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Dream About Sorcery meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had a dream in which I was in in my grandparents home and there was a pond at back where a reptilian was talking to me. What it means?

one thing i have learned by experience, dreams do not originate within ourselves. this is a lie that psychology teaches. dreams were of importance when it was uncommon for men to dream. God gives us dreams, like visions, to learn from, Satan teaches sorceries and mind control that dreams might lead us through our own ignorance, mankind learns mind control and there are many millions of people that deceive people with dreams forced by drug control and mind rape. so, beware that not all dreams actually teach truth or have a reason to be had.
reptillians might be a sub earth terranian species, if you look up RED Elk both on coast to coast am. web site. or other websites. he claimed there are reptillians. David Ike also teaches that reptillian hybrids exist. he claims to see at least one of them transform in his presense. Dr Who takes advantage of this and makes hollywood type imaginations of reptilian conspiracies to take over both England and other political control of nations.
also there is a specific dream interpretation section. why its not in spirituality section is beyond men, then again why R&S has not its own section shows to me some kind of conspiracy to keep religion and faith secluded.
i also know that star trek deep space 9 has a Captain who is seduced by spirits of a foriegn world, and a different religous belief. i came to the conclusion that "these" dieties were of witchcraft(s). they are really NOT a true image of true Gods. they are what familiar spirits are meant to be according to old testament prophets. dreams therefore became known to me that it can be sorcery and witchcrafts that cause dreams. such practices are the counterfeits of truth, using images in our own imagination to teach us what is whispered in our ears, but is not in any way any kind of truth from God. direct revelation is a greater truth even more so than all kinds of written holy scriptures.
i believe these kinds of dreams are always false. and the writers of stds9 are wicked and pervert their own evil sins, and in doing so they corrupt both psychology and dream importance.
the fact that you talked to a sentient reptillian might be a familiar spirit of sorcery and mind conrol but it "could be" a direct telepathic communication, (i.e but only if they truly exist) if so, there might be some reptillians that seek peace between such races. the message is what is important, then, in this case. let e remind you that satan would let fallen angels to pretend to be images of reptillians. also know that i was totally wide awake when i saw a hollographic image of a reptillian. nothing was converses i only saw it as it rotated like a hologram or some computer programs would act like.

Example: What do you think my GOD DREAM means?

I'm 18, but in my god dream i was in my 20s. My long hair flowing in the wind along with my wight dress that i was Waring, my body flouts up these wight step to this wight alter, its hard to describe how it looked, but it looked like 4 wight pillars (From Greek times) and a square wight top, and as i was making my way up these wight steps i was singing and i felt change, like my song made a difference in the world, like it changed people, i felt worm as a blue lights swirls from the diamond sticking out of middle of the alter, it swirled around me like mist and worm water pulling me towards it making me feel like god was trying to show me something.

Example: Do Sorcery or Wizardry Exist?

does Sorcery, Magic, brewing, Potions, any of that exist? If so, tell me how you know, have you ever done a spell etc., or some good links.

Example: Predicted my day in dream?

The other day I dreamt that I woke up and went throughout my day and then when I woke up I went throughout my day as I did in the dream is this bad?

Example: I saw the devil in my dream?

Last night i had a strange dream. I was in a living room in some mansion composing music in a chair. I had a drink next to me. When i turned around in the dream i saw the devil. But i never saw his face. I only saw his huge red body, and his big claw like hands and he had big horns in his head that looked like goat horns. He was writting
Music in the paper that i had next to me. And when we were done, he told me to take the paper and record the song. And that we were going to write "magic" again very soon. So as i started to walk and when i saw him again he had transformed into a human That had a pair of blue jeans with the youtube logo on it and he looked at me and pointed to the logo. and then i saw his face but it was a human face. His voice was also different. And when i got out, i was all of a sudden in a store parking lot and alot of people were coming up to me and screaming my name and i was overwhelmed by all of it. Big crowds of people. It was strange. But, why did i see him in my dreams? What does all this mean?

Example: I Had A Strange Dream, What Does It Mean?

I had a dream in which I was sleeping in the room I was in, in reality, laying there awake. Something kept playing the E string on my bass and wouldn't stop. In the dream I recalled the fact that my instruments had been moved out of my room, in reality that is, but in this dream they were still in place. I heard it over and over again, I even heard it playing as if it were calling to me from the opposite end of the house in the room it really was. But in the dream I got up and moved it, I said "Stop," and it did it again. A voice spoke to me and said "There is something in here, if you open your eyes you'll see it." In the dream I closed my eyes, not wanting to open them, but I did and saw a large dark finger prodding my face, I screamed in the dream and was certain others heard me, then I was pulled and slammed to the corner of the room, being rolled into it. Then I actually woke up, with a start and a long gasp/sigh and fell back asleep. What does this mean?

Example: Dream with a demon? what does this dream mean?

Okay so last night I made this pentagram for gaia (mother earth's spirit), I put a symbol of her in the middle of the pentagram and the 5 elements on each point of the pentagram. I hung this on my wall near my bed in a prayer for gaia more like a calling but I didn't feel right, like the pentagram didn't feel right it felt odd. so I went to sleep and I had this horrible dream that I was home alone with my dog and my parents were out to pick up my brother in the middle of the night (around 12 or 1). My parents actually do pick up my brother around that time and I have to stay home alone with my dog so this made the dream even more vivid, and that same night they did go pick up my brother around that time. my dog started barking in the dream at someone outside my apartment going to the elevator so I was just screaming at him to shut up and I went to go get him, he then proceeded to walk into my room and when he was half way to my room he backed out and started crying and ran out and his tail was in between his legs as if something frightened him. He started barking and I had this horrible horrible feeling like something really horrible was about to happen and as if someone was in the room with us, I started asking for it to leave and said it with anger in my voice. After a couple times of telling this presence to leave a man walked out of my room and my dog ran away and I fell to the floor in overwhelming fear and felt as if I was going to die. I started crying and the thing that walked in the room was just standing over me laughing while I was completely terrified and I couldn't move I felt like I was paralyzed. WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS MEAN? it's been bothering me a lot, the same night I also put up my old dream catcher. I've had weird dreams with horrible presences before and I can tell when they are just dreams or when something is actually going on, and I don't believe that this is "just a dream".

Example: I saw jesus in my dream what does it mean?

he didn't look like a person more like a column of light which enveloped me inside it. What could this possibly mean?

Example: The devil protected me in my dream, what does it mean?

I had a dream today that all my friends, including ones that aren't religious, we're going to a big church event. My friends seemed brain washed. I left to do something for my mom. She also needed to go to this church. I dropped her off. She invited me in and again i said no, she said she'd only be an hour. I came back, an hour later. Sat for ten minutes waiting and calling her, with no answer. I went in, avoiding church people. Eventually i ask a couple of ladies if they know where my mom is. They tell me then ask if i go to church there. I say no and they ask my religion i tell them and they ask if i have time to talk. I tell them i need to find my mom and leave.
I find my mom, finishing stuff, and she says i should get some food while at the church. I go to get food and some guys of the church start harassing me, asking the same thing the ladies did. Then they say they have to purify me. I somehow know this means they're going to rape me. I go to leave and they grab me. I get away, and get to my car. I fumble with the keys and drop them. The guys are there again and pull me to the ground. I yell for help. They tell me i can yell all i want and no one would help.
In this moment, i know this is just a dream and start screaming in my dream so i can wake up. I don't, but manage to get away again. This happens one more time. Then The devil appears and says he's there to protect me, Like he's obligated/told/ wants to. He does.
Anyone knows what this means? I keep asking why.

Example: I had a dream about Christians standing in line to be executed, and the executioner accused this or that of..?

...the Christian then martyred that Christian. Either by hanging or decapitated.
I didn't see the execution & I was there in the Spirit, but heard the false accusations of why the person was to die. And this went quickly. About 10 had died when a tall lady (brown or red hair about 7ft tall) stood up for a 10yr old boy. And she redeemed this child with money, and so he ran off. Another Christian boy took off with him in order to not be executed & hoping they wouldn't notice.
No one noticed. And the redeemed boy climbed a vertical rock mountain & the Christian boy followed closely to escape.

So the question is, what this dream might mean?

I know that the tall woman represented sorcery.

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