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Dream About Sister meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my sisters dream mean?

It was set this summer. She said the date was 6/17/11. It was at dusk time (8pm ish). Appearently a burglar had broken in to our house. So my mom, dad, her dad, my brother, her, n me were tied up in our room. So the gist of the dream was that I got out n escaped. But as soon as I got out of the house, she could see through my eyes. She saw me run to the neighbors n find that every single neighbor was either tied up, dead, or not home. I then ran to the police station to get help. But the whole time, I'm being chased by one if the intruders. The dream ends by me getting help n the police arriving at my house. But the entire time she could see through my eyes.

So what does this dream mean.

Every person in our dreams represent a different aspect of ourselves so this dream means that your sister is feeling trapped somehow, stuck if you will. Maybe things are just too mundane or boring for her. Her seeing through your eyes while you go for help is that part of her that is trying to escape. Her brain put you in as the character who can save her because on some level she really admires your strength and/or freedom.

Example: What does my sister's dream mean?

My sister had a bad dream last night. We think it's just nothing, but just in case it is, here it is. She was in a candy store across from a Chinese restaurant that mom and I were in. As she was walking out a strange man with a mustache and shaded glasses (obviously a pedophile) said as she was passing by "Hi little girl, how old are you, nine, ten? Would you like some candy?" "No, thanks, my mother tells me not to talk to strangers." my sister said. She sensed danger that he was a sexual predator and she walked away. He lifted her up and put her on his shoulders. She started screaming "Stranger danger! Put me down! This isn't my dad! AHHHHHH!" she tried to catch people's attention, but failed. Mom and I couldn't hear her,and trust me, she is QUITE the loud screamer! She tried to scream again, but two of his friends, (One male, the other female) put their hands on her mouth so nobody heard her scream. They put her in a black, tinted windowed, 2004 passat. Then, my mother woke her up for school. Is this a NORMAL dream for a ten and a half year old to have? I can't remember, I haven't been ten in a LONG time and I don't know crap about dream interpretation.

Example: What does this dream my sister had mean?

Me (Hannah), my sister (Emily), and Mom (Cathy) were at the fair and there was an announcement over the speaker saying that King Kong escaped the zoo and everyone was in a panic and Emily and mom all ran with everyone. We realized we had forgotten about Dad so we ran to the ice cream trailer. We were like “hurry come with us fast.” Dad was like, “NO I CAN’T LEAVE MY PRECIOUS ICE CREAM!” All of a sudden King Kong attacked the trailer as we were running away. King Kong followed us to an abandoned building and we were on one side hiding and he was on the other side. King Kong was like “Mwhahahaha you will never escape.” We were so scared we ran down this hill as fast as we could and Emily fell and broke her ankle so mom and I had to carry her up the other side of the hill where we ended up in Wal-Mart and hid behind some crates and all of a sudden King Kong smashed the crates picked us up and was about to eat us. Hannah woke up. The End.

Example: What does my sisters' dream mean?

My sisters dream was that she woke up in the middle of the night (but in her dream) and she saw that her hands were full of ants, so she went to the bathroom and washed them off in the sink, but then she noticed that the water was turning yellow, so she washed them off and went back to bed.
Weird dream but thanks!

Example: What is the meaning of my sisters dream?

She is 20 and she had a dream that the hair on her head became white. What is the meaning of this dream?

Example: What Does My Sisters Dream Mean?

I had a dream to that I was with these two guys and we were planning a robbery and I was the one making all the decisions. We stole something and then I remember telling the guys what we need to do to not be caught. It involved changing cars because I seen some detectives (that’s what I thought they were in my dream) put a tracker on the car we were using and then I went to take a shower at this hotel and the shower was way up so I had to climb way up into the shower. I heard an intercom come on telling me to give up because they (detectives) were going to catch us eventually. I just ignored them and then when I was in the shower, I could see out this window and there was someone spying on me so I closed the curtains and hurried with my shower and then we left that place. The next think I knew, it was a long time later, I was thinking in my dream, and there was this old lady under the sink crying and that was were we hid what we stole and I looked at the one guy and told him his mom found out we were the ones who stole and she was crying. He went to talk to her and then I woke up. What do you think that means? I couldn’t go back to sleep afterwards. Just scares me, I don’t know what to think about that one.

Example: What does my sister's dream mean?

She told me this yesterday. She loves Justin Bieber so don't judge or I'll report you.
So she was on a field trip with her class and Justin was in her class. They went to a place like Magic Mountain. She and Justin sat by each other, feeling each other's backs...? Then at the place, Justin went into a room themed like a desert. He, a girl, and another boy got lost in there. Then my sister finds Justin Bieber and kisses him. He laughs when she asks if they have a real relationship, but winks and nods yes.

I know it's weird but please answer. And don't say it's because she likes Justin Bieber.

Example: What does it mean to dream my sister is pregnant?

Both me and my daughter dreamt on the same night that my sister was pregnant

Example: What does my sister's dream mean?

my sister is married and has one child...
she recently dreamed that she's giving birth in her old room/ on her old bed (in our house) and my mother was helping her, and in the dream she had twins, and the minute she held 'em in her arms and looked at their faces they were plastic dolls... what does this mean? please help!

Example: Help - what does my sisters dream mean?

my younger sister had a dream about me where i was in a really bad mood and i was smashing everyones cars down our nan's street and trying to kill everyone including her and our mum, i was driving a car manicly- driving into other cars and stuff and being really crazy...

my sis said it was the most realistic dream she had ever had and that when she woke up she had thought that it had really happened...

p.s. i often get in these moods very easily and my sis thinks it's quite likely that one day i would actually do some serious damage...

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