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Dream About Sound Of Animals meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do Animal Dreams mean?

So I had a weird dream that was very vivid and has been fixed into my head. I was swimming in a large body of calm water. Seals swam past me and I played with them for a little while. Then I swam a little more, feeling completely relaxed and calm. Then I came across a HUGE white turtle with a flat shell. On top of the turtle was a large white elephant. On top of the elephant was a man. The turtle, elephant, and man all looked very white and ashy, like the ash from a fire. Was wondering if anyone knows what any of the dream means?

ok as a dream interpreter i will start off telling you that ALL dreams mean nothing! Dreams just express you or your emotions, they express what you feel and what you do in real life. thats why they feel so real. Dreams cannot create people, places and things thats another reason why they feel so real! dreams recall past memory, -for example if you see a person you don't recognize in dreams, you probably saw him before on TV or walking in the street (you probably didn't pay attention to them). Dreams express your emotions and thoughts in a negative way

Nothing. The dream was about nothing. dreams mean nothing they just express your emotions and feelings in a symbolic way.

Dreams are simple synapses in your brain firing off all sorts of things. Your brain gathers all this random information, sights, sounds and so forth. And as you are sleeping, these sights and essentially memories are jumbled up into one big mess, just random nonsense, and your brain works and works for an hour or so trying to create a nice little story with all of these sights and sounds because it wants to make sense of it. It wants to make sense out of nonsense! So, then you end up with this dream. This happens several times in one night but when you wake up, you forget all of them, and when you do remember one of them, when you do remember at least one dream, we try to make sense of it. We tell ourselves, what is this? What could it mean. When in reality, it means nothing, it is just complete nonsense. So stop trying to make sense of it, it is nothing!

Dreams are a succession of images, ideas, emotions and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.

dream interpreter, took courses in dream interpretation and psychology

Example: Confusing dream what does it mean? (needs someone good w/ animal symbols) ?

This dream was really weird but I wrote everything down in my dream journal once I awoke so I remember a lot of little details.

In the beginning of my dream I was bathing in the ocean. It was night but a very bright night with lots of moonlight and glittering silver stars. There was a huge full moon overhead. I could hear the sound of pretty chines in the air. Flamingos were flying over the ocean and the ocean was filled with frogs. I was watching a duck and drake swimming together in ocean when I spotted a mermaid and I was pleasantly surprised because I had never seen one before. We swam together before I was startled by the sound of cymbals crashing and I saw my fiancé, Arvind. He swam out and we made love in the ocean. I noticed his eyes were darker and he smelled of allspice. Then we went onto land. I felt very affectionate towards him so I caught a gander that was in the ocean and gave it to him as a present. He was so pleased he gave me three presents: bouquets of gardenia, forsythia, forget me nots, daffodils, acacia, lavender, jasmine, honeysuckle, nightshade, lotus, and lilies of the valley, four cards (ace, king, queen and jack of hearts) and a cone-shaped aquamarine and ruby amulet.
Then I started talking about how I had to do my Christmas shopping because it was Christmas day. We walked into town bare foot in the dew and went to an antique store that looked really quaint and old-fashioned. There were pigeons on the windowsill outside. I was looking at antiques and finally purchased some oil. Arvind then said that because I bought oil we had to marry and we rode on a donkey to some wedding banquet.
The banquet was held in a beautiful cemetery. There was a long table with a feast prepared. Two canaries were in a cage on the table as a centerpiece. Incense was lit, a harp and organ were playing. Nightingales were in trees. There was an outdoor fireplace burning. Arvind was dressed as a knight. I was dressed in an ivory, lace wedding dress, the amulet and was barefoot still. We were eating celery, avocado, cake, apricot, dates, chestnuts, olives, ripe cherries, ginger, honey, jam, lamb, pumpkin, maple sugar, oysters, pickles, strawberries, and ice cream sodas. We were eating off good china and drank wine and a sweet, syrupy drink from Crystal goblets. Our wedding guests were elk and fairies. A barmaid approached me and said about Arvind, “he’s the one”. Then one of the waiters served a dead deer and I was disgusted and insisted he removed the dead deer.
A unicorn came on the scene and roared like a lion and then turned into a palm tree. A lunar eclipse took place and it became very dark. In the tree was my abusive ex-husband dressed as a ship captain in black nylon. He was sitting in the pal tree with three snakes, an adder, a python and a rattlesnake around his neck and a crow was on his shoulder. Caterpillars and lizards were at feet of the tree. He offered me a bouquet of opium poppies and primroses as a wedding gift and I rejected it. He came down off the tree and an alligator, fox, leopard and snarling dog came to his side. He went into a jealous rage telling me I should have been his wife and I was crazy not to and he took me to an asylum. Arvind chased us down and turned into a polar bear and Nikolas turned into a black bear and began to fight. I put on a white velvet cloak with a garland of garlic around my neck and Arvind gave me a blade and I found Nikolas-bear and killed him. After he died all his animal companions died and it became light again. A rainbow appeared and doves were flying overhead. Then we cooked the Nikolas-bear corpse and went back to our wedding banquet and ate that too.
Then I awoke

Example: What does it mean to dream of these animals? (Snake, Frogs, Alligators)?

I had a dream that me and 2 of my friends were in this pond/swamp thing and while we were inside i could see inside the water, the water was clear, and i saw a WHOLE bunch of snakes swimming around and also alligators. I saw one frog with HUGE eyes it looked weird... but i only saw that one frog though. One of the snakes were trying to bite me but i ran so it didnt get to. Also while we were in the pond/swamp my friends seemed really calm and i was the only one that was freaking out about the snakes. whats this dream mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of killing animals?

Not the first time this has happened...I might've asked a question on this before.

I don't remember much because it's one of those dreams where I vaguely remember it after being up for a while.

I do remember there were a set of regulations or rules we had to follow (in a game or whatever we were doing). I was with a partner, he was a big guy. Our assignment was to kill this dog/wolf that was in my living room. We hid behind a recliner and when it came out of it's "house", my partner grabbed it and snapped its neck. We had to do this multiple times and after so long, my partner broke down crying. He couldn't kill any more animals. So I had to do it. The wolf leapt at me, it bit me me but I felt nothing. I tried and I tried snapping it's neck, but I wasn't strong enough. I hurt it badly, but it was still alive.

Why would I dream something like this? And the fact that I felt no remorse while I was trying to kill the animal. In real life, I love animals and the environment, so why?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of animals following you.?

here is how the dream went as i can remember it. i was in my aunts home for some reason and all of a sudden all these animals come from any door, window possible and begin to follow me. then a baby goat and a baby sheep stand beside me. then i wake up.

i would really love an explanation of some sort.

here is the list of animals:
sheep(only the baby)
goat(only the baby)
basically any animal associated with bad luck to. (note there were many following me as in a group almost like a stampede)

Example: What does it mean to dream of dead animals everywhere ?

I have had a recurring dream where i am walking down a road and there are dead animals lined up on both sides of the road . Not only are the animals lined up but they are lined up in pairs . The animals range from domestic animals to exotic animals to animals im not sure ive even seen before . And although they are dead there are times as i walk down this road that an animal (like a gorilla) will reach out and grab my foot and i have to fight it off . I have also had a dream where i am on a road with trees lining both sides of the road and the road, trees, everything is covered in dead cows and guts . What does this mean ?

Example: What do dreams about animals usually mean?

For the past 3 nights I've had very vivid dreams (I am pregnant). But the common theme was animals. Once it was dogs wearing diapers LOL, then another dream it was lots and lots of elephants, and then birds in the next dreams.
Before that I was having vivid adventure dreams where I'm exploring or traveling or on some kind of mission to search for something.
I know when you're pregnant you get a lot of vivid dreams, does it sound like the imagery is all related to my pregnancy too? And in a positive way?

Example: What does it mean when you dream that your animals can talk to you?

I had a dream last night that the new kitten that my cousin got the day before could talk to me and the same thing the other night only it was my cat from back home.

Example: What does a dream about letting animals die through neglect mean?

I've never neglected any of my animals, but I have a recurring dream that when I sold my goat farm, I forgot to sell one of the goats and left it alone in the barn for several years. In the dream, I rush to the barn with grain or water, and arrive to find the goat freshly dead. It's very upsetting, and I'd like to know if it means something.

Example: What do the animals in my dream mean?

Had a dream my husband, kids and I moved to Australia. After a day out we came home and in my living room was a crocodile hissing at me. We called animal control and they came to get it. Ugh it was so scary. The next day, I came home to a very small, very old and tore up looking jaguar? The one with spots? Not a cheetah, though. It was also hissing at me and my two year old son ran in the room and it was about to pounce on him and I screamed no. It backed off into a corner of the room and just stayed there. I was thinking just get the kids to leave with my husband as I called animal control. While I was in the kitchen calling, I peered out to see the jaguar scratching a yellow stain on the floor and I'm guessing it was the crocodile's piss or something LOLL. Anyways, very weird dream right? Croc and jaguar or panther or whatever... The dream was pretty scary and it kept me up wondering why I dreamt that..

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