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Dream About Slander meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream with alligators?

well the first night I dream with a pair of allegators faighting in a dirty with strong current river, I was watching from a hill. and I got scare because around me there was a grass area with water, and I thought there may be some around here too. so I got away. Then I founded a lake that had very clean and clear water, but it was drying somehow.
Then at the following night there where so many of then trying to bite me. I took some of them by the mouth but there were so many..I ask for help but I did not get any help. I also saw some garden snakes. which I' m very affraid of them. what does all of this means?

Hi Maria! These dreams indicate that some very influential people (the alligators) are launching verbal attacks against you. They may be lying or gossiping about you behind your back. At first, they seem to be in a "dirty" environment with a lot of pressure (strong current), and they don't get along with each other (fighting). You were able to avoid them at first, and find some relief and encouragement. Then, in the second dream, they are not fighting each other any more, but they are coming after you. You confront them, but you are outnumbered. The garden snakes in your dream also indicate that you may be harrassed by lies, accusations or slander. I'm sorry about your situation, but I hope this helps to explain the dream.


Example: My dreams...?!?

Interperations, what are some basic meaning like if i dream of clouds or dogs. Stuff like that.

Example: What do you think my dream means?

I saw two spiders on a web, one smaller and another larger. The larger on started to eat the smaller, and I felt extremely distressed as I was extremely fond of the small one, however I did not intervene. I just watched the struggling smaller spider.
Then a squashed dead fly appeared on my shoulder it did not worry me at first, but after some while in the dream I screamed and tried to rub it off.
What do you think it means?

Example: What does it mean to dream of chewing semi-raw meat in a dream?

I had a dream that I was walking with another person (sex unknown) and a dog. I put a piece of meat into my mouth that appeared to be cooked. Myself, the person I was walking with and the dog then walked through a very tall fenced area, where there were many men sitting around. I realized that the meat in my mouth was raw, but felt I could not take it out of my mouth in front of the men. I either did not see their faces or do not remember them. I kept the raw meat in my mouth, just kind of moving it around but not chewing or swallowing it. I felt sick in the dream and then also when I woke up. Does anyone know the meaning of this dream? I looked up the individual items, but am not sure what the dream means as a whole. Thank you!

Example: What does this dream mean?

So I just woke up from a rather traumatic dream. In it I was riding a bike down a road that I typically go down. The road however was significantly more narrow than usual and I was either bumping into other people, or they were bumping into me. Eventually I bumped into two men, who took me off of my bike and backed me into a wall. They said that I had disrespected them and held a gun to my abdomen. For the next few seconds all I could feel was an immense amount of fear as I plead with them for my life. I then closed my eyes and listened as they fired three times and then I woke up.

Any ideas as to what this could mean.

Example: Whats my dream mean?!?

Okay. So, I had a dream last night. It's by FAR the scariest, and worst dream I've had. It started at a mall. Everyone was leaving, not running, but calmy walking out. But everyone was! And I was wondering what was going on, so I walked over to a man holding a white thing that you breath into. And when he made me breath into it, a button on the side turned red. So he said I couldn't leave, and told me to sit on the escaladers that were shut off. After i sat down, blood started to come from the inside of my ears. Then, my lip started breaking open and bleeding. Then, I knew I had a deadly virus that had broken out in our town. As I laid there, I tried to think of how I could have gotten this virus, then I thought that I had gotten it from drinking after a little girl that goes to my church. I took a drink of mountain dew after her in my room. More people had to come sit around me, because they also had been tested for the virus, and had it. After the people who were healthy and were free of the virus left, we (there were about 50-60 with the virus) were given blankets to stay warm. There were doctors trying to help us. But as they were trying to figure out a cure, everyone started crying because there left cheek was breaking open. The virus was eating at our skin. The doctors gave us soft little fluffy ivory colored stuffed sheep toys to help comfort the pain, since there was no medicine to help it. Then my dream bounced to another place. I was suddenly at my house. My parents and sister were all in the living room, and i asked my dad to pray with me. Because I was obviously scared. After that, I told my parents that it was my time to go home. (To go to Heaven) Then after that, it bounced back to the mall scene. I got up and walked into a room across from where all the people sick were. And i saw Professor Snape from Harry Potter. He gave me a black coffin shaped box, with a fancy gold cross on the front. I took it, layed down with it, and held it tightly. The pain from the virus got worse. The girl that was beside me said the virus would get worse, and worse, the pain would triple 100x. It would continue to eat our skin away until we all went mad and start to bang our heads on the walls, and just go bizarre! So when we reached that point, we had to be shot. After that scene, I suddenly was in the car with my sister, and I wasn't sick at all, we were at apartments. And there was a little girl picking apples from an apple tree. She stared a whole through us. Then we were at a park. And the little girl i saw earlier in my dream was at the tope of a hill. Then my dream bounced to a scene with me in the car. I was perfectly fine. I had the little virus tester that the man from the mall had tested me earlier with. When I breathed into it, the button turned green, meaning I was virus free. That's where my dream ended. The whole dream was CRYSTAL CLEAR. I could feel every ounce of pain i was having. I could feel the agony of knowing I was about to die. And i could really feel the tears flowing down my cheeks. Any help on what this means?!?!

Example: What does this dream mean?

Im at work only my office is my aunts house in TN and she turned it into a commune for my cousin and her friends. anyway im partying in a white tank and white undies then i stop and go to my office where my two co-workers are with a client. the male co-worker just got back with the male client from applebees. the client was covered in BBQ sauce and wiped it all over me and laughed. I then lost it and proceded to beat the client by grabbing his jaw and swinging him over my head. the male co-worker stopped me and started talking to the client about being rude, then he changed the subject to the band WILCO and how paris hilton was going to the concert but his girlfriend wouldnt let him see it with paris. As i tried to claim my love for Wilco, i notice a giant tarantula running across the cieling straight toward me. i get up to run out but the Tarantula drops down and clamps right on my butt. i try getting it off but its on pretty tight. then i wake up screaming.

Example: What does it mean when in my dream my sister was shot in the mouth and killed?

In my dream I was at a strange house with my family and there was like this long extended enclosed verandah that wasnt attached to the house and went out along the garden (It was a massive house, pretty fancy).
When I went to find my sister (my actual sister in real life) she was dead of a gunshot wound to her mouth at the top of a set of stairs and the gun lying next to her and it seemed the person who had shot her had disappeared.
In my dream this was very distressing and I was terribly upset.
What could this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

My dream: My room had fleas/tics or some type of tiny bug that bites all over my floor so I was laying in bed watching tv knowing I should suck all the bugs up with a vacuum so I do. After I do that I go to sleep then when I wake up there's bite marks all over my body and there is a bug attached to my finger do I rip it off. What does this mean. I'm pretty sure I'm going crazy lol

Example: What does it mean to dream about Scorpions?

I pretty much tend to dream about them, sometimes they are on my bed; sometimes they are small and yellow, big and yellow and others like an emperor scorpion.

Recently I dreamed about being on the apartment where I used to live with my brother and the two scorpions in my parent´s bedroom. I saw them and I got scared, but my brother was able to kill them both, and once the emperor scorpion was dead I managed to rub him. Whereas the other one was as big as the emperor, but it was yellow and my brother killed him, by crushing him just using a sandal...

I also recall in another dream I was in my brother´s bedroom and there was a scorpion on his bed, but he managed to remove the sting out of him, the scorpion wasn´t as big as the other one in the already mentioned dream by the way.

It´s pretty ironic, because in terms of killing, I never hesitate or feel this scared like I was in the dreams, usually I am the one who gets rid of the bugs or the problem in my family.

What does this mean? Every now and then I tend to dream about scorpions and ironically my sun sign is scorpio and there´s a lot of scorpio presence in planets and stuff. Thanks for your time people!

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