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Dream About Siamese Cat meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I dreamt of 2 siamese cats attacking me and a baby in our home. I had just taken the washing in and had left the back door open. 2 cats walked by and I had my back turned to the door. By the time I turned around they had entered the house and one had come to attack me and the other had jumped into the baby's play basket and was scratching its face. I was tackling the one attacking me (scared out of my mind) but more concerned about the baby and its need for protection. The thing is that I don't have a baby! In the dream I kept on feeling the need for a dog- we're in the process of looking for one, but I would like someone to interpret this dream please and I am not craving for a baby, Could this be a glimpse of the future and someone up there is telling me to get a dog as animals i.e. cats/foxes have started entering houses. I'm all confused on this one, I read somewhere that cats symbolise enemies attacking. Some interpretations please!

Aue contraire, to Jessie's assessment to dreams.Have you ever experienced Deja Vu? Usuallly there fleeting rememberences that is triggered when we come across a situation in real life that has not acured(place weve been to or seen,person weve met etc.) that we dreamt of prior to,could have been month's or year's.
A pet especially a dog for any reason is a good thing. A Dog Especially is a good reason because not only does he provide unconditional love but is selfless when protecting it's family,.Remember it's not just the fury animals you may need protection from these days.

Example: What does it mean to dream about dancing horses? And siamese black cats?

Idk my dream was really weird. I've also been having dreams that I was acting. (Which is my dream job) But what do the horses mean? OH AND I'VE ALSO HAD DREAMS OF SIAMESE BLACK CATS! It was weird. I would pull this big black cat apart and have two. Then I would push the two cats back together, and it would be one. I just kept ripping them and putting them back togther.

Example: Dream about talking cat, a gopher and other things?

I had a odd dream last night and I wanted to know what it could possibly mean...ANy input is appreciated, just no stupid stuff, thank you-

I can't really remember the first part, but what I do remember is I was sitting in my dad's living room and there was a semi-big Kotatsu* in the middle that a couple of other random teens were sitting under and chatting, I was sitting under it too next to this guy named Jack that I used to have a crush on. He was talking about something(I can't recall) and I wanted to talk to him so I said "wow jack, your so good at talking" I felt so stupid cause I didn't know what else to say! haha! then for some reason there was a Gopher under the Kotatsu! everybody moved out of the way but jack layed under the kotatsu and fell asleep. I wanted to get the gopher out of the house so I managed to grab it and carry it outside. it was twisting and trying to bite but I had it by the scruff..and the weird thing is...it was wearing a pink dress! I dropped it outside of the gate and it came at me trying to bite me. I had my dog in the yard so the dog saw it and grabbed it. I knew my dog was going to eat it so I just faced my back to them and waited to hear the munching and crunching of the gophers body. But then I got distracted, out side of the gate I saw a cat. it was standing on it's back legs. It's fur was the color of a siamese cat with alot of white fur, but the face was that of a normal cat. Then I saw the cat put on a necklace that I had In real life. it was the ankh. The egyptian symbol for life. "oh, hey, I have a necklace like that too" I said to the cat "but...I don't have it on right now.." I really wanted to show the cat that I had the same type of necklace, then I noticed the cat also had another type of necklace, at the end of it was a little pouch, small enough to fit a tangerine in it. Just then A guy is behind me, he just came out of the house, and he has a pouch necklace just like the cat! I was a little envious cause I wanted to match the cat...and to my surprise the guy yanks off his necklace and puts it on the fence saying "I don't want this cruddy thing anymore, take it! find someone else!" then he stormed inside the house. the cat flinched when he did that and looked sad. I picked up the necklace and showed it to the cat "ignore him, did you want this back?" the cat jumped back a bit, meowed and then slowly came closer to me. "meow mow..." Then the cat made a motion to it's necklace "oh yeah, I have that same symbol..did you want me to go get it?"I said to the cat. the cat made another motion "mow..it's...mow, too late" "too late? so then I have to wait intell next time? then we can talk again?" The cat nodded "mow" "oh..okay..Will you be here tomorrow night? same time as now? I can have it then" The cat looked sad and slowly shook it's head "meeow..ow..I won't be back tomorrow..it's..mow to late.." "oh..okay.." Just then I woke up...! but I was still dreaming! I remember thinking "oh no! I forgot to go out and check for the cat last night!"
then I REALLY did wake up. and felt totally weirded out haha XD

So ...odd...Any thoughts?
I believe the cat was a girl cat. just FYI.

*kotatsu is a low, wooden table frame covered by a futon, or heavy blanket, upon which a table top sits. Underneath is a heat source, often built into the table itself. Kotatsu are used almost exclusively in Japan.

Example: What does it mean when I repeatedly dream of BRIGHT NEON colored KITTENS?

Thank very much for your advice!
1) The only thing I can compare from these dreams to my life, is that I breed manx bobtail & siamese kittens, & we're always excited to see which will have tails & which won't
2) in these repeated dreams, I'm amazed, confused & nervous where all these bright neon kittens are coming from, & wonder if they are being abused to make them look so extreme. But I'm also fascinated by how cool they look, not "cute" or "cuddly"
They're solid blue, solid RED, hot pink, neon orange tiger striped w/ yellow footprints on top of neck, & a SOLID WHITE kitten with fancy bold black writings on back hips & pictures.
3) I always enjoy holding them in these dreams, then want to sell them, as I think they'd be worth a lot of money.
In my real life, I don't know what to think! My family are strong cat lovers, & we have about 7, including a couple kitties. But I'm not attached & bonded to any of them as my husband & son are.. (I'm a dog-person)

Example: What do these dreams mean?

The first one was that I was at a group home n the place we were at looked like it was getting constructed. I went in the cupboard and took two cookies and gave one to my brother. I walked around trying to escape something. I went back in my room, laid down, then got back up bc I got a roommate. The second dream is...weird. im in a stable crowded w ppl n this guy is like wanna see a horse talk? The owner came in and shes like no, and he says dont worry. He takes the horses head, n cuts it off. Someone says what was the point of that... I walk out,of there and im at like a school convention. I see my two friends and we go to this thing w fishes, I tap the glass n the fish blows up (puffer fish). I turn around n theres a pond w a baby in it and the moms looking at fishes. Im like omg shes drowning her baby. My friend turns around n says it too but theres no baby there. The third dream, was I lived in a mansion n the wicked witch of the west throws me into a bad room. It has a falling apart bunkbed which she says I should sit on but I dont. Afluffy siamese cat comes in and I make out w it so it will save me. These two kids come in and are like ok.. The cat lwaves n I go to the edge of my bed and start spitting into a teacup.

Example: What does dreaming about a white Siamese cat with light grey stripes and one snake fang biting me, means?

So I had a dream a few nights ago where I was alone in my grandparents’ home where I encountered a white Siamese cat with light grey strips that weirdly enough had one snake fang on the right side of its mouth. I remember that I spoke out to it to get its attention and when I did it jumped down in front of me where it afterwards jump and grabbed a hold of my left hand where it began to sink its one snake fang into my hand to bite it. I remember it biting me twice in the hand and no matter what I could not force it off my hand. I panicked in my dream and woke up just as it was about to bite a third time.

I have been very puzzled lately by this dream so I have been searching on the various meanings behind it. So far, I’ve found out about the meaning behind the cat being white and why it was biting me. However, there was nothing about the cat also having light grey stripes and one snake fang only for a tooth, which is the weirdest part of the dream. So I hope that there might be someone who understand the last detail of the dream and would be willing to share it to me since I’ve been thinking about that dream so much lately.

Example: Dream about kitten and ouija board?

i had this weird dream that i had this tiny little cute kitten that was i think brown and black. it looked like a siamese but a little fluffier. it kept meowing and it was so cute. i was thinking of ways to hiding it from my dad because he doesnt want any more pets in the house. but then i went in my moms room and my mom and i played the ouija board. (the board looked like the parker brothers one except on the bottom was painted flowers). we were talking to the spirit of the kitten that i wanted to hide (the kitten was still alive so i dont know how we talked to its spirit but anyway...) we asked random questions then it went really fast and im like "uhm...is this the same person?" and it went to 'no' so i said "how many demons are here?" and it went all over the board (i think searching for the numbers) but i woke up before anything else happened.

what does it mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about cats?

I dreamed that i got a mean look from a siamese cat and then it walked on by, kinda startled me, what does that mean?

Example: Dream about a talking possessed cat. What does it mean?

Here is the dream in its entirety (my memories of the dream are a bit vague but the dream itself was very clear while I was having it):

I was in my living room and it was during the daytime. Someone, I'm not sure who (I live with two family members but I'm not sure if it was one of them or not) handed me a bracelet to wear. It was strange, large, and gray. Didn't really look like a bracelet. Apparently I was about to go play with my cat Vixy (she's a Siamese I once had but had to give away 8 or so years ago - I don't own any pets at the moment.)

So I asked the person, a bit confused and worried, something like "Is this for when I'm around Vixy?" The person said no and wouldn't tell me anything. I vaguely remember petting Vixy, then I went to my room and leaned on the windowsill looking out at the trees blowing in the wind. Strangely, there were no curtains on the window. There on the windowsill, looking out with me, was her kitten Velcro (he was her only living kitten and acted crazy - we gave him away as well along with her).

I had said something to myself (not really noticing the kitten) and the kitten responded to me, agreeing. Unfortunately I don't remember what it was but I think it was something to do with the weather or the trees. Well, I was a bit shocked but not too much. I looked at the kitten and asked "Are you possessed?" It looked straight back at me calmly and said "Yes."

At that point I started wondering whether it was possessed by like a demon or by a "friendly" spirit. So I resolved to asking it questions to try to figure out. But I don't remember the first question I asked and after that I woke up.

Any ideas what this may mean? Especially the cat being possessed. Also, for the time we had Velcro he had almost no markings on him so he was pretty much solid white. The cat in the dream was solid white. Vixy, of course, wasn't.

Thanks for taking the time to read and/or respond.

Example: HELP! We have a new cat stuck in mean mode.?

Yesterday we picked up a cat that I found on craigslist. The poor kitty was abandoned and the neighbor listed her on craigslist to find her a good home. The cat is gorgeous. My dream cat, she's either Siamese or Himalayan . Bright blue eyes. She was very friendly when we got home. I showed her to our 2 kids who are 5 and 3 and they pet her and she was really sweet. Well, unfortunately I notice a flea or two and I do have 2 other indoor cats. So I bathed her and put flea medicine on the back of her neck. She let me dry her with a towel and I then left her in the bathroom with all the cat stuff (food, water, and fresh litter box) and I went to watch a few shows on the DVR w/my hubby. When I came back to check on her, she was in a corner growling at me and hissing. I went to put a collar on her and she bit me. At the moment she is one dangerous and psychotic kitty. Later that night I tried to brush her and got the same results, she attacked me. So I let her be (after a few more tries), I was hoping today would be better, but she is just a mean and you can't get anyway near her. My 3 yr old son dropped a toy by where she was hiding and she lunged at him. We grabbed him in time, but he was upset and crying. Does anyone out there have any suggestions on how we can connect with her and get her to like us again? or should I just re-sell her. I'd really hate to have to sell her. Thank you so much for any advice you can give.

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