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Dream About Skin meanings

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Example: Cutting object out of skin dream meaning?

so in the dream I was sitting at a school desk and everything just felt really void and empty. there was a kind of hum in the silence of the white room I was alone in. I touched the inside of my forearm and felt this weird almost quarter shaped thing under my skin. I felt around it for a while before using its sharp edge to start cutting my skin. It was painful and hard but I finally slid it out from under my skin. I looked at it and took notice that it was a cream yellow color with sort of rounded sides and sharp edges I then sat up in my desk and ate it does anyone know what this could mean I have searched but cant find anything on it. please don't give me a bull **** answer like "dreams dont mean anything" I had a guy answer that way when I first asked this and then no one else answered that was going to seriously give me an answer

Have you ever heard the phrase, "He is getting under my skin?" It is said with anger and disgust, as it is as if someone is just meddling in your affairs, and you want them to stop it, and go away and leave you alone! Dreams are symbolic, so eating the thing under your skin was a way of getting rid or the irritant. I would ask you, who or what is bugging you? (Don't be surprised is bugs show up in your dreams now!) Is it a person, or a happening, an event, or what? Something is causing you some problems, and is giving you no peace. You mentioned that the dream took place in a school...and you felt void and emptiness...Maybe "loneliness" is an issue with you? Or perhaps you were going through something I call the "Why Bother?" stage in Life? It is when we don't see the whole picture, or only half the picture, or everything looks gloomy and we feel like "giving up the ship." I've gone through that stage, and believe me you come out on the other end of the picture, and all is well or pretty good. Hang in there and try hard to pinpoint who or what gets under your skin enuf to bother you in this way. Then take action to fight it, or conquer it, or endure it as if will not last all through your Life, but rather a season in your Life. Good luck to you Boo!

Example: Dreams meaning?

I have two recurrents dreams:
1) My teeth falls abruptly. My inside mouth's skin and tong fells in pieces.
2) I walk over a big quantity of snakes. In my last dream, one of them curl up in my ankle and I was walking whit the snake on it .

Example: Dreams meaning..?

I have two recurrents dreams:
1) my teeth falls abruptly. My tong(and everything else inside my mouth) loose its skin.
2) I walk over snakes. A large quantity. And in my last dream, one of them curled up and stay in my right ankle. And I wasn't scared of that..
Please, be serious.

Example: Beehives - Dream Meaning?

What does this mean, to dream that the skin of my hands is becoming in a skin that seems like the honeycomb material. No wasp there no beehives there, no honey.
I dreamed this ones but it was very augly.

Example: What Does It Mean To Dream Your Skin Is Coming Off?

I keep having dreams where my skin is peeling off. The skin is very thin and translucent. There is no accident or injury, the skin just comes off by itself with no pain.

Example: What does a dream about skin mean?

the other night i had a dream that my face was covered with blemishes and rashes; it looked almost like my face was burnt. it was very dry and chapped and in the dream i began peeling away at the dead skin that was covering my face. when i peeled it away, obviously, it uncovered new beautiful pink skin that was soft and felt better than the blemished skin from before. i was looking in the mirror while doing this, watching myself peel away the skin. i'm not sure what all of it means. i know that skin is a symbol for protection of the inner self and blemished skin means fear of harsh realities. but other than that i can't really interpret the dream. can anyone help?

Example: What Does It Mean To Dream About People Without Skin?

The Other Time I Had Dreamed Some People Without Skin. like They Had No skin, It Was All Red. They Took Me To A Place And Threw Me In There. They Locked It And They Had Several Other People. They Said That They Would Eat Humans. I Got Scared And I Noticed That They Had Left Like A BIG Door Halfway Open. Me And My Friend Escaped And We Went Out Looking For Help Hoping We Could Go Find Our Home, Or Someone's House. We Then Saw There Was No More World. There Was only a Farm, And The Place They Locked Us Up. We Then Proceeded To Go Back To The Place, We Went Running At The Place When They Were Closing The Door. We Then Saw Them Come Out, The Skinless Tall Skinny People, And Proceeded To Get One Of us. That Was Me. They Got My Arm And proceeded To Bite It. Before They Could Bite It I Got Up.

Please Tell Me What This Dream Means. I Am Worried If it Is Something That Can Harm Me
Or Something.

I Hope My Dream Helped You Understand What It Means.

Example: What does my skin-coming-off dream mean?

I dreamed that there was a huge gash on my arm and torso, and underneath was wet, bloody skin. It didn't hurt at all, but I could see under this layer of skin all across my arm and torso, it was almost like a coat or jacket made of my skin. I could peel it back to see what was underneath and it was pretty much how you'd imagine it to be in real life (except with no pain).
I tried googling for this but didn't get any good results. Does anybody know what it could mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream you are being skinned alive?

Is it abnormal?

Example: What does it mean to dream of dark skin?

i have dreams
well its lots now
where a person in my dream has dark skin
they're not super dark
but more brown
like a tan
but not that orange or yellow tan
like genuine brown tan
that light dark tan!

well anyways
i dream of dark skin
does this mean anything?

and no
i dont base my life off of these dream interpretations

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