the only way I can seem to describe this dream is with demonic possession. It feels so real, and I couldn't have a clue what it's about.

I don't know if I put this in the right section.

Any help or suggestions as to what this might mean would help me, thanks a bunch.

Example: I had a really weird dream last night but i think part of it actually happened?

I tossed and turned all night last night just because i felt uncomfortable, but i didnt feel awake really. Apparently i texted my friend around 1:15 am "wtf thy are alive" and i texted another friend around 2:00 an all capital jumbled mess of words and letter that dont make much sense. i think maybe it would make more sense if it wasnt in all caps and therefore autocorrect would have corrected it.
Also i went to bed with socks, pj pants and a tee shirt on, and i woke up at 5 with nothing on. i fell back asleep until 6:10 when my dad woke me up. After i got my shower and i realized what i had texted people, i told him about the series of odd events, and he told me that when i woke up i had said to him "I'm okay now, the shapes and colors are gone."

I have been exhausted all day, and honestly im just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what happened. was it a just a nightmare? i dont remember being scared though. Alright thanks

Example: REALLY weird dream? Can someone help?

I only got 1 answer last time :P Sorry for all the caps and punctuation.

In the dream my friend (who is a guy) and I were just hanging out. Then, out of no where, we were in my shower and we were kissing. It was intense kissing too and we were "touching" each other and really getting into it. After that, I woke up. When i woke up I felt gross and disturbed.

I have a boyfriend of over a year and I love him very much. I have no feelings for my friend, I have known him since 7th grade and he's like a brother to me.

What does this mean? I'm really confused.

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