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Dream About Sleeping Pad meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

Running. So much running. I couldn't tell what was chasing me but it was big and it was fast. I was able to keep in front of whatever it was for a decent amount of time across the open meadow, but I could hear it's breathing as it was catching up to me. My legs burned with the effort and I willed myself to continue, just a little more. If I could get to the city in the distance, I would be safe. I knew I would be safe. I had to be. It was the only thing in front of me and I went for it.
There was a low growl behind me as whatever was chasing me put forth extra effort and got just a bit closer. My breathing came in gasps, as I could feel a hot breath against my back, hear a noise from flared nostrils, and smell the wild scent of something I couldn't even see. The city was closer, I just had to last a little bit more. I let out a scream as I was tripped by an enormously huge paw sweeping a leg out from under me. I landed in the soil and grass, knocking the wind from myself and I looked over my shoulder, eyes widening in terror at the beast that made its way to me.
I froze. An enormous black wolf was standing behind me just a few feet away. I had never seen a wolf before face to face and I was awestruck by the sheer size of the dog. The animal sized me up and my heart went into overdrive as the realization sunk in, I was going to die. It took a few steps forward, paw pads easing over the dirt silently. I closed my eyes, waiting for its enormous maw to clamp down on my body somewhere but the pain never came. After a moment of listening to the animal pant some from the effort they both had expelled, there was a heavy plop next to me and I eased my eyes open.
The wolf was lying next to me calmly, catching its breath. I was confused and backed away from it, my legs acting clumsily and feeling like jelly. I wanted to stand, and to start running again, but my limbs wouldn't work for me and I was reduced to simply watching. The dog looked at me and my heart sunk. It looked absolutely depressed. As much as an animal can, anyway. Its eyes were droopy and the posture of its neck and face almost made it look timid, like it was ducking away from me even though it had just chased me across a field. After looking at each other for a moment the canine laid its head in between its huge paws and heaved a sigh, diverting its eyes away from me.
I pushed myself forward, and reached out a hand. I was shaking in fear but the animal, as big as it was, looked helpless, like it had been abused and beaten though there were no visible signs. The dog looked at me but made no move to create contact so I reached further. My fingertips came to rest on the animal's shoulder blade and it picked up its head and looked at me in response. It's eyes dropped some and looked like it was about to burst into tears if only it had the capability to and I felt it's velvety pelt sag inward under my hand.
The wolf started to disintegrate before me. I pulled my hand away in shock, as it was coated in a slimy film. A bubbling gel eased through the hairs on the wolf's skin and it was soon transfigured into a wolf-shaped glob of iridescent goo. The substance sloughed off its skeleton in heaping chunks and sunk into the grass surrounding them and I watched with a horrified face as its bones rattled to the ground in a bleached pile soon afterward. I pushed myself forward to the remnants and touched a rib, having it instantly crumble away to ash with the rest of the bones following suit.

Awesome dream, you have a knack for writing vividly, keep it up!
Oh and dreams don't mean a thing, dream books aren't real, your mind is having its fun while you the body, rest, because the mind never sleeps.

Example: I recently had a quick flash dream about my deceased dog. What does my dream mean?

My precious Maltese/Shih Tzu was put to sleep on Tuesday after his second attack on his kidneys. In January, he was diagnosed with Kidney failure. We kept in at the vets for five days, and to our surprise, his values reversed itself. We brought him home, administered his SubQ every other day, gave him his Azodyl twice a day, and fed him a strict diet of KD wet and dry food. Monday night, he couldn't keep anything down, and on Tuesday, the day of his appointment, he woke up was fine and within a few hours his muscles were trembling, and he had no control of his legs. By the time we got him to the vet he was panting and foaming at the mouth. His kidneys and organs were shutting down. Our Vet said that it was already starting to affect him neurologically, and the next step would be seizures. So, as as heartbreaking as it was, we had to put him down. Anyway, enough of my story. Last night, I was reading and started to fall asleep. I had a flash of Kaipo (my dog) sliding across the floor to his favorite bed pad (but he wouldn't show his face). I woke up and that flash came again. I want to know if anyone knows what that dream might mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I keep dreaming that I keeping loosing important things. In one dream I was in a fashion show and minutes before the show I could not find the skirt that I had to wear and I had seen it like minutes before right infront of me. For some reason my room mate from highschool was in my dream wearing one of my tshirts!The second dream I was in the tube station in London and I couldnt find my oyster card and the lady at the gates was very helpfull she just gave me an oyster with her picture on it! what does this mean? serious answers only

Example: Can Someone Tell Me What These Dreams Mean?

I've been having such weird dreams lately & I'm wondering if anyone can tell me the meanings. There are 3 of them:

1. In real life, I've been dating a guy for 7 years. We've had our ups and downs but have stayed together through thick & thin. In my dream, I break up with him and he's heartbroken. He's walking towards me, arms outstretched like he wants to hug me. He says "but I love you". But I shove him off and he falls down the stairs, breaks his neck & dies.

2. I have a cousin who has 3 kids. She's had surgery to ensure that she doesn't have any more. In my dream, my cousin is moving from Miami (we've never lived in Miami) back to our childhood home in Chicago. While she was in Miami, she gave birth to a baby boy, who's only a few weeks old in the dream. For some reason, my cousin kills the baby boy and buries him underneath the carpet and padding in the bedroom. My mom & I walk in the room & my cousin is crying in the closet saying she "killed her baby". We notice the carpet has been torn up, so we pull back the carpet and the pad back and find the baby's lifeless body laying beneath. (OY).

3. I'm 34 years old & have no children. In this dream next, I have twins. A boy and a girl. I'm driving to the store and I have my two babies in their car seats. When I get to the store, I take my daughter out of the car and put the car seat in the shopping cart. When I try to pick up my son, he crumbles as if he were made of clay. I think nothing of it, leave him in the car & go shopping but when I get back to the car, the baby is whole again but died from heat stroke.

Can anyone make anything of why I keep dreaming about dead babies? It's starting to freak me out!


Example: What Does My Dream Mean? It's Really weird...?

i had a dream last night and it was really weird. I was having a sleep over with my friend sam, my math teacher, and my mom. then my grandma brought over some vegetable soup for us. it had like whole cobs of corn in it and whole potatoes, whole carrots, and whole tomatoes in it. so tried to open it, but it had a pad lock on it. so we got a crow bar and opened it. then we flushed it down the toilet.*then it gets even weirder*. when my grandma brought the soup, it was winter. but when we got back from flushing it down the toilet it was a summer morning. then we went outside and shaved the grass. like with the razor i usually use on my legs. then there were squirrels coming out of the trees. then they all like caught on fire or something i dont know but they just started flaming. then it started to rain and put the fire that was on the squirrels out. after that i saw my grampa walking toward us. but theres one problem with that, he died last year. he wasnt having trouble walking or anything. so we talked to him. then the hot guy that cuts our grass came by and trimmed the trees. then i woke up. i know that sounds soooooo weird but the whole part where i saw my grandpa has been freaking me out all day. what does my dream mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of someone who has passed and to wake up feeling like there is something to do?

My mother passed away last week and I have dreamt of her every night since. I wake up feeling like there is something that I need to do, only I don't know what that thing is. I don't know what this means and I am very desperate to find answers. Could these dreams be her way of trying to tell me something that I need to do or to do something that I have forgotten about? All I know is this feeling gets more intense everytime I wake up. I feel like I'm being communicated with, but I'm just not getting it. For all of you out there who saw the last post about my mother having cancer, she did pass...very quickly I might add. She didn't suffer alot.

Example: I had the wierdest dream! What does it mean?

I was sitting in the sand with my cell, my laptop and a styrofoam food container when a hobo with a brown bag and backpack walked up to me. In the background I could see a skyline and a bridge. He sat in the sand with me and we talked. I don't remember what he was talking about but it was very interesting. He got up to leave and I told him thanks for stopping by. He said sure. I did the peace sign [not a deuce but like a 70's peace sign] and he stuck out his left hand for me to shake it. I did the same and he injected me with a needle...I was astonished and woke up...

It really scared me...I dunno why but what does it mean?

Example: Does anyone know what this dream means?

I usually have very strange, long and detailed dreams. Does anyone have any idea what this one means?

The first part; I was Harry Potter (but no magic was done during the dream) and I was with Ron Weasley and his father and we were working late at night and early into the morning. We were doing some kind of hard labor, but I remember feeling very masculine after this part. As Ron and I were leaving, we got into a car and the character of Ron turned into someone else. (During my dreams, I usually have one other person that's always with me, but this person constantly evolves into different people). He turned into guy with shaggy dark hair and was driving, whereas I was in the backseat. We were driving through the city and a huge dragon started chasing us. This dragon had human hands and it was reading through the windows, grabbing onto the driver's wrists. The hands had black nail polish. I was reaching up front, trying to pry them off, but I didn't know what to do. I remember vaguely wondering why I didn't have a wand or I couldn't do magic. Then the dragon finally released his wrists because we went under a crumbling overpass into a body of water. We got out of the car and hid under the surface of the water and the dragon couldn't find us. When I came up, the person with me was Hermione Granger now.

Then my dream shifted and I was at a super huge dark movie theatre. (A reoccurring element in many of my dreams). I left to go to the bathroom and it was huge and both males and females went in to use it. The toilets weer all open and they were just holes on huge benches with padding to sit on. I was wearing my bathing suit and I remember feeling very uncomfortable during this time. I took a long time and couldn't go because there were so many people around. It was no privacy. Then I left to meet my ex-boyfriend outside, and suddenly we were at a rest stop area. We started driving with my dad and his girlfriend and I do not remember seeing my ex again, but there was someone else sitting beside me. We were driving along the beachroad and at one point, there was my friend's car (the one she left me to watch while she went to another state. I do not like taking care of this car, nor can I use it, and I don't really like her either). We were driving toward it because I was going to get in and drive it before the flood came. This huge wave was coming and we were about to make it but we had to turn and leave to higher ground before the water came. We returned later and everything else was washed away, but her car was left, as well as the concrete it was parked on. I tried driving it, but the engine was flooded and would roll but not start up.

I often have dreams about floods but they never hurt me and I do not fear them. Their just... coming. And I have to get out of the way, but if the flood reaches me, it isn't harsh. It's gentle water around me.

?_? Any ideas. I have dreams like this almost every night. I just don't know how to interpret them.

Example: What does it mean if u go 2 sleep have a dream wake up lik 1 min latr pass bak out & have that same dream?PHEL

ok i fell asleep on a padded porch swing and while sleeping i had a dream i was walking home from the bus stop and some one grabbed me and i got rapped. ok, well my dog barked so i woke up told her to shut up and fell right back asleep and started having the exact same dream all over again. and i was just wondering cause you know some people say that your dreams send you messages and stuff so im kinda scared!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have been dreaming, several nights in a row, that I am sleeping and someone is always trying to wake me up but I'm too tired.

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