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Dream About Song Writing meanings

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Example: Dream meaning?

i had an unusually long dream the other night,but wat caught my attention the most is this huge white eagle that would follow me every were i went.and at one point the eagle descended from the sky toward me and it landed rite infront of me and then i noticed someone was riding it and it was the guy i have been crushing on,what does thae mean?

i don't know if this helps but before i went to bed i was trying to write a song but i couldn't think of anything and thats very unusual for me.

In your case, the eagle represent achievement, greatness, fierceness, intelligence, and self-renewal. But being ridden or controlled, could mean that there is something distracting you or holding you back. Hmmm... let me see, you're trying to write a song but having problem... could it be something is distracting you... : )
Or it could just be what it is, a sort of weird dream.

Example: Did beyonce make the dance moves and write the song sweet dreams?

Example: What does it mean if I often dream of music, songs...?

Example: Will somebody help me write a song for free? I'm 13 and have huge dreams!?

I always try writing my own and then I'm so proud of myself when I'm done but I sing it back and it's the cheesiest thing ever! :( I tried reading articles for help and everything on the Internet my last choice is have someone actually help me! One problem... I'm 13 so I have no money :( . Can someone help me pleeeeease!

Example: Writing a song. . . . . .?

I'm want to write a song, but I have no idea how to go about it. I can play guitar and ukulele successfully, but I just never get the right feel. I've been called a good poet. I'm not sure if that's the same as a song.

Any advice?

Example: Why doesn''t John Myung write more Dream Theater Songs?

The few songs he has written are some of my favorites. Trial of Tears is definitely one of their best songs. Learning to Live is amazing too.

Example: Tips on song writing?

song writing

Example: Song writing?

i was writing this poem and i thought that it wuld make a good song so i turned into a song. Tell me if it's good or not...

I think about every second of everday
But i guess that would never matter anyway.
Everytime you walk by and i see your face
I can't control my own heart's pace.

Iv'e never felt this way before
I'm insecure, i've never felt so sure.
Nothing will ever be the same
I'm so tired of playing this game.
At night i dream about you,
Those little fantasies that won't come true

Do you even kno i exist?
there must be something i missed

I hope you liked it i didnt finish it tho and if anybody knows any good names could you plaese tell me the first person wit a good name will win!

Example: What does it really mean to hear a song in dream?

Please be accurate

Example: What does the song "Dont Dream Its Over" mean?

I think its like something about war? getting thorugh it? maybe giving up everything physical in the world (possesion wise) so that everyone understands about it? maybe...? idk...please if you know please tell me. but dont say "its about a guy and a girl" because i KNOW thats not the answer. its deeper than that.

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