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Dream About Snake Pit meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: White snake dream mean ?

I had a dream i was a city i am familiar with in NY & i was talking to someone who i could not tell who i was u able to see in my dream. When i seen a small white snake come from my right side on the ground so we ran and nwxt thing you know i got pit on my right foot and got took to the hospital and i remember being at the hospital with something on my foot to stop the bleeding and my family and friends around. Now i dont know if this has to do with a movie i just seen called "soul surfers" with a girl who got bit by a shark or if it is also related to my life?

Well in Japanese Culture, white snakes are considered a sign of good luck so it might mean you are going to have good luck. But since it bit you in the dream then I'm thinking that is means you are going to have bad luck.

Well I guess you got to be lucky for it to mean are are going to have good luck. :P

Example: What do snakes mean in a dream?

i have had two dreams, the night before i was outside with my dog and there was a huge snake and it was about to bite my dog so i got in the middle and got bit myself...

the other dream last night was that i was driving in my old schools parking lot and i went to sit on the grass and there were thousands upon thousands of snake all headed toward the school...

does any one happen to know why im having these dreams about snakes..and what snakes mean in a dream?

Example: What do dreams about snakes mean?

Two nights ago I had a dream about 2 snakes. They were protectors and when I was in a certain area, they would wrap around my arms and protect me. Last night I had a dream about tons of anacondas. But there was 1 in particular that would follow me no matter where I went. It ended up chasing me and I spent the end of my dream running from it. What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of snakes?

last night i had a dream of snakes i was at home and i opened the BBQ pit and a huge rattlesnake was in there i got scared and screamed and ran to the side of my house and my brother was holding a snake by the tail i told him to put it down and right before he did it bite him on the arm i was so scared but i tryed to get the snake off of hes arm and i did but den i woke up what does dat mean HELP PLZ

Example: I dreamed I was in a pit of snakes, what does that mean?

Example: I dreamed I was in a pit of snakes, what does that mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of heaps of snakes?

ok so I have looked up what it means to dream of snakes.. but I can't find anything for dreaming about HEAPS of snakes. I have often have dreams that have millions of all different coloured snakes just laying around on the ground or something. They never try to hurt me, and sometimes I'm scared of them but not as much as you would actually be if it really happened. They are sometimes in pits or swimming in rivers too. They are never giant snakes, just medium sized to small. To be honest I have a lot of dreams where there is heaps of the same thing, such as toilets, I often dream of restrooms that are the size of a store with HEAPS of toilets in them. Its sooo strange and I really want to know what it might mean. Please tell me your ideas it would be very interesting :)) thanks

Example: I saw snake in my dream.. wht does it mean?

can anyone interpret it for me

Example: What does having a dream with snakes in it mean?

Example: What does it mean if i have the same dream about a snake more than 1 time?

well when i was little i used to have a dream here it is -- the house was pitch black and i would hear someone calling me from the other end of the house, so i would get up and walk down the dark hallway and on the left there is an empty room in my house (my real house) and in the room on the bed was a snake, a realy big snake sitting up like it was about to strike and bite me and it would say something and i could never work out what it says, and at that exact point i would wake up! -- but then one day the bed was moved and i Never had that dream again ?

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