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Dream About Slingshot meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: If you had too-could you be self reliant?

Its for all
Many here would have a hard time.

Our country in the US is somewhat reliant on others. Although I think they could do it.

Is it wrong to aim for this goal?

I feel this does pertain to the immigration issue. And I think even in Mexico they could do this if they had too.

Others do live this way (and have)--is it it impossible (not hard but impossible) now?

And who would like to see us work on it here-it would mean closing the borders and putting control on things and getting it together here first?

I could survive on my own in the wilderness. I know how to make a snare to catch rabbits. Rabbit fur makes nice linings to buckskin shirts and skirts/pants. I can shoot with a pistol (like my Glock31 , .357) or a bow and arrow. Deer is good cooked over an open fire if you know how to do it. I can shoot quail,pheasants and squirrels with a slingshot. I know which plants that are edible or not. Yes, I could be self sufficient. No doubt, it would be a hard life, but I could do it. But, would a Mexican do it? No way, Jose'!

Example: HHEEELLLPPP!What does this dream mean?

OK I was in the mall, I went to victoris secret to buy some make-up right?
Well as I was walking in, and very hairy lady shoved her hand in my face to stop me.
Then she pulled burger out of her bra and was like...heres your happy meal!
Then she was like...Oh sorry I forgot your prize, heres your thong!

But I didnt want the thong :(
So she got mad and started chasing me.
I ran to the police but in a spit second I ended up in the jail cell, then I was stuck in there with THOSANDS OF THONGS FOR ALL ETERNITY!
Eating nothing but victoria secret burgers which taste like perfume, make-up, and thongs!?
:( :(
-im really scared

Example: If you where a vagrant and could pick one weapon of choice for taking of game for food, what would it be?

So... in your opinion which of these would work the best?
Air rifle
And why?
I'm trying to gauge peoples opinions of a few things as I'm planning to pursue maybe a childish dream, but at least one of freedom, true freedom. And need some formal opinions of which is the most effective/cost effective/reliable/longest lasting etc.

Example: Dreamed I was catapulted into the night sky and a huge pair of silver scissors came toward me?

Later in the dream I was in an elevator with a childhood friend whom I haven't spoke to in years and a man we did not know. The scissors had changed into a silver saw. I felt no need for the saw and asked the stranger if he wanted it. He did. Also it was the same childhood friend who had thrown me up into the air with a kind of super slingshot which red.

Example: I don't know what my dream means..?

I dreamt I was in medieval times(sorta, I mean I was in a castle courtyard and was an animal herder/breeder for some organization of farmers) anyway there were some attacks on the castle while I was there and I felt as though I was being attacked on my back as well. I think I was protecting some kids?

Also in my dream I was full male (I am physically female but am bi-gender, which means I identify as both male and female though I am not physically a hermaphrodite).

I ran from the attack and went to see some guys in armor (I'm guessing officials like police or something since I was a bit scared of them too, guess I was a fugitive in my dream) this is the conversation:

Guard: who is attacking? Do you know?
Me: I'm not sure.. All I hear is something. About craft.. Paper and crafting something like that.
Guard: something like that?
Me: yea. Papercraft.

I'm not sure if I was being shot by guns or slingshot with rocks and darts but the pain could be felt as I woke up. Also, I was looking for ammo for a gun I had on my side throughout the dream.

Example: I Need 6 Details of The American Dream?

Not the Movie! I'm talking in General. I'm learning about the American Dream and i need 6 Details about it and a Summary, and answer these questions:
1) What did this Dream mean to individuals, to families in the 1940's?
2)Is Wealth the only way to achieve the American Dream?

Example: Can someone interpret this dream?

Ok, so i had this dream that i was at home and in my back yard was a HUGE tree. I remember looking up and being blinded by the sun but i really wanted to get up there. It was impossible to climb though. So I went in my house, blew a hole in the side of it and set up a huge slingshot. I slung myself at the tree and missed. I stared floating over these huge white buildings where big muscular men were burning down all the trees and ruining the forests' beauty. I tried to fly home but was stuck floating in the air. Eventually i managed to glide but had a hard time staying up high enough. If i got too low they would try to steal my to make me their girl. When i got home my boyfriend was waiting by the big tree, had white roses in has hand and a little box. He purposed and told me to close my eyes. I did and he put his arms around me, when he told me to open my eyes we were flying and at the top of the huge tree was a little house built in the inside of it. It was beautiful, the sun rays shone off of it and it was almost to bright to look at. There were birds and butterflies everywhere. I looked around and could see nothing but fields and forests for miles, it was wonderful. Then he kissed me and we both grew huge, white, glowing angel wings. When i woke up i could still smell roses and felt like i was flying...

Example: Why do i keep having dreams about space?

a couple weeks ago i had a dream about the moon and how it would move around and at one point it was so close i could use a slingshot and hit it. and at one point it was under my house and my house was hovering above it.

and last night i had a dream that i was in a skyscraper and if i looked out the window i could see all the planets lined up (besides earth) and they were only like a couple feet away from me.

what does this mean?

Example: Spiderman dream?need interpretation?

guys i got this weirdest dream.
I need your interpretation
The setting is that i am in a beach somewhat a resort with cottages, I was strolling around, and suddenly zombies appeared, I was so afraid, I ran so fast, but somewhat in the sometime end, I am became spider man and got a web slingshot and other abilities like spider man.

I "slingshot" my way to the resort because I found a girl,who in real life appears to be my schoolmate.. The odd thing was,in real life, I was recently in contact with her.Back to my dream, I was readily to talk to her in person but in a spiderman form.::/

Anyone can interpret this dream?

Example: Dreams about murder and prsion?

I dreamt I was part of a group who tortured and decapitated a woman. I know she was bad, but that still wasn't ok. The others in the group played with her head, slingshot-ting it about the place, I know I didn't kill her. I also know I didn't take part in playing with her head... Later in the dream I was questioned by the police (for some reason in a department store which sold birds, I was in the middle of playing with one to avoid questions when it attacked me and snipped my finger off), they determined that I was part of the murder from drawings by myself (?) and other members of the "murder group". At the time someone had slipped an item of the victims into my pocket which I hid, terrified...I later found myself awaiting trial in prison and I knew I was going to be there for a while regardless of how guilty I was. What the hell does this mean? I'm so disturbed ...

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