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Dream About Smart meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does Marriage really mean in dreams?

i herd that dreams about weddings mean death or someones is gona become very ill is it true?

I had a dream one time where I was literally in the head of the hottest, smartest girl in my high school graduating class while she was thinking to herself, "I'm not gay", I woke up, freaked out, and ran through the library yelling "I'M GOING TO MARRY EMILY RICHARDSON!"

but ummm, yeah man, thats just me

PS: I didn't marry emma bear, but anyway, "the girl of your dreams" definitely means something.

Example: Dream meaning?

All I can remember of this particular dream is that I was standing behind a tree with bare branches; looking through it at a much taller tree when someone yelled that the taller one was alive. I didn't see it move but when I stepped to the side, I saw the tall tree morph into a living, angry looking thing.

I then ran back behind the smaller tree and the tall one reached it's arms through and tried to press me to the ground, but I held it while a wizard next to me chanted something until the tree released me.

Then I was in a house full of people who were sitting around when a man walked through our group and went into a room and laid down in an opening in the floor.

Somehow I realized he was a werewolf, but everyone in the group was oblivious. I started yelling at them about how little they seem to notice about people. I asked them how they couldn't see that their was a werewolf among them

Example: What does my dream mean?

i keep dreaming about killing people! it is mostly by shooting and they are very vivid, i wake up terrified... anyone know what this means?

no smart *** comments or replies please.

Example: Dream Has Meaning?

In school I go to the cafe to buy a cookie. I am wearing a pink shirt and jeans. And the boy who I like (who I lik in reality and likes me) stares at me. He is wearing a white button down shirt and jeans. His friends tell me to come over. So I go. And he gives me the look he gives me eveyday. But then he wont say anything so I leave. On my way back out he says my name and gets up to speak to me, his friends are watching like hawks, but once again he is too shy to speak, so I offer to take a walk outside. We walk to the nearest staircase and sit on it. A teacher of ours walks down the stairs, interrupting us for a while. Giving us a knowing grin (she messed with us during class) So then he tells me that I am smart, pretty, amazing, funny, opinionated. And he would like to go out with me. I look at him for a moment and he is scared. And I say sure. So we pucker kiss. We hug.Then we take each others hands. Go get our backpacks and sit alone together. All our friends beaming nd excited. And the teacher knows it was happening. So after that I just catch a glimpse of prom. graduation. And getting married and having children.

Example: What could this dream mean?

In my dream i was chopping up some vegetables, a green bell pepper, a yellow bell pepper, and some red cabbage. For some reason my sister did not agree with what i was doing. So she started an argument. She punched me in the face and things went from there. . we were fist fighting. My mom came from out of nowhere and broke up the fight.
Me and my sister have never fist fought. It is not normal for us, though we do have a rocky relationship right now.

Example: Whaat doess my dream mean?

in a part of my dream, someone was pressuring me to have sex...what does that mean ... =\

Example: What does this dream mean? Please no smart-alek answers!?

Okay so I was in the woods with a couple of the folks I went to high school with and we went to my favorite hotel up in the mountains to go bowling. I was curious to see what the bowling alley looked like because I never been in this hotel in a while. The bowling alley in my favorite hotel was a hanging place for those folks that I went to high school with but I wanted to bowl though while they hung out and trashed the place. I went to the lady at the desk who is in charge of the bowling for pop-corn but it was stale and this lady was rude so I was looking for the vending machine I saw when I walked in. I had very little money on me and that stale pop-corn was expensive. I wanted to explore the rest of the hotel but I couldn't tell where the exit to the bowling alley was. I asked this man who worked there where the bathroom was/plus the exit to the bowling alley and he pointed and gave directions to me. Just as I was about to go and leave the exit, this girl yelled at me who was supposed to be in charge of me or something like that. She stopped me from exiting the bowling alley and we got in trouble for hanging out there just like tresspassing. Do you know what this dream means? Please no smart answers I'm begging you

Example: Girl name meaning unique,smart,imagination, or creative in Japanese plz?!?

I rlly wanna make another youtube account, but I dont know what name to put. Could ya say a japanese girl name meaning unique, smart, imagination, or creative in Japanese plz? Well, at least unique, imagination, or creative. Those are the ones I want most in Japanese. Thx.

Example: Whats does it mean when your watching a smart white rat in a cage doing tricks in a dream?

I really wanna know the meaning of this in my dream its really bothering me...

Example: What does dreaming of water mean?

SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY PLEASE -- NO SMART AZZ COMMENTS NEEDED OR WANTED! I've had a dream about beautiful blue calm waters -- like on a Caribbean Beach. Any ideas?

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