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Dream About Skin Cream meanings

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Example: Cutting object out of skin dream meaning?

so in the dream I was sitting at a school desk and everything just felt really void and empty. there was a kind of hum in the silence of the white room I was alone in. I touched the inside of my forearm and felt this weird almost quarter shaped thing under my skin. I felt around it for a while before using its sharp edge to start cutting my skin. It was painful and hard but I finally slid it out from under my skin. I looked at it and took notice that it was a cream yellow color with sort of rounded sides and sharp edges I then sat up in my desk and ate it does anyone know what this could mean I have searched but cant find anything on it. please don't give me a bull **** answer like "dreams dont mean anything" I had a guy answer that way when I first asked this and then no one else answered that was going to seriously give me an answer

Have you ever heard the phrase, "He is getting under my skin?" It is said with anger and disgust, as it is as if someone is just meddling in your affairs, and you want them to stop it, and go away and leave you alone! Dreams are symbolic, so eating the thing under your skin was a way of getting rid or the irritant. I would ask you, who or what is bugging you? (Don't be surprised is bugs show up in your dreams now!) Is it a person, or a happening, an event, or what? Something is causing you some problems, and is giving you no peace. You mentioned that the dream took place in a school...and you felt void and emptiness...Maybe "loneliness" is an issue with you? Or perhaps you were going through something I call the "Why Bother?" stage in Life? It is when we don't see the whole picture, or only half the picture, or everything looks gloomy and we feel like "giving up the ship." I've gone through that stage, and believe me you come out on the other end of the picture, and all is well or pretty good. Hang in there and try hard to pinpoint who or what gets under your skin enuf to bother you in this way. Then take action to fight it, or conquer it, or endure it as if will not last all through your Life, but rather a season in your Life. Good luck to you Boo!

Example: What does it mean do dream of a fallen angel?

Its really weird i have been having this dream back to back where im really depressed and with my friends and we are walking around the town where i live, we go to abbots (don't ask why) but any who my crush was there and so was his best friend(who likes me= feeling not the same). And while those two are eating their ice cream and my friends too a little girl is crossing the street(by herself) and a truck is coming so i run and push her to the ground and put my body over her and i can actually hear the trucks horn and stuff and then i hear a voice telling me to lay flat but not to put pressure on the child and that everything is going to be all right. I can hear and kind of see a blur of the truck passing bye and the person picks me up and the child runs away and vanishes before my eyes. I look at the person and its what looks like a boy my age(14-16), he has blond hair that gets in his face(reminds me of how skater guys wear their hair), pale skin and blue or green eyes and i can see he has wings but their either black or gray then my dream cuts off with my shrieking voice and i feel pain. Everything that happens in this dream i can actually feel and hear, its very scary but what could it mean? Could it be like a warning to something that might happen?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I keep having dreams about my friends futures- their weddings. The first dream i had was about one of my friends weddings, she's a quiet girl and in my dream she was getting married to a guy that's in our year that she hasn't met before. She was in her 20's and so was he, and they had a nice, calm simple wedding. She looked happy and me and my best friend were bridesmaids.
The next dream I had was about my best friend. She's funny, smart, out going and talks a lot. She's a lot of fun but can also be a tomboy. She plays a lot of sports including football and she was recently scouted by an athletics team for the long jump. At her wedding i was a bridesmaid and her husband was someone i didn't know. He was tall, with dark brown hair and green eyes. He had tanned skin and suited my friend perfectly because she has dark brown hair and is tanned. They looked great together. She had a huge church on a hill side and it was in the middle of winter. It was snowing outside and she wore a long dark blue dress. Her wedding was crazy and a lot of fun, just like her. she even built a snowman that looked through the window of her wedding and she ate ice cream. I have these dreams every week on the same day. I told my best friend about her wedding but before that she told me she had a dream that night about that same guy. But hers was about the first meeting. Can someone help me please? What's happening?

Example: So, tell me what you think my dream meant?

I was training, I had all my equipment/gear and I was told to get on a bus. There was someone left behind and I went to get that person.

All of a sudden we were in an out door market place. I still had all my gear and we were running for the bus, but the other person stopped to by ice cream? I tried to make them hurry, but they took there time. Finally we made it to the bus, but it was gone.

I was alone at the out door market. I noticed I dropped my cell phone and went to pick it up, but by the time I got to where it was, it was gone and the gear I was carrying had also disappeared. I was in a white dress and rubber slippers. The place I just walked became flooded with water and I could see Koi Fish in the deepest part of the water.

As I tried to go back the way I had come, two fish rush me. Their gills flared out and I could feel their skin. The first one was a red Koi, although he was heavy, I pushed him away. The orange Koi was a little harder, but I pushed him back into the water. The orange Koi came back around, but only swam around me and returned to the deep.

Then, I woke up.

Example: What do these Dream Symbols mean?

I dreamed a had a HUGE pimple on my cheek, like a boil. I then put something on my face - like a face-mask and peeled it and the huge pimple/boil off too! Once I inspected the removed pimple/boil - I could see the life of it. The puss, the redness everything. And I felt lighter for removing it from my face. My face felt clean and good again.

I also dreamed that my boyfriend had to have surgery on his back

What do these symbols mean? They were both in the same dream...

Thank you so much for answering - I am at a loss and it's bugging me! :)

Example: Frequent dreams of Acne break-outs. What does it mean?

(Please read full details) I suffer from Acne Vulgaris. I was on medication for a month. Later on I consulted a gynecological to check out whether hormonal imbalance could be causing my acne. So again I ran through blood tests & now I am on new medicines.

I HAVE BEEN VERY WORRIED OF ACNE & ACNE SCARS. It affects my self-esteem. I am struggling a lot to get rid of acne & acne scars. That's all I can think about day & night. And these frequent dreams of huge acne break-outs are scaring me a lot.

Why am I having these dreams?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Well I had a dream and like it was all these little cats who are raced into an arena and this thing tries to kill them and I (as one of the cats) was kidnapped. Then it turned into this lady who wished for something from the grim reaper and she was burned and I had to find skin cream to help her get better. Then I was pretending to be the pastors wife so he could help me understand some question about the Bible. Then I had to go because the guards were getting suspicious so I left. Then I was looking over a webshow with my friend and her big brother (about 14) came in, and we started talking about love and relationships and stuff. I dont even have a friend with a big brother.

Example: What does it mean when you have dreams about people scratching you?

I sometimes have dreams that I am running around at nite and then i stop and my skin starts burning...Its really weird. Im running around at like 12:00 killing things. I have no shoes on but i have jeans and a purple and black shirt. When i wake up i have scratches on me...i just want to know hwat it means. Thanks

Example: What does this dream mean? Two guys wanting to date me and me getting an interview at Harvard?

I dreamed that somebody had purchased an apartment builiding and tried to increase their profits by selling it as a luxury resort - they made this gigantic swimming pool with lawn chairs on the side to resemble the kind of law chawns you would find at a vacation house since a luxury resort charges more per week than an apartment does in rent and they wanted to boost their profits. There were two problems though: During the day the ground was so hot from the sun beating down on the swimming pool floor - that you could walk across it with your bare feet and at night nobody dared to go swimming in the pool because the water was so big that it would often attract lightening and anybody who swam in the lightening infested waters would get electrocuted.

I had a dream that two very rich guys wanted to date me - a korean guy that i met online and a white guy with tanned skin that I met in church. In my dream I knew that he had money but did not know how much money he had but I knew how much money the korean guy had.

I also dreamed that I had gotten an interview at Harvard and my female friend from high school who used to be fat and very slow thinking - had gone there to support me. about 10 minutes before the interview she stepped into the harvard campus at night to look at the empty displays and then tells me she won't be accompanying me there and leaves.

Example: What does my really strange recurring dream mean?

I've had this dream maybe 3 or 4 times. In my dream I look at my arms or face, and they're covered in a hideous rash. I mean really hideous. Despite this, in my dream I always think, "Oh, that will go right off with skin cream." Then my dream ends. What does it mean?

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