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Dream About Skin Inflammation meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I just woke up with 3 big bruises on my calf why?

there big and right next too eachother, and the other one is on the bottom of the two what happened?
no i dont sleep walk, have any pets, ect...
i do remember having this dream last night were i was playing basketball at a park ...
maybee it had to do with my dream?

Keep an eye on this and if the pain continues it may be the beginning of DVT.

This is very painful and pain pills do not help. I have had it for over 2 years and the doctor was slow to diagnose it until I was in critical shape.

Mine started with a sudden onset of calf pain and leg swelling. The pain was worse when the leg was hanging down. There was warmth to the area because the veins were inflamed.

I am on coumidin (warfarin) as a blood thinner. Usually when they say 6 months, they mean for the rest of your life. The blood thinner does not resolve the current clot problem, but supposedly keeps new clots from forming.

Deep vein thrombosis, or DVT, is caused by a blood clot in a muscle and can be life-threatening. Symptoms include swelling, pain, and tenderness in the legs. Risk factors include immobility, hormone therapy, and pregnancy.

DVTs can occur anywhere in the body but are most frequently found in the deep veins of the legs, thighs, and pelvis. They may infrequently arise from the upper extremities usually because of trauma, or from an indwelling catheter (tubing) or device.

A deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a condition wherein a blood clot (thrombus) forms in a vein of the deep system.

Thrombophlebitis is a condition in which there is both inflammation and a blood clot in a vein. Thrombophlebitis can occur in either superficial or deep veins. Superficial thrombophlebitis occurs in veins close to the skin surface, and usually causes pain, swelling, and redness in the area of the vein. Superficial thrombophlebitis usually is treated with heat, elevation of the affected leg or arm, and anti–inflammatory medications. A thrombosis in a deep vein is a much more serious problem than one in a superficial vein. The reason for this is that a piece of the clot in deep vein from a DVT can break off and travel through the deep veins back to the heart, and eventually be pumped by the heart into the arteries of the lung. When this happens, the condition is called pulmonary embolism (PE). The blood clot is called an embolus (plural emboli), and the process of breaking off and traveling to the lungs is called embolism.

Narcotics didn’t help my pain. I now take Tizanidine 4mg 5/day and Lyrica Cv 100 mg 3/day. This helps the nerve pain and I can walk some now. I am feeling much better pain wise.

Example: If i had shingles on my face and lip. and i kiss someone. will that someone get a cold sore?

cold sores are caused by the Herpes Simplex virus, whereas Zoster is an infection caused by the Herpes varicella-zoster virus.

i had blisters on my FACE and my LIP, too. does that mean i have cold sore and shingles at the same time?

Example: What Do Crystals Mean?

I know this is a very odd question, but what do all crystals & rocks mean? Like, I heard Amethysts are balencing and soothing, and if you wear them with a rose quartz they attract love to you? Would you tell me the others if you know any? Okay, thank you :]

Example: Why are sober people mean to people who smoke marijuana?

it's really rude. Marijuana smokers don't antagonize sober people. It sounds like a lot of people are so sub-consciously jealous that they have to take that jealousy out on all smokers.

For example.. If there was a new hair product out there that made your hair look and smell perfect, but it's illegal. Even though it's illegal, most everyone you know has used it or uses it daily.. but you are afraid to use it, so you are rude to everyone who does and say it's because they are "self-indulgent" or stupid, or any other insult you can think of that relates to the negative effects.

Yall need to take some xanax and leave all the smokers alone. I was born with a pair of lungs and a brain and I intend to use them how I please. It is respectful to let others do as they please as long as they aren't harming others, just like you would like to have your own personal freedom to do the same.

and yeah, this is my soap box.

Example: What are the side effects?

does anyone kno the long term effects of fluoxetine(prozac)
if one has been using it for approx. a year?

oh, and please dont say reducing symptoms of depression haha i kno that much haha

Example: Dream about the devil? Any ideas what it meant, read more...?

I had a dream that I was in a bedroom that I didnt recognise. It had blood red drapes and wall hangings, and there was a permenant breeze making them sway. I was tied up somehow (my arms I think). The bed was directly in the centre of the room.To my right the wall was not there, instead there was some kind of other world, not evil looking but not heavenly either, just weird trees, colours etc. To my left was a very attractive man, dark hair, dark skin, almost oriental looking in some ways. He wanted to dance, he wasnt saying anything to me but somehow I knew he wanted to dance?
Then when I stood close to him, i looked in his eyes and knew he was satan.

Does anyone know anything about dreams? this one has stuck with me and I remember it so clearly, almost as if it happened. It has not faded over time.

Example: Dream depiction of Purgatory?

I started in a nameless city. I walked down an alley. I started to go downhill. The walls became red. I saw torches on the walls. ThenI turned left and I saw a door.

On the door I saw a man with a long white beard in blue robes holding stones. He spoke as if he was quoting the Bible. He said, "When the kingdom of God is open, you must not sit. Stand and run toward the gate." Then the door opened and I entered the room.

The room looked how you would expect to see the inside of a brain. The walls were red and they looked to be drained of all liquid. They looked like wrinkled skin.

After I entered the room, people that I know appeared around me. My mother, sister, friend, and other relatives. They all looked at me. I started to rise above the ground and then I woke up.

What could this mean?

I am sorry if you cannot understand my grammar. English is my second language.

Example: Anyone have side effects with dreambody diet pills?

Example: Atacand 8mg daily vs. Norvasc 2.5mg?

My doctor just switched me from Norvasc to Atacand. Anyone have any side effects they would like to share on either one? I am also on Levothyronxine 50 mcg and blood levels are coming back Hyper.. which I am kind of shocked because there is no way that I am losing weight... My doctor thinks it could be the Norvasc... and then switched me. I don't feel swollen but I feel a bit heavy [if that means anything; could be the weight :) ] I also hear Atacand is known to give you a cough. Let me know, I haven't taken the Atacand just yet ...

Example: Phenergan-bad reactions anyone else?

I continue to have bad reactions to phernergan, is there an alternative. I was given phenergan in August 2009 in the ER via IV. Almost immeditaely, I felt like I was going to "jump out of my skin." I wanted to take off all my clothes and rip the IV out of my arm. I felt like I had bugs crawling all over me and just wanted to scream. I wanted to just get up and walk or punch something. The immedialtely gave me benadryl and clamed me down. I had to go to ER this past Sunday (I am 4 mo pregnant and had a sever headache, muscle aches and stiff neck) for 5 days. The hooked me up to IV and administered fluids, benadryl, a med called rimulah (I'm not spelling that right, so can someone help me out) and phenergan again. I told doctor I had a bad reaction to phenergan before, but he said that I needed it. After about 3 minutes this time, I had the same reaction and all I could do was pray. This time I felt like I wanted to really hurt someone or break something. I kept grinding me teeth and pulling my hair and becamse so anxious and excited. I calmed down in about 5 minutes and the doctor said the helpful effects of the meds outweigh the temporary reaction it causes in some patients. Does this sound right? I think that I could potentially harm myself or someone when given this med. Is there an alternate med with the same effect as phenergan that mnight not do me so bad? My mouth was immediately dry like cotton, and through the night I had ongoing dreams and nightmares. I would wake up and still think I was in hospital not at home in my own bed. Today I notice sore muscles in my injection arm, shoulders and my back. I noticed in the middle of the night my hands and feet had swollen slightly too, but have since gone down. Does all this sound normal for bad reactions to phenergan? Is there an aletrnative? Share your phernergan horror stories. thanks!

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