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Dream About Silver meanings

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I saw 2 silver horse shoes on the floor and picke it up in my dream what does it mean?

Well, according to some dream interpretation books, the color silver can mean purity, justice or a sense that a situation ended the way you wanted it to. Horseshoes can stand for luck or your hopes. so perhaps you picking them up on the ground can be interpreted as meaning you are taking a situation into your own hands to see it end up the way you want or need it to rather than rely on luck. Also, the floor usually stands for your own foundation.

Example: What does it mean when you dream you're wearing 2 silver rings on your left hand wedding finger at church?

And you can see in the dream that you're happy...

Example: I dreamed of a silver praying mantis. what does it mean?

in my dream i was at work,a office, wich i have never seen before. i was talking to some guy about weight and then i went to my desk and started moving things around. when i moved my desk there was a silver praying mantis in the floor. i used a stick to pick it up. then woke up

Example: What does it mean to dream about silver jewerly?

Example: What is the meaning of dreaming with silver jewelry, wedding, and fear of theft?

I had a dream in which I was dressing up, about to marry my husband(we had a civil wedding but decided to wait for the religious ceremony, something that I've been waiting for) in the church; I was in my childhood home, and took out some silver jewelry to go with the white lace dress I had on. In my dream I owned the jewelry. My mother came and brought me a box full of silver jewelry. It had some small gold pieces but I did not pay attention to them. I took them out, trying them on, trying to decide what to wear. I remember all the silver shinning as if it had moonlight on it. I decided for a small crown, almost a diadem, and a silver necklace that reminded me of the moon, and started trying and looking at earrings and rings to match. The whole time, I had the jewelry on top of our dining table(a rectangle, Wood, 6-seater table I loved in my childhood home-I lived there right up to my marriage.) and I was afraid of someone stealing some of it. In my dream, I knew who it was, but now all I can remember is that it was either a girl or a woman, and she was small, perhaps with an ugly/distorted by hate face. As I was waking up, I was seeing her picking up some of the jewelry, but I was in a hurry to go to the church and decided to forgo my fears of her stealing. It was implied she was a close friend or relative. Of this dream, I remember the most, the silver in the jewelry. It was very shiny and well-finished, pieces that must have cost a lot to buy, and I loved every piece. They made me feel good when I saw them(in the dream) and I was surprised in my dream that my mother had rounded up so much silver, since she likes gold(I like silver best), so I knew some pieces must be new, and some might had come from my husband or family. This dream has stayed with me all day, like other dreams that have had some impact in my life; however I don't understand this dream too much, but at the moment, I'm looking for a job, and expecting several other good changes in my life, I thought the dream might be telling me something...could you help me understand it?

Example: What does it means if you dream a silver coffin?

yes,in my dreams.I see silver coffin in a room and the curtains dancing with the winds and door blogging...what does it mean coffin?and the color,why silver?

Example: What does a dream about a silver snake mean?

somebody that i know told me about a dream that they had and it involved a silver snake.

Example: What does dreaming of 3 silver rings mean?

The dream was sad. I can only remember seeing 3 silver wedding rings.

I am not married and never been engaged either. It made me think that I would never get married. I am 40 and haven't met a nice man. I have a friend but I don;t know him well enough and that I believe he is not into me which is fine. I am used to rejections. I don't think i am good enough anyway because I can vindictive, not that friendly (I am kind and help people who needs it) I am a little shy and I love gamings and reading, listening music. I am a single mom and I do have a mouth who swears when things go wrong like my printer breaking down, see I mean?...

Example: Dream Interpretation: What could a baby silver tiger in a dream mean?

I'm just really curious. I just had a dream that someone I forgot who in my dream, found a silver tiger and brought it. He was playing with the tiger and wasn't scared of it at all. He thought it was cool that it was silver. I wasn't scared of it at all, I thought it was pretty in the dream. and the tiger smiled. so..yeah I find this weird.

Any interpretations? Thank you! :)

Example: What does a dream about silver cross mean?

I had a dream today that I was in a Gap store and they sold beautiful small silver crosses with diamonds. I was looking at them and did not know what to choose. I was not choosing for myself but for my best friend.
However, in real life (not dream) i purchased a silver cross with cubic zerconia for my best friend as a christmas gift. Also, it is not my first time dreaming about a cross, and because it is my 3rd time having a dream about a cross i started to get really concerned what it might mean.

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