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Dream About Spiral meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok. My dream always starts with me and my partner investigatining a murder that had happened 15 years after we entered the room. So I go over to the dresser and start looking through it while my partner goes over to the closet and starts looking through it. then we both hear a little girls voice scream "stop u r messing up my stuff!" I turn around and look @ the closet. he stops looking though it for a while and then after a few minutes he starts looking in it again. This time the voice was more denomic "I SAID STOP!" My partner and I looked @ eachother and both ran outside into the car. The house we were @ had a drive way that would circle the house and then spiral downwards b/c they lived on a hill and as we circled the house leaving, I looked over and in a window I saw a small girl that had a peeled off face and her eyes were rolled back in her head. Once again. what does this dream mean?I have had this dream 4 or 5 times and it has been a little diffrent eachtime.help!

first of all, have you watched any scary or horror movies for the last 6 months? try to remember, I'm being serious here

if not, then the dream means you are in big trouble spiritually. the house represents your subconscious. you represent your conscious. something in you has died or been buried and your conscious is trying to find out why. it could be something you couldn't remember or your brain didn't alow you to remember.
Brains do that automatically, something traumatic or something that just shocked you so much when it happened, will be covered and you will find it hard to remember again. This is what your conscious is trying to do and your subconscious is against.
Take some time off and read your old diaries or newspapers anything that will make you remember. Good luck!

Example: Christians: What does this dream mean?

I'm Agnostic. Assuming that dreams have spiritual value, what would the following the dream mean?

A girl that I know in real life as a pathological liar and emotionally sadistic approaches me. On her forehead, a small spiral hole forms into a third eye. She says "I can see right through you." She then says that she sees the number 666 in my soul, and the number sequence 11, 11, 12 in my soul. She says that because of these numbers, I am destined to die unsaved and will be obliterated (cease to exist) on Judgment Day. She claims the supernatural ability to be able to tell if someone will go to Heaven or Hell (cease to exist).

Does this dream mean anything spiritually? Does the fact that the person telling me this is an enemy of mine in real life mean anything?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was in a sunny part of the world in an art gallery shaped as a spiral staircase with no outside wall, with paintings on the inside column. As we came down I was having small sub-dreams at each painting, but forget them except the last 2.

The first one, I was finding spaces in time, shaped like flats along a main boulevard with apartment blocks on each side. An American policeman was writing details of the spces in time and was quite happy about me finding them. Then I came back to the staircase and on to the next painting.

This time, I was in a stable with some young unicorns in. They were like deer with small horn buds starting to grow, except I knew they were unicorns. One had a tap in his side with a sign 'local valve' that I'd put in last time I visited the stable. Somehow I made one of the unicorns fall in love with another and they went outside for a shag.

Then I came back into the art gallery, and I was at the bottom of the staircase and we went outside..

Example: Weird dreams. Any meaning.?

Night before last i had a dream that i was 17 && already had a 1 year old (i'm 16 && have no kids.!)
Now last night i had a dream i went to an occult store && stole 2 blue && black pillar candles && walked home && no one was home so i summoned this weird demon. Any kind of meaning to both.? btw i do dabble in witchcraft && demons. No criticism or gtfo.

Example: What can these dreams mean?

Ever since I was about 5 I have been having weird dreams, they don't happen every single night but when they do come they won't go away for about a week or so. I haven't had one of these dreams in three months but now they have come back. They're three dreams. By the way, sorry if they are long...

1. I'm tied to a wall, but the wall spins and there is a really bright light that's shining on me. I look straight ahead and there is just darkness, but there are dark figures just throwing knives at me, they never kill me but always come close. The dark figures just laugh evilly, I'm screaming and struggling to get out but it never works. And there is always a man's voice in the background yelling at me though I can't understand what he's saying.

2. There is this vampire trying to kill me. She tries poisoning me and stabbing me. She locks me into my old home that I used to live in. I manage to get out and when I run outside screaming there is just perfect silence. She tells me that we are in another world and that no one can hear my screams. I run to a nearby restaurant and find my cousins and best friends there I try to tell them that someone is trying to kill me and that there is a huge wound on the side of my body but they won't listen to me. This just goes on and on until I wake up

3. Someone tries to rob my house, but I'm with my mom. He kidnaps her and drugs her. He tries to kill her but somehow I manage to save her but then the whole setting changes and we are in a trailer, in Pakistan. We hear gun shots and I run outside, and find a man with a gun pointed to my head and then the dream rewinds to my mom and I in the trailer again, then instead she runs outside and yell after her. The man shoots her, I run to catch her before she falls and the man disappears. I tell her that she is shot and that I love her and then I start crying, she just laughs and says (slurring her words) "Is there a whole in my head?" then laughs again, and I'm like "MOM, YOU'RE GOING TO DIE AND YOU ARE LAUGHING?!" and then she just dies right there and I usually wake myself up crying.

So can you please tell me what these dreams could mean? Oh and I'm REALLY sorry if this is long :)

Example: What does this dream mean?

In my dream I was in my room, all of a sudden the room started to rotate (like for an example the way a clothes dryer rotates) once it stopped a person walked into my room and had a stapler in his/her hand and shot it in my direction and shot my hand & wrist multiple times and then shot at my lips about 4 or 5 times once the person left I tried to take the staplers out of my lips I had taken out all the staples from my lips except one before I woke up. During my dream and after I woke up I felt pain in my lips and hand.
What does my dream mean and why is it that the pain felt very real? Also this isn't the first time I've felt pain after waking up from my dreams.

Example: What does this dream mean? It's sent me spiraling into depression?

I wen't to sleep last night after getting engaged to my girlfriend, we are almost 17 (Been together 4 years) and both study in spirits and demonology.


So here's the dream.


Me, my fiance, and two friends were laying down in the front of my school, for some reason we had a blanket, and my friends suggested we had sex, one of our friends is 25, and a stripper, but she's really cool. and we ended up doing it, on our way home my grandfather (Which whom i live with) got a call from a private number explaining that me and her have had sex. so he decides that it would be a good idea to take me to a doctor for whatever reason (Probably to get checked for HIV, etc.) so we go to my dad's house... and i end up falling asleep on the floor there, the next thing that happens is i wake up in the same place, with a boy, 7 years old with shoulder-length blonde hair beside me, using a Nintendo-DSI to get on Facebook, i instantly had a connection to him and he hugged me, called me dad, and asked for my permission to do something on Facebook that said "You must have parental consent", ofcourse i allowed it... lol... anyway, i look up, and my dad is on the couch, and i asked him about the kid, and he said it was my son... my dad didn't look any diffrent, still in his mid 30s, and i asked him how he got there, as far as i knew, i was asleep there over-night.. but apparently it was over the sum of about 8 years, and they never moved me... we ended up going to a house that i partially recognize, but not something that i could point out... but everyone was there, familly members, a few people i didnt know, and my friends, and my fiance, and everybody loooked the exact same, and they were the same age... so i walked into the kitchen to talk to my fiances mother, and i was asking her what happened, and she wouldn't tell me, i got furious, and pushed her against the wall screaming at her, telling her to tell me what was going on, i said "Please! tell me what the **** is going on! i can't remember anything!" in a violent scream, but i was also crying... she said "Trust me... You don't want to remember"... and then pointed at a board above us and said "But I've got it all written down" and then i woke up...

But now im emotionally attached to this kid that was my son, and i remember how he looks, and i literally feel like it was my kid, and when i woke up i started to look for him, and i was crying because i couldn't find him... and once in realized it was a dream, i've just been lost...

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was at school and I was supposed to sing in the talent show...I forgot to bring a disc, so the Choir Teacher was trying to find me a song I knew so I could sing it. I kept looking everywhere, but I couldn't find a song i knew. I started spiral into despair and I became transfixed on finding a song.

What does my dream mean?

Example: Dream meaning?

Its really weird but here it goes,
My principle from last year, (she moved to a different school irl) held me and 4 other people captive. I only remember one person, she is my best friend emily. The others i just can't remember. Anyways where she kept us had this sky roof type thing, i don't know if thats important. It was a huge house with an upstairs that spiraled upwards. We couldn't leave. One day she took me for a walk and said she would give us the opportunity to leave if we made a speech in front of the town. She also asked if i would include "618" into my speech. (Not sixhundred eighteen, she said it as six eighteen) i said okay but i wasn't really going to do it because i thought if i did it would kill me and everyone else held captive. Also if i said 618 it would blow up the sky roof and thats what would kill us. She forced me back into the house and there was a police officer there and everyone had sonic. I was going to tell them what happened and not to say "618" or we would die but i couldn't because the officer was there. I tried to take one of my best friends french fries and she punched me in the face. That is when i woke up.

Example: How do you no what your dreams mean?

how do you no what your dream means when your falling offa cliff

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