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Dream About Skinny meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

so.. i had a dream that me and my ex boyfriend and a couple other people were in this classroom. we were sitting at desks that were 2 desks wide and 3 long, in a group. my ex was sitting directly in front of me. this one girl, andy, who has some disability so shes really skinny and like doesnt wash her hair and pickers her ears and nose in public and talks weird and doesnt understand things (im not saying shes weird or i make fun of her you, you just have to know) so anyway she came in and was like by adam and they kissed, and his kiss was longer then the way he kissed me (he only pecked me) and i was really aware of that. then he sat back down and sunk into his seat, acting like nothing happened.
then i was at my friends house, and she told me that he was going out with this odd girl colleen (im not making fun of her... but she isnt his type..?) because he wanted the emotional connection with a girlfriend, and he was going out with andy to do stuff, to "get some" i rmember thinking that was weird because andy would never ever do that unless someone somehow talked her into doing it at school... she wouldnt understand what was happeneing.

anyway, so then adam was suddenly at the house. i got mad for osme reason and i kissed him twice really long. on the second one i opened my mouth and used my tongue but it didnt feel like i was using my tongue, like his mouth was closed, but when ipulled away he had a look of amazement, and instead of ignoring me he said something causual later that day.. i cant remember.

then i woke up.

backround info: me and adam went out for two months... he was to shy and awkward he wouldnt makeout with me or do anything like put his arm around me.. ever.. even when i told him i wanted him too.


Only you know the meaning of your own dream...its part of your subconscious trying to work things out that are bothering you and that are on your mind.

But it sounds to me like Adam has given you a bit of a "rejection complex"
You probably feel a little rejected by his lack of initiative towards you while you were dating, so now your mind is trying to work out the reasons why, by trying to come to terms with what prevented him from being more affectionate with you.
The other girls seem less attractive & desirable in the dream, so you just can't figure out what he sees in them, and why he'd be showing them more affection than you...because it just doesn't make sense.
Don't let it get to you though...I liked someone who was that way and it totally gave me a rejection complex for the longest time, till I figured out the reason. I used to have dreams like that all the time until I figured it out. =)

Example: Does This Dream Have a Meaning?

Last night I dreamed I skinny dipped at a public pool. I don't know why, but there was dirt at the bottom of the pool, so I dug down a bit and found a chest full of treasure. Did it mean something or was it just a weird dream?

Example: What would this dream mean?

I'm out of school, but I'm sitting in a gradeschool class room my child is in the back corner doseing off because she has heart problems and she is skinny and eimaciated and I'm afraid she is going to die. The math teacher teaching the class tells her coursely to wake up and I go over to keep her warm because it is cold in that room. I can't keep up with the math problems the teacher is writing on the board and so I sit in the back hiding under a rain poncho, behind some kids I used to know. Then the subject turns to sceince and we all had to do projects that had something to do with pullies and rope, but all I had was an old tie. I didn't have time to do the assignment so I turned it into a hangman's noose and said look it's a pulley. What does this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dream of a skinny and weak lion who basically eating a mans thigh, but the lion was to weak to overpower the man meaning the man allowed the lion to eat his thigh.

Any ideas?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed that I was in private school, with all these skinny, good looking girls in mini skirts and all these skinny, good looking men in business suits and ties...

Everybody was really good looking, and I was very good looking, smart, hard working, humble and attractive as well.

Then out of nowhere, I fall in love with this guy from my church, who has a pale white face and black hair.

Now I am thinking he could be symbolic of somebody else in my life who has also has a pale white face and black hair.

It could mean that when I at the top of the social ladder, I will get an amazing guy who is socially beneath me but morally above me.

Example: What does my dream mean?

it started when my dad told me that we were going to drive to the southern part of the state, and i instantly fell asleep. i woke up as we drove up to a couple of houses out in the middle of no where. we saw a bobcat and watched it walk back into the woods, then my grandma came out and she was skinny and not as old looking. we went into the house and all the rooms were on the 2nd story, they told me we were staying for a while, and i complained that i didn't have extra clothes or a phone charger. and i just sat on the bed the left me with in a small room and i watched tv. there was an old window with frail curtains behind me that looked out onto the back yard.
and it suddenly got dark outside. all the sudden my tv went mute and someone played a violin behind my head outside the window, so i freaked and darted out of the room.

the went to look and see what was at the window, but whatever/whoever it was left, or was hiding. so i went back to watching tv and it happened again, but this

Example: What does it mean when you dream about a Dog, that was in you're basement, but it was skinny and scared of you?

Example: What does my dream mean?!?

I woke up and woke my daddy up to drop me to school. but something was wrong. I couldn't fit in my school uniform what does that mean? and I also freaked out, because I saw my friend chilling with my brother. My stomach was so bloated than I couldn't go to school.

I've always had a fear of bloating.
I'm bulimic & anorexic, really skinny.
But in my dream, my stomach was so bloated. and the dress was too tight?

Example: What does this Dream Mean ?

So here's little parts of a dream i had when i was a little girl that still haunts me.

It's the end of the world. I see a skinny old farmer singing an old country song on a rocking chair , chewing on a wheat. The rocking chair is outside my window. A black hooded figure swiftly moves across the room from my closet to the window. The farmer is no longer there. I sit on the floor to put on my shoes a little boy around 6 or 7 with one eye red and the other brown ,appears next to me and whispers beware. as me and my family run outside there is a over turned school bus and a wolf on top.
I never really remember dreams , but this one stayed with me forever. I wonder why , i never wanted to find out what it meant. I never felt no evil with the little boy or the black cloaked figure , but the old country man for some reason was the one that always freaked me out.

so what does this dream mean, sorry for the long explanation.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I see this recurring girl in some of my dreams, black hair, skinny body, nicely dressed, plaid black and white shirt, white oldish vans, grey jeans. But i cant see her face, its like its blurred out and i can never remember what she looks like. She is always just standing in the distance, im never really talking to her, shes always just off in the distance. Anyone have a guess to what this means?

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