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Dream About Speaking meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Spiritually speaking, what does this dream mean?

Now, for the record, i do not believe in dream interpretation, but I still am interested in hearing what people think about this.

Last night I dreamed I was at a sporting event, probably a baseball game because what went down involved a baseball bat. There was a team mascot like a bird or something and the bird went ballistic. He picked up a baseball bat and just started beating the hell out of everyone. He was beating people over the head, knocking them out, drawing blood, and everything. Baseball players, security personell, all came up to restrain him but he just overpowered them all, beating them over the head and knocking them out cold. It was somewhat disturbing, it woke me up and made it kind of hard to get back to sleep.

Ok...It's a bad dream and doesn't mean anything but if it does it probably means that the mascots are underpaid...or that you are an angry person. Maybe that mascot was you...

Example: Dream meaning?

I keep having a dream that i'm driving my parents car, and I don't know how to drive so i'm trying to work all the gears and stuff at once. Also my brother is always in the passenger seat next to me in these dreams. Something always happens to the car like, it crashes or it catches on fire with me and my brother inside. what could this mean?

Example: Religiously speaking, what did my dream mean?

I just woke up from a 2-3 hour nap, and I dreamt that I went home at night after school and work, and when I got home, it was the house where I lived when I was little there in my country (but the house in the dream was located in the country where I live now). Well, when I go into the house I see my dad watching TV in the living room like he always did in reality (he doesn't live here with me), and my mom and aunt are there in the house. I walk the halway and I saw the guys from Panic At The Disco lying on the bed watching TV, and obviously i was like OMG! well, they are originally 4, but there were only 3 of them, and they were Brendon Urie♥ (my cousin in the dream), the drummer and the supposedly 3rd member was a mormon missionary who's in my area now. I was wondering where Ryan Ross was. Well, anyways, they were in my house "taking a break" and cuz Brendon wanted to see his aunt (my mom in the dream) but he had a dif. look and looked so hawt! but looked tired

Example: Spiritually speaking what does my dream mean ?

I hade very clear and strong colorful dream .. I was in some temple and there were man wearing white robes like Greek Gods.. They all hade green crown on they head,made of some leaves, like Greek Gods wear on they head .They robes were white and clean and crown on they head was green and fresh.. they were all males in they 30-40 .. I was among them and I do not see myself.. First i thought they were making movie but somebody said to me no it is not movie they are real .I feel peacful and confidence and talk with them about something important ...I am not confused and i do not feel lost or stranger in their presence ... Dream was so clear and then I hade thought like why are they all male and what i am doing among them, I remember I am female, and I woke up

Example: Spiritually speaking, what does this dream mean?

I dreamed I was selling stuff in order to raise enough money so I could buy an enchanted fansword (i.e. an imaginary type of sword that's shaped a bit like a fin) from a pawnshop so I could go back in time and stop the evil wizard who owned the sword at the time from using it to kill a bunch of people on a carnival ride (it was a bit like a roller coaster, but a bit like one of those rides where you're supposed to look at the scenery and animatronics and stuff). I finally got enough money, but while me and my wizard mentor-type person (might have been a Fakir or a Jedi or something, and not a wizard) were riding our tandem-bicycle, I began to feel ill, and had to go back home and rest for a day before I could go back in time and fight the evil wizard.

Oh, and before you say "it doesn't mean anything", I already know that, but I'm not interested in that sort of answer. I'm interested in hearing what the people who think it means something think it means.

Example: Spiritually Speaking, what does my dream mean?

Last night I had a really weird dream. Very large Hedgehogs (cat sized ones) and raccoons were out on my street and invaded my home. They tackled me and I fell, but all the Hedgehogs wanted me for was to pet their heads. It seemed like the Hedgehogs were leading things, the raccoons were just allies that didn't wan to be handled by me.

So, what does this mean, spiritually speaking?

Example: Spiritually Speaking: What did this dream mean?

Last Night I had a dream that I was in heaven with God. The only people there were atheists and agnostics.

God told me that he invented religions to test humans, he said only a heartless human could worship the evil God of the bible, "The gullible and illogical humans will burn in hell for being selfish and refusing to accept scientific evidence" (quote from God himself)

And Richard Darkins was there, and Albert Einstein and Woody Allen.

What did this dream mean ? Theists constantly say dreams have meanings, I suppose this dream didn't have a meaning ?

Example: Psychologically speaking, what do dreams mean?

what does dreaming tell you about a person?

Example: Spiritistically speaking, what does this dream mean?

Last night I dreamed that I was sitting around with some other people discussing what dreams mean. Not even joking.

Example: What does this dream mean? Religiously speaking?

I had a dream that the mother of this under age kid was bringing him to the library to see me everyday. I loved him, desired him and delighted in him but I couldn't marry him because he was only a child. When he became an adult, I would ask him to marry me and he would become mine forever.

I was thinking of mortality and immortality... that God will ask me to marry him and I will be a child of God forever and a slave to the Lord forever and that God was waiting for me to get stronger and mature so that He could marry me and adopt me into his family.

I also fell in love with this guy but I felt like I couldn't marry him because he was mortal. I also thought that if I choose to marry or fall in love with a mortal, that I'd lose my immortality.

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