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Dream About Silence meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: The meaning of writting in dream?

What is the meaning of presenting a solution to mathematical puzzle in a book form in dream

Psychological Meaning: Your dream may be revealing your thoughts and true feelings. The person who it is addressed to may represent the nature of the issues that you are trying to express. If you dream of someone else writing, this may show an aspect of yourself that is seeking to express itself. The contents of the document may include useful messages from your unconscious.

Mystical Meaning: Mystical traditions emphasise the importance of wordless inner silence. “To reconnect consciousness with the unconscious, to make consciousness symbolical is to reconnect words with silence; to let the silence in. If consciousness is all words and no silence, the unconscious remains unconscious.” – N. O. Brown

Example: What does my dream mean?.?

i had a dream that i was laying down on the floor in the middle of our school gym and the guy i like comes up and lays down next to me...I say hey and he answers with hi then there is a long silence...he says "ok i dont mean to b mean but u cant do this to me" i say "do what" he says "i like u. if u r gonna be in my life be there for me all the time not only sometimes" i said" oh...im sorry" then we talk for a little while longer and he ends with ok well call me later i have to go to detention.

Example: What does my dream mean?

ok, so recently, i've had a really weird dream. :/
i usually dont have dreams like these, but here we go;
ok.. so. in my dream, i had met up with a guy i like and his two brothers. and my best friend was with me, and then, his two brothers started telling my best friend about the guitar hero game they've got, and all three of them left, and me & my crush were alone, in akward silence. so, we started making conversation, and then all of a sudden, his lips were on mine. and it caught me by suprise, but i liked it, and i kissed him back. and then we started french kissing. and i woke up, i was like, "WOAH." and kind of freaked out and jumpy for the rest of the day.

so...what does my dream mean? D:

Example: What does MY dream mean?

so many people ask this question.
ok ...well this is how it goes:

i wake up in grey/bluish/greenish cell. it is not small. there are all these dirty-blue bars around and there's an O.K. sized square window in the middle of one of the walls. i see two of my friends ..(never knew these people)..both of them have short hair. They are both girls. One has black hair, the other has blond. they look tired, one's head is looking down. they are leaning against the wall.
i am lying on the floor. it is humid and somehow i know that im somewhere in South East asia.
i slowly get up and start hearing voices, probably the other cells because later i hear them even more. anyway, something happens and then i see this man walk in with a gun. i only see his torso and legs. he is wearing brown/black pant and a beige shirt. he says something and we all look up at him. he starts smiling & mumbling and goes to the black haired girl. grabs her arm and pulls her away from the blond. girl starts crying..

Example: Dream... meaning?

Okay I had this dream about my grandmother about two or three weeks ago. It seemed like I was walking on the street and I saw and I approached her but she kept looking down and she didnt talk back and just walked away. The other day I got the notice that she had been very sick with high fever and things like that. Shes better now, and of course Ive talked to her and shes in very good health . COuld anyone explain why I had that dream and what it meant, did it mean anything other than her being sick?

Example: What does this dream mean?

What does this all mean?

I had a dream I took a trip to hell, the devil had my people locked in a cryptic cell, thinking we where free but lived in a subliminal jail, crack babies on welfare living to fail. In hell I couldnt find any natural food to eat, chemicals in my mouth if I actually chewed the meat, couldnt run from the sun and the heat, but at night sodomy was running the street, in hell women celebrated finer joys in this doom, putting many boys in a tomb, polluting a poisonous womb, in hell the intelligent where trapped in silence, the streets where filled with crack and violence, the devil was controlling what the media played, the radio was all about getting greedy and paid, the music was weak, the ignorant where chosen to speak, the people where all thinking with invisible brains, in hell people walked with invisible chains.

Example: What could this death dream mean?

So, this dream is haunting me today and I have some time to type it out as clearly as possible...

Me and the wife are on vacation. I am standing on a bucket type of boat floating in the ocean and my wife is on a rocky cliff shore. The ocean was really beautiful, sharks and fishy stuff swimming around in it. We both are pointing and really enjoying the day.

All the sudden, the bucket flips over and I'm underneath and I can't get out. I'm trapped in the airpocket under the bucket but everything is happening so fast I can't think, then before I know it the air feels too warm, my body feels weak and I'm not breathing right.

I know it's the end of my life and things fade out to a peaceful black silence and I am suddenly aware of something. Then I wake up.

Example: What does this weird dream mean?

I had a dream last night where I was watching the news and they said that a apartment building had just collapsed, a women (not somebody I know in real life) I was who was watching the TV with me started to get upset because her family where in the building. At this point I am thrown back in time several hours (which doesn't shock me for some reason) to before the building collapsed so I tell the women to follow me to the apartment building so we can get her family out, a few minutes later we're running along a sort of walk way towards the apartment building (the architecture of the apartment building and the surrounding area strongly reminds me of a Spanish holiday resorts I've been to) the building is already starting to shake and there are people running past us to escape the debris, the women running with points up to some children crying on the second level and tells that her family...but I get scared and realise we won't be able to get away in time, so I abandon the women and start running away my self, I see a basement under a building in a field and me and several other people hide in there, I hold the door short then we all feel almighty shock wave then silence, we wait a while and eventually soldiers show up to give us the all clear... they also berate me for my cowardice even though I tell them it was just practicality

Example: What does this dream mean?

Hey, So I have been having the same dream over and over for about 3 years now, and its starting to bug me as I don't know whether its a good or bad thing, So what does this mean?

I am in a boat by myself going down a narrow canal. The canal is actually the roads of my Local Area of where I live. So I am rowing down this canal, its very dark and gloomy the only light is coming from my boat. The silence is weird all I hear is the boat shuffling through the water, that is all. I don't recall any smells. I start moving down the canal and it starts to get even darker (bearing in mind it pretty much pitch black) and something starts following me, its a shadow. I start to move faster going towards this tunnel getting more worried and scared then the shadow catches up with me and starts to circle my boat. I keep looking over the boat to see where or what it is but unable to get a clear image. Its horrifying. Then the shadow starts attacking the underside of my boat and I start screaming for help... but there is no one there. I am trapped. The shadow then topples me over of which I wake sweating.

Quite an intense dream, someone know what this could mean?
If you need any more details Email me: Keiron.Cooper@yahoo

Example: What does this dream really mean?

So ive been having this dream so often like everyday,my mouth gets shut and i cant open it,its so hard then like i try to open in,but all i can do is rub my botten teeth with my top ones,then they start falling,like it hurts and i would stop,what does it mean,? I heard its death or something like that,but i mean ive been dreaming it for like 3,4 days straight.

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