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Dream About Snow meanings

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Example: What does "snow" mean in dreams?

I had a dream. Everything was covered in snow, outside my house, the road, the trees, the cars. What does it mean?

Psychological Meaning: Snow can indicate frozen emotions but can also symbolise transformation and purification. Clean pure snow can represent a fresh start. Melting snow can indicate that obstacles and fears are dissolving whereas an avalanche of snow can indicate that you fear being overwhelmed by emotions that have been held in check for too long. Are you ‘cold’ and lacking warmth?

Mystical Meaning: To dream of watching falling snow indicates that a letter will arrive shortly. Some superstitions claim it will be from the person you will marry. The truth is that most oracles consider this dream to be one of good luck.


Example: What do dreams of snow mean?


Example: What does it mean of you dream of falling snow?

Okay, so it's july...and in my dream I know it was july...and when i looked out the window..it was snowing. When I saw the snow I was really confused and remember muttering to myself; "but it's july not december...?" Idk, i just want to know if it means anything. xD Oh and in that same dream (before it started snowing) i was petting a bunch of weird looking dolphins. If that also means anything...id like to know but i doubt it means anything since their just dolphins...but i would like to know anyways. :P So...do any of you know what those two or one mean(s)?

Example: What does it mean if you dream about snow?

I used to have dreams about snow every night. It wasn't anything special about the dream, just that I would wake up and it would be snowing out and I would wake up. I dreamed of it so often that in the summer I actually thought I would wake up to snow. Anyone know what this means?

Example: What does it mean to dream of a snow angel?

in my dream I made a snow angel after going down this hill of snow.

What does that mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of snow forest?

Example: What does it mean to dream about snow leopards?

Ok so it was partly a sex dream aswell the first part of my dream was with me and my ex having "relations" then I remember being asleep on the floor and waking up to a snow leopard just casually walking around, I then got panicked and tried to get it out of my house as I was trying to shut it out it turned vicious and angry I then had to grab it by the paws and when I did that it started to stick it's claws in me I managed to throw it outside but every time I closed the door he managed to open it again. Weird I know anyone have any clue what this means

Example: What does it mean to snow in a dream?

I had this dream last night.

In my dream it started to snow hard like a blizzard but then it would stop. then I was at this ice cream shop and was telling them after I was there I was going to texas and they gave me an ice cream scoop and said I could come back for free ice cream. Then my dad showed and we looked in the sky and it started to snow again so we left and I end up back at the ice cream shop and ask if I left y bag and I did so i grabbed it and woke up.

What does this mean.

My real home is texas and my dad lives in Illionois but he is trying to come back to texas.

Example: What does it mean if you dream about snow?

before the snow i was dreaming that i went to the cinema with my cousin and he started acting strange, like he was on drugs or something, i havent seen my cousin for a while because he's been on a tour around the world and its probably been about a year since i've seen him, anyway after the cinema i ran away because i was afraid of him and then i ran into an old lady who puked just as i was walking down a hill, i went over to her to ask her if she was ok and she grabbed me and she wouldnt let go, i struggled but she was very powerful, but a noise startled her and i got away. after that i went home straight away and there was this girl who i think is pretty and i just started talking to her even though i havent talked to her in years, im really shy around girls :(
then i looked outside and it was snowing,
i know this might be too much to read but i have no idead what any of it means. thanks in advance for any help :)...

Example: What does snow mean in a dream?

I saw me, my mom, and my cousin in a small cottage in a snowy Boreal (Evergreen) forest. We were sitting next to a fireplace and no one said anything. It was a first-person dream. The problem is that I've been seeing the same dream 2 or 3 times and I think it's trying to tell me something. Right now my cousin is in India and he's applying for a school here in the US. He wants to come and live with us. Since I saw him and my mom, do you think he got the admission?

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