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Dream About Spear meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok i had a dream about a dragon and she was my protector or some kind of good friend to me and she had a human child and felt the need to take care of it so i did. Then vampires told about her eyes and they some kind of power or something and they wanted me to betray her. For some reason i could not control my own body anymore and i found a long sharp thing like a spear or something and i jumped over her head as high as i could possibly go and stabbed her through the neck. She fell fast to the ground and when i went for her eyes they stopped glowing their beautiful color and sank back into her head and were gone. When i gained back control of myself i looked around and the vampires were gone. I ran over to the baby lying on the ground and picked up and sat down with my legs crossed and her in my lap. I could feel her dieing. i thought it had something to do with her mother the dragon dieing. Soon she died and her body turned into a stick and head became a dolls head. What could this mean i cant stop thinking about it.

WOOOOOOOW. What a dream you have. I can answer your question in a scientific way and the "other" way (if you know what i mean)
Scientific way: If you eat too full or had spicy food, that might let you into seeing a nightmare like that. Or if you think about something too much in the morning, it might happen out in your dream at night. Think about how can that dream relate to your life then maybe you will have the answer.

"Other" way: maybe you have some psychic ability and you were remembering your past life during the middle ages. Or maybe that is something in the future might happen to you.

Email me if you want to discuss more about this ^-^.

Example: What does my dream mean?

It starts off with me and girl i fool around with, we are standing outside a house with a group of people. suddenly they are all gone and when i go in to look for them they are all in the back yard. So when I go out there is one guy (about 6' 3") grabbing her by the wrist and she is telling him "no, stop" so I walk up and tell him "hey, she said no", he starts to laugh so i spear him(I'm about 5' 6") and then everyone is laughing (ps they are all high) so we start to fight at the end i break his left ankle and left forearm. then I turn to look for her and I wake up... Its happened 4 times in the past 2 weeks...help me decipher what it means

Example: What does this dream mean?

so in my dream i got stabbed by an indian nd i actually felt the pain nd saw all the blood, then i got up (in my dream) nd took the spear from the indian nd stabbed him, then wen i looked down where i got stabbed, there wus nothing there anymore. what is this dream supposed to mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I've dreamt about a couple celebrities before but, this is ridiculous. I dreamt that Oprah let me into her house where all the celebrities were and said welcome dear. Then I met Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Ian and Anthony from Smosh, Taylor Lautner who I asked to get a photo with then he made me kiss him on the cheek which I did not mind. Robert Patterson and I had a convo, I said you know who's really hot and he said me? And I said no, Taylor Lautner and he said awe but, I told him he was really cute to make him feel better. Then, I got in a fight with Britney Spears.. there were tons on celebrities. I don't normally dream about tons of them. Can anyone tell me why I dreamt this or what the dream means?

Example: What does this dream mean, it was Britney spears done a cover from RUN DMC and my ears were hurting, and ...?

and it was so so sad

Example: If I have a dream about Brittney Spears and wake up warm and sticky does that mean we committed adultery?

Example: I had a dream of Britney Spears locked in a castle. What does the dream mean?

Example: Dream about spears aimed at my heart...?

just dreamt about spears aimed at my heart this morning & it rose me up from my sleep,even woke my husband!if i remember it right,1st part of the dream,the one that woke me up was im trying to spare my children from a spear that will hot them & it was about to go straight to my heart,the next part when i tried to sleep again was just the spear aiming at my heart as it sped thru.

Example: I had a dream that my son and I were getting pierced by flying spears. Does anyone knows what that means?

I tried searching for in in a dream dictionary but they only talk about if you have a spear, not about getting wounded with one. Funny thing is that we booth survived and we were breathing after all those flying spears piercing our bodies.

Example: What does dream mean?

It was a dystopian future with Justin Beiber as a tyrant ruler of the world, which he ruled with a massive army of fan girls. They attempted to execute me because I disliked his music but I was rescued by Kyogre. I looked for other people who disliked his music but I only found a few because he liked to find and execute them. We decided to end his tyranny so we went and gathered supplies and pretended that it was a zombie invasion because his fans had the brainpower of a zombie. We eventually broke into his evil fortress of bad music and shot him from behind. The fortress tumbled down but I escaped and suddenly the sky was clearing, there was a rainbow, grass was growing, and I was about to happily explore this new world when I woke up. What did it mean?!

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