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Dream About Skin Disease Of Domestic Animals meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Having anxiety about rabies because of cat?

So.. i'm having anxiety about rabies which i mean by fear. I never cared for rabies because i've been around many domestic animals or had them in my life every year where i would either have a dog or a cat or both. So i moved into a different neighborhood with my mom,brother and stepdad and i don't know the diseases in this area, there are tons of stray cats around here maybe i've seen up to six and some dead in the street. I have a cat outside now, been outside for atleast 3 days and were not letting it in. Its a girl and doesn't have her shots.. I know my parents are bad pet owners but they say it cost too much for the shots and that we only have a cat for mice. Anyways, i start having rabies dreams lately last week and it was like maybe 3 dreams of me just getting bit by a cat. So i've been having anxiety lately and can't fall asleep and if i get one cut i'm just thinking that i have rabies. The thing that scares me is that if i have symptoms that appear its 100% fatal. So Is there by any chance i could get a vaccine because i don't think that i'm going to get over this anytime soon. :/ Sorry for my grammar btw.

& i also have this tiny bite on my leg where i scratched it because it was itching and that is a symptom.. but my mom just says its from dry skin.

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