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Dream About Shower Curtain meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

In my dream it wasn't weird until my dad died. And we were at my grandparents house. For a while everything was fine until I got bored and accidentally used my little cousins craft paper to make something. She got rather upset with me.

I left the room and as I did I saw my dad out of the corner of my eye go into the bathroom. I went in after him to see if he was there but he had vanished. The shower curtain was drawn though, no one could've done it. 

I drew the shower curtains back and found a severed human scalp sitting on the bottom of the tub.

The rest I can't really remember but I do know that when I told my family about these weird sights they didn't believe me. These events kept on happening for a while so I called in a "paranormal investigator" and found out that the house had some restless spirits there.

These spirits revealed themselves to us all they turned out to mean no harm. So we helped them pass on to the next world 

Can anyone help with the possible dream meaning? 

Ps my dad is alive in real life.

Seeing a living person as dead in dream psychologically means that you are not having strong bondage with him,perhaps the love or affection is not so strong.It may mean that you do not care for him,or he do not care about you.Perhaps some sort of alienation/distance in relation.Skeleton,cut head elsewhere indicate that you can not forget some unhappy incidents with him in the past.You can not forget those unforgettable bad events.The spirits perhaps indicate that the family life is sad or not cheerful.

Example: What does my dream means?

I were taking a shower and the curtains were wide opened in the yard next door were two black dogs looking in at me i felt uncomfortable so i came out the shower and close the curtains the dos got furious and broke through the gate and ran towards me i ran out the bathroom and closed the door i held on to the doorknob they made it in the bathroom some how i could hear them scratching on the the door i was holding for about 5mins then they were gone. What is the meaning off this dream

Example: What does my dream mean?

dream: i'm taking a bath. my stomach begins to swell and i can feel movement. i begin to throw up blood. i go to get out of bath but the shower curtain begins to hold me back and i cannot escape. it wraps around me, so i go back to the bath and call for help. my brother comes in and i tell him to get my mom and he says he will and leaves, but my mom never comes. i begin to cry and wake up.

Example: What does the shower monster in my dream mean?

In my dream my family was going on a trip, and amidst a bunch of other madness I went into a dark bathroom. The curtain was closed to the shower, but for some reason I leaned on it. There was some big warm solid creature on the other side, and it growled. I couldn't move or speak, just growl back at it. It never moved, just growled louder until I woke up.
Just a crazy dream, or is there something to that?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream this afternoon, that I went upstairs to take and shower cut on the light and the shower curtain opened by itself. As I was running out of my room the door slammed shut. I went and told a maid in my house about what happened and the doors started slamming shut. I kept saying I rebuke the devil in the name of Jesus Christ and the doors starting slamming back and forth again.
What does this mean?

Example: Suffocating in the bathtub dream meaning?

I had a dream I was bathing some unknown little girl and she became upset with me for trying to bathe her and she attempted to suffocate me by wrapping the shower curtains around me and pushing me under the water. I would get back up and it was like I couldn't see very well. There was fog everywhere and some guy appeared in the shower and was asking me was I alright and if I could see. When I tried to respond, the little girl pushed me back under water and I was struggling to get back up.

What could my dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean? I had a dream that I was being pulled into the bathtub by someone behind the shower

curtain. I felt them grab me and try to pull me into the tub, but I fought back by trying to fall forward on the floor (away from the tub). After that I saw myself in the tub (like my twin or something...) looking back at me and grinning at me with a weird smile. What the heck does that mean?

Example: Can you tell me what does it means to dream about your shower curtains being different from the orginal?

set that you hung in the bathroom.

Example: Sexual dream...meaning? Serious answers please!?

I dreamt I was taking a shower and my best friend was standing outside of it...i could see her shadow through the curtain and we were just talking. But in the dream, i was really aroused...like visually aroused in a strange, exagerated way...when i turned around i could see into my vag***...what does this dream mean?

Example: I keep dreaming about wanting to take a shower and not being able to. Any ideas of what this means?

At some point in most of my dreams I will want to take a shower and will be unable to do so because the shower doesnt work, or it is occupied by someone or something else. Rarely, I am able to get into the shower and turn it on, but I am totally exposed to the world (no curtain, no door, no walls) and do not actually take a shower. I started having these dreams a year ago.

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