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Dream About Skin Cancer meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does stroking mean in a dream.?

I keep having this dream that someone I hate is stroking my hair and that I'm calm with it all

depends on the level of hate, and cause of it. hate is like cancer. it is most likely interfering w/your spirit, so spirit[conscience]is sending you a message to calm the hate.

that you say 'keep having' is a good stage for a surreal dream. You know this is not real when this person messes with you and you don't react with hate. watch for such an unreal event, when it happens let that trigger your mind to know it's just a dream and Zzz[fill in the blank] suggestions: grab persons hand and ax them what would make things right with us or what would get under their skin the most. remember you are in control because you recognized a trigger that it was just a dream and pulled that trigger. This will cause you to start to wake so do not wake. stay asleep or go right back to sleep thinking of where you left off

Example: Please read and help me what does this dream mean?

Last night I had this dream where I was at a basketball game, someone announced that there was to be restorations done to a run down building outside the school. I crossed the schools courtyard to a building I've never seen. No one was there just me. I went back to the gym and the announcer said that a girl had gone crazy and killed many people and had lived there. I went back and saw two kids from my school, so I turned around and left for some reason. Then the dream turned to where I was with my sickly grandma (who died of cancer this past Friday) I was holding her hand when a video came on about the girl it showed many heads with sticks through the eyes and blood everywhere and they were supposed to be heads of people she killed. I looked away and the girl was there and she said I was next on her list to die but she was a ghost. I ran away but where ever I went she was waiting to kill me. I ran into my Aunt and she was walking across my grandmas yard she looked different her eyes sunken in and her mouth agape she smiled at me and said something about following her I did and we went into my cousins house turned out it was the girl she sat down and made a remark about her shoes so I fled and ended up running down a winding seeming to never end road next to fields of corn. What does this dream mean?

Example: Can you tell me the meaning of my dream?

i had a dream that i had this ring of skin hanging off my ankle, my mom cut it open and my brother said u know bugs are going to come out of that right? i never actually saw my brother or mother in the dream but i knew it was my moms hands and i heard my brothers voice, then i remember seeing the wound heal very quickly, it scabbed up and then i remember feeling a sharp pain and i saw the the skin moving and the wound being ripped open. once it ripped open i saw a shiny black surface i went to touch it thinking it was just a mass of blood(blood can appear black sometimes) and then i saw a tail come out and eventually a scorpion emerged from my skin, it hurt so bad and i was scared from it, the scorpion ran somwhere in my room, and i put shoes on trying to get to the door to go to the hospital, but i looked down and saw my shoes torn up and 3 more scorpions, 2 were small and black, the last 1 was big and it was brown, and i remember putting my finger in the wound to see if there was anything else in there, but i just remember touching something that was extremely cold and sharp, and then i looked behind me and i saw this shadow in the corner, i walked toward it, and woke up.

ok for 1 im not crazy i just wanna know wtf that means lol

thnx in advance..

Example: What does this dream mean?

I can't stop thinking about this dream I had last night .. there were small reddish orange balls with metal rods sticking through them on my leg,and when I pulled the balls off my legs the metal rods were sticking into my leg. I went into my moms makeup and got out her tweezers, and pulled the metal rods out of my skin. The thing is, it felt good! When I looked down at my leg, I had a big hole in my leg, then nothing,then another big hole, but I wasn't scared, I liked it.

Any clue?

Example: What is the meaning of "skin cancer" in a dream?

What does it mean if you see skin cancer on somebody in a dream? If you don't know the answer, then what about warts? skin disease? boils, wounds? What do these things represent?

Example: What does my dream mean?

In my dream, i was putting lotion on my arms when a cockroach landed on my arm, i tried to get it off of me and it wouldn't go. so i had to pick it up and it was stuck to my arm. after i threw it away, it had left a mark on my arm, like a blister, it was burning and hurting. than it turned into a black circle. it got darker and darker. later, i went to look at my eye in mirror, and there was huge pimple looking things and black birthmark looking things.

what does it mean? thanks

Example: Can anyone tell me what this dream means?

So I had a dream that I woke up in the middle of a cold night (it felt like it was late in the year but I could be wrong) and I went to my bathroom for some water. I looked down into the garden, and there was an old woman sitting on our low wall that separates the lawn from the patio. But she wasn't your average old woman, her skin looked like a charcoal colour and she was really wizened and wrinkled.. like a cross between a mummy and the woman that was head of the cult in Doctor Who in 'The Fires of Pompeii'. She called up to me 'Would you like a cup of tea?' and I called back 'No thanks love, shouldn't you be getting home? It's very cold!' And she said 'I suppose you're right, dear.' And she got up and started walking. She looked okay, so I went back to bed. Then suddenly I'm downstairs with this female teacher from my school that's head of the Charities Committee, and we were outside and the old woman had collapsed in the bush and we were trying to do CPR. I told her to carry on with it, but she was doing it wrong so I went to get help, saying to her over my shoulder 'Two rescue breaths with every thirty seconds of chest compressions to the beat of 'Nellie the Elephant', push in to two-thirds the depth of her chest, release and compress again.' and then I quickly showed her what to do with her hands while compressing.
And then it was the same dream but I have no idea how, I think I was kissing some guy a lot that I didn't actually really feel anything for {this guy in my year. We flirt but I don't actually like him (I'm not a whore, we're just a flirty year-group plus I just broke up with my boyfriend a few weeks ago so I'm enjoying being single) as anything apart from a friend so we text but it's just friendly.. except he got a bit weird last week and he and his friends sexually harassed me for like half an hour solid in the common room.. which was strange.. but anyhoo} and that was in my dining room that we were kissing and hugging, and I felt a bit uncomfortable and wrong about it.
Then I was suddenly at school waiting to go into Food Tech and I was looking in my bag and for some reason I remembered that my friend (I think this 'friend' was Brittany out of Glee) had wrapped a newborn puppy up in plastic and put it in my bag and I was crying going 'It'll be dead! No, please don't be dead!' because it would have suffocated. And I got it out of the plastic and it was still warm so I did three chest compressions like you'd do on a baby and it coughed and it was alive and I cried and cuddled it and then my Food Tech teacher arrived and congratulated me and said because of that and something else I'd done I'd have more 'points' towards my exam or something..

The whole CPR thing in two bits of the dream may be because I always have it in the back of my mind in case I ever need to save a life (I even have a booklet on First Aid in my school blazer pocket in case of emergencies), but I don't know.
The puppy thing may be because my dog died in August and I still miss her sometimes, and it could be linked with our new dog who is 8 months now and I'm very protective of him, maybe because I couldn't save my old dog (she died of cancer) and he reminds me so much of her. I'm not sure.

Oh and then at some point I was visiting my old school and then I was at my Granny's old house. Those are linked because they're basically on the same property, as my grandparents founded the school in 1955. Over 50 years later the school was in debt so the family sold it to a trust who changed a lot of stuff and since then most of the family have had a level of resentment towards the school and what it became, really. Also my granny had to move out of her house when we sold the school. The trust insisted because it was technically owned by whoever owned the school.
So yeah basically visiting the school and visiting the old house (and I think I was visiting it in present day except in the dream she was still living there) is linked, I gave a vague background so you know the feelings associated with the house and school.

Then at some other point I was on a screen talking, might have been on TV, and because it was a low quality blurry screen you couldn't see my braces and my teeth looked awesome and I was really pleased because that's what my teeth would look like when they came off. The dream had a slight dystopian air to it, maybe because I've been reading the 'Hunger Games' trilogy. The teeth thing may be linked to my mum yesterday talking to someone visiting about how they think my teeth look amazing now under my braces.

Can anyone tell me what this means? I have weird dreams all the time but this seemed different. I can't remember the exact chronological order of all the parts of the dream but there are all the elements. They see

Example: Could this be cancer and does this dream mean anything? Please help!?

Recently my husband and I had noticed two lumps behind his ear on his neck. Because he does not have insurance, we disregarded them as bug bites, but now, as they have not went away we are beginning to get worried. Recently his appetite has not been too good, but really it never was great. But it has been worse the last day or two.
Last night as we were sleeping I was woke to him by my ear crying and weeping in half of a sleep. (I was at the time annoyed because I was woke up). But as he explained to me what happened I felt very bad. In his dream he was talking to his father (who passed over three years ago now), and he said it felt so real that as he woke he still thought he was speaking with him, when really he was crying on me.
What could this be and could the dream be a sign? Please give me any advice!

Example: What does this dream mean? demonic figure, death and sickness predictions?

Last time... I dreamt that someone got really really sick... Then my brother was diagnosed with something (idk what) and he was in the hospital then I had one where someone was laying in a hospital bed with a tube in there throat and a week later my sister was taken into The icu but both those dreams something was staring at me with big red eyes and literal black skin... Each dream flashed into it scratching off my skin and the skin of the people in the hospital... I hate hospitals...

That black thing is always in those dreams staring at me the entire time that's the only thing I 100% remember

Like it'll start out as a great dream like Me holding my little cousins hand walking her around the pool and that thing just appears and takes her away...

She's dead... she died after i had the dream

She got really sick a couple days after my dream... Died of cancer a few months later... She was buried in the Philippines...

this was a conversation with somebody. so i was just showing what was said on their side of the story

Example: I had the weirdest dream last night,what do you think it meant ?

Hello, I'm 15 and a girl, if that helps. Well last night I dreamt of me in a room, with all different types of snake, they keep biting me and for each different snake that bit me a diagram would come up showing wether it's venom in me was succesful in killing cancer cells. I cannot rember what type of snakes they were. But until i researched it this morning i did not know snake venom was used in treating cancer..:S:S:S
Does this mean something?

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