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Dream About Solution meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: The meaning of writting in dream?

What is the meaning of presenting a solution to mathematical puzzle in a book form in dream

Psychological Meaning: Your dream may be revealing your thoughts and true feelings. The person who it is addressed to may represent the nature of the issues that you are trying to express. If you dream of someone else writing, this may show an aspect of yourself that is seeking to express itself. The contents of the document may include useful messages from your unconscious.

Mystical Meaning: Mystical traditions emphasise the importance of wordless inner silence. “To reconnect consciousness with the unconscious, to make consciousness symbolical is to reconnect words with silence; to let the silence in. If consciousness is all words and no silence, the unconscious remains unconscious.” – N. O. Brown

Example: What does this dream mean?

So basically i was infront of a door in school (the one in which you exit the school to the school yard) and i was scratching it with my nail. I was like just thinking a little bit couldn't hurt, it can't get scratched up that bad. But there was this guy and I kept staring at him while continueing to scratch the door. I wasn't attracted to him at all I just had to keep staring at him. Like you know when your staring at something and you just can't stop? It's not that you like what your staring at you just have to. Anyway, when I looked back at the door his name was carved VERY deep into it and I don't remember if there was anything else written. I also didn't see his name clearly or him really. I just remember he looked about 15 with short brown hair and a t-shirt and he looked quite average. What does this mean? Also, in the dream I was really worried about getting in trouble since I had just basically ruined the door. I thought about using money to replace it but I'm not sure where the money was suppose to come from. I think it could have just been my own or a rich person letting me borrow some of theirs.

Example: What does my dream mean?

me and my ex broke up around halloween n he ignores me wnts nothing to do with me but i had a dream last night he was crying and i was comforting him what does that mean? lol

Example: What do dreams about frogs mean?

In my dream I was holding something shaped like a trash can lid by the edge and there were a few frogs on it. There were about three different kinds of frogs and they all kept to one area of this "lid" on the inside. I turned the inside of the lid away from me to shake them off and each time I did I would see some fall off but when I would examine the inside of this lid instead of seeing less there were more.

Anyone know what this might mean?

Example: Do dreams really mean anything?

Lately, I have been having dreams of my ex-boyfriend coming back to me and things being the way that they used to be. Does this mean anything or is it just a "dream"? I have been having these dreams on-going for the past couple of months.

Example: What does this dream mean?

what does it mean when i keep dreaming of very long beetles?
... usually black or dark brown.
I dream that they bite my feet, or that they are chasing me.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok, most of the time, i will dream about something, and 2 or 3 days later it will happen in real life. Is it due to paranormal events, or just happens for no reason?

Example: What Does My Dream Mean?

So, yesterday i had a weird (to say the least) im 18 and have been with my partner for almost 4 years *kinda explicit content coming!*

In my dream I looked like me i had boobs and everything and my and my long term boyfriend were about to do it. (we have had sex before) but i had a penis and he had a vagina...

i dont get why i had this dream (i dont have sex dreams as it is) but within the past few years i have been beginning to find girls as well as guys attractive...

i know it sounds silly but i am a strong believer in your sub-concuss telling you things through dreams.

what was this dream about?

is it trying to tell me something? if so what?

Example: Meaning of car dream?

last night I had a dream that i was sitting in a very expensive car for going somewhere. Someone outside the car asked me to go and get it. So i started the car and going downhill. But I dont know or forgot where to go. what is be the meaning of this dream?

Example: What does my short dream mean?

I had a dream that I was watching a parade at night time and saw marching bands which looked like high schools.

Any meaning to this?
I've told that seeing a parade means I'm being sidetracked to my goals in life. Is that true?

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