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Dream About Sleep Paralysis meanings

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Example: Strange dream and sleep paralysis?

Back when i was stationed in spain, I was asleep in my barracks room, and I had this dream. I was on my ATV in the woods and there was this woman riding on the back with me. She wore a white gown, had fair skin complextion, and dark hair. We drove up to a cliff where there was a bed, and when we got onto the bed i turned to her, and she said "get out of the room." very calmly. I then asked her "what do you mean? We're outside." she replied with more urgency and said my name as she told me "you need to get out of the room now!" at that moment I woke up and could not move a muscle i couldnt speak either, i could look around the room though, and once I looked at the foot of my bed and I saw almost like a black silouette, and was instantly terrified for my life I tried yelling for help and was finally able to move and hopped out of bed. I didn't sleep the rest of the night. Then in october of that year, i went home to california for my grandfathers funeral, and i had yet another strange dream. I would be lying in my bed in in the guest room, and wasnt able to move, until finally i was able to get up, and would walk to use the restroom, when I get there I hit the light switch, and nothing would happen, and I looked in the mirror then would be lying in the bed once again. I repeated this process numerous times until finally, the light turned on, and I knew it was real. This kind of instances havent happend in about a year now, but was wondering what it might have been.

You are already familiar with sleep paralysis, so you are already well on your way to understanding these dreams. The shadowy figure or silhouette at the foot of your bed is part of the sleep paralysis phenomenon. Although researchers have not identified the reason for this figure, it frequently accompanies the symptoms of sleep paralysis. So frightening as it was, it has no special significance. You should also be thankful that you were not able to yell, as that probably saved you from being the brunt of jokes!

As to the dream itself with the ATV, fair woman and bed on the cliff - That sounds like an excellent beginning to a romance novel. The images relate to your circumstances at the time of the dream, and might no longer be relevant to your present life. Roughly, the ATV suggests freedom, the woods might be a transitional state (not home, not deployed, etc.) and the cliff represents the possibility of danger. It could also suggest the end of the path - you cannot go any farther in that direction. "Get out of the room!" also suggests danger. You would need to reflect on what was happening to you at the time; whether you were about to be deployed, whether you were involved with the wrong group of guys ... it could refer to many different sorts of things depending on your situation. The woman herself probably personifies your own intuition.

Because the 2nd dream is also preceded by sleep paralysis, I'm thinking that this might be a way that your subconscious mind gets your attention. The 2nd dream is itself a message from your own mind that says, "Wake up, you're dreaming!" What I mean is that your subconscious is telling you that in some area of your real life you are not thinking or behaving realistically. For example, you mention that you had gone home for your grandfather's funeral. Maybe you were hoping that you would inherit a fortune and would never have to work again. So your mind produces this dream that says, "Hey, wake up and turn the lights on - the real world isn't like that!" Of course this is just a silly example, but you get the idea. That light switch is certainly part of the message - "Turn on a light!" In other words, "Open your eyes and see reality."

Example: What does it mean to dream about sleep paralysis?

Last night I had a dream that I was experiencing sleep paralysis. I know what sleep paralysis is, and what causes it and all that stuff. But I have never heard about someone actually dreaming about it. Does it mean anything? Is this even normal?

Example: Frequent sleep paralysis ... meaning of dreams?

One time I was having a nightmare and it actually woke me up. Something similiar to the grudge form was on my ceiling.. it came down and held me to my bed. I woke up and literally could not move my body for about 10 seconds.
Its been about 7 years since that incident ... but now in the last 6 months I have had 3 similiar situations. I have nightmares and I go back forth from the nightmares and consciously knowing I am trying to wake up. But I can not wake up.
Has anyone had similiar situations?

Example: What does Lucid Dreaming and Sleep paralysis mean?

i want to know what that means!

Example: Does it mean anything if you have a dream about sleep paralysis?

This only happened once but it was very scary and I would just like to know if it is in any way related to paranormal activity... One night (when I lived in a house in which the original owner had died in) I had THE WORST nightmare of my life. In this dream, I was 'awake' but under the terrible conditions of sleep paralysis (my mind was working, but my body wasn't and so i couldn't move or talk or anything). I felt as if an intense amount of pressure was being placed on top of me, I was sweating and panicking like crazy, and on top of that, i was seeing all the objects in my room moving by themselves as if about to fall off the dresser and such... however, all in EXTREMELY slow motion. Luckily, when i woke up i was able to move, but I was very desperate and had to sleep with my parents for the rest of the night. Well anyway, I was previously reading about the possibility of how this could be related to the paranormal, and I am somewhat convinced, but i would appreciate others' opinions. ..Thank You for your time.

Example: If sleep paralysis is meant to keep you from acting out your dreams?

Then do people that sleepwalk not experience sleep paralysis

Example: Can anyone provide me with information about lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis?

My friend was telling me about it and I was intrigued. I would like a good amount of information about it please!

Example: What does sleep paralysis mean?

In SMALL Words. me and my sister are trying to look it up but we cant understand the words lol

Example: Sleep paralysis and lucid dream?

Last night near the morning time I had what is known as sleep paralysis. While this was happening I heard music comming from the kitchen. This is when I started to realise that I was not 100% awake. I tried with every thing I could to move, shout anything to wake me up but I couldn't do anything. So I had to keep laying there trying. I could then feel a sense of danger that there were intruders in the flat but I still couldn't move. This went on for around a few minutes. What does this mean and how can I prevent this happening again as it was terrifying.

Example: What does this mean? (Sleep Paralysis)?

So last night was not my first time I've had sleep paralysis before.. I've always had it for a long time now so it's nothing new. I actually had it FOUR times last night.. Is that normal? But anyway, the last time I had it it was really scary.. I've never had this before.. usually i'm just paralyzed but last night I looked out onto my room and I saw a very dark figure floating to me and then everything went black and then I saw in bright neon lights the word 'orange' ? Wtf does that mean? I got really scared though :( I have never saw in all of my sleep paralysis life a dark figure..

Also -- How can I prevent sleep paralysis?

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