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Dream About Solving A Complicated Problem meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean ? ?

Every summer when I was little i'd get tonsilitis and I got into the hot/cold sweats and shivering i would have alot of dreams because I was light headed, but the one that came the most was a dream where there was this highway and all these cars going really slow down it, then a clown appeared in the top right corner and just started laughing, and as it laughed the cars would speed up. Then I'd see the cars going past, then the clown then the cars again. What does it all mean ?

I'm currently studying psychology at A-Level and we studied dreams briefly last year. I can tell you in my personal opinion dream interpretation is not an accurate science. For example, if you look through various websites you'll find that one symbol in your dream i.e. the car would be interpreted by each website with a different meaning. Also, there are various theories on whether dreams mean anything at all. Some people think they're there for problem solving purposes others believe they are just caused by random brain patters others believe they are an intermittent level between our conscious and unconscious minds and thus allows conscious minds to gain information from thoughts and feelings we do not knowingly recognise. And that's just skimming on the surface of the topic. It's all... very complicated.

Example: Reoccurring bad dreams... need help!?

ok there are 2.
the first one i have been having for almost a week.
every night in my dream my boyfriend cheats on me with this extremely flawless blonde girl.
a couple of weeks ago he was telling me about this girl at work who is constantly hitting on him.
do you think that could spark the dream?

and the 2nd one i had last night...
i was with my boyfriend and we were near the water on this wharf and as we were walking we were walking past some odd people.
i was fine with them until this ute passed me and it had a little boy with a grown up gorilla head driving.
So i kept walking after he stared at me for a while and i then walked past the opposite of the little boy, this one was a grown man with a baby gorilla head. He watched and kept eye contact until i passed him.
Then we were nearly at the boat shed ( i don't know why we were there but i knew it was where i had to go) then me and my boyfriend turned around and a huge crowd of people started to walk to us so my boyfriend said he would try and fight them off while i go and hide.
So i did, i hid behind this big object and it didn't fully cover me so they found me i couldn't move from behind the object and the person pulled me out and i seen them holding my boyfriend up all bloody and yuck and then the person who pulled me out injected me with this needle and i woke up.
I need some help here with the dreams please?

Example: Does this creepy dream mean anything?

In it, I was with my mother, my brother, my father, and my pregnant aunt. We were on a trip to New York City and where eating in some sort of fast food restaurant (weird because I hate fast food). Anyway, we heard on a TV mounted on the wall that an earthquake destroyed almost all of New York City. We wnt out of the diner and found that only the diner and a few other buildings were intact. The rest of New York was decimated. We strolled through the mangled, broken streets and came to what looked like some sort of stadium. The stadium-theater thing was still intact. Somehow, I went in without my family (I don't know what happens to them at this point). There were three hallways, one said "Men," the other "Women," the last "Children." I went into children and screamed. It was a place to try to identify the unidentified corpses. The dead bodies were rotting and hideous and swollena nd bloody and I ran out of there. I went back inside with my mother, father, and brother, and we looked around. It was so gross! Then I went outside to wait with my aunt. We told two little boys out there a story and then went to buy new shoes (I know, the end made no sense to me either. I think it might have been a different dream that got morphed into the first)

Example: What does family being killed and running away from killer in a dream mean?

I've been getting this dream since I was five, and now I'm in my mid-20s.

Example: What does it mean when I learn things in my dreams?

Like, I'll wake up, and what I learned in my dream was actaully true, and I never learned it before. Like what the capital of Indonesia is and answers to complicated math problems will come to me. This only happens like once every few months though.

Example: What does it mean to dream of fighting a wolf?

I was in the woods enjoying the view at cabin in the mountains when a white colored wolf with dark grey spots on its back and neck began to approach me pretty fast as it got closer it started to snarl and show his teeth at me in a very aggressive way, I was spooked for a moment when I had spotted the wolf out but I began to stay calm during the situation and I cautiously stepped back and thought to myself what should I do? I looked around and I found a blade on the ground nearby, it started getting closer and began to snap at me trying to bite me, I didnt want to get bitten so I was being very cautious when suddenly somebody comes running from behind the wolf from a distance and subdues it by grabbing it or something he was standing right behind the wolf, I took the blade I had in my hand and slashed its throat and the next moment i find myself laying in a bed in my dream and then i woke up and felt very intrigued can anyone please help tell me what the meaning of this dream is?

Example: I had a dream that a woman turned into a chicken - what might it mean?

It's actually a little more complicated than that ... I dreamed that I was working this latest election when a woman came in to vote. She had a strange covering over her face. Instead of voting, she asked me to bring the ballot to her house.

The people I was working with told me her face was covered because she was undergoing a series of cosmetic surgeries that would turn her into a chicken, and she was only halfway to completion. I then set out to bring her the ballot, but I was afraid to look at her face so I never went to her house -- and then I felt guilty I was not honoring the democratic process.

What does all this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was in the ocean with a family member. We end up in the water . It's a bright sunny day in the middle of the ocean and suddenly I'm the only one in this dream. I keep getting trapped under water (which is very clear water) and I peel layers of water away(this is the weird part) Each time I get trapped under water and peel water away I sense I'm getting closer to land which I then end up on a beach clear in another country. I walk onto the beach as if nothing ever happened. It appears to be a popular beach with people on it. I ask a woman were I am at and she replies Panama. I've had this dream twice now. What the heck does it mean? It's sooooo weird.

Example: How do I solve such a complicated problem? advice..hints?

ok, another guy thing ugh... Well lets name them D and R ok. Well I really like R, but something about D attracts me. R and I have grown up together and I have a deep passionate connection with him, BUT I told him once I like him (not that I was IN LOVE with him). He did not act all, how you say...omg.He said to me, "I do not see you that way, I see you as a cousin." It really hurt, but i guess i got to get over it, right? Okay then i met D in my school, long story, and well we connected really fast. He's funny and sweet...a bit of a smart ***. lolx. He did loose a girl, he said that he really loved...and I want to be there for him. BUT...when I was there being his shoulder to lean on I think I started to you know...like him. That's when it got hard. I really LIKE both of these guys, they mean the WHOLE world to me...R is the smart, funny, sweet, and a dream. and D is funny, smartass, and sweet. idk what can I do They both know I like them...BUT one prob. forgot (R) b/c we haven't talked much since i moved...but we still talk a little. D found out on his on...(blush). HELP ADVICE please.
Thanks in advance,

Example: Is my dream related to conneticut shooting?

A few nights before the conneticut shooting i had a dream I was walking outside my old block of units i used to live in and suddenly a dark looking man was running chasing a little boy with a gun, i had a feeling there were more children he was chasing but couldnt see anyone else as the units blocked my view. The man saw me and started chasing me too so i grabbed the little boy and hid inside a closet/wardrobe/locker to protect us. The man started banging on the door saying 'let me in!' The man was very angry and somewhat not quite right in the head,he appeared manic and crazed. The boy and also the man looked mexican. I came out of hiding as i knew if i stayed in there he would shoot us. The boy dissapeared and I started to walk home to get to safety. The man followed me close behind the whole way and on the way home i ran into a neighbors house and the neighbor threatened the man with a gun if he didnt leave me alone.

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