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Dream About Sponsoring A Child meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What should i do, join the air force or follow my dream?

ive been skating for a year and a half now, and i already have hardflips/varialheels/front and backsideflips/ im working on 360 ollies. but anyway...
i mean how cool would that be, skating for a living. It must be awesome to be sponsored by loads of companies, then again my parents want me to join the air force as soon as i graduate, but thats not what i want to do you know? =/ idk i have one more year to graduate, i need to make up my mind soon. My parents tell me "skaters dont make crap", and i sometimes think about it, and i really dont care how much they'd make, i just wanna have fun doing what i like to do best, what if 5 years from now me and my friends get extremely good, and instead im off in the air force, i could be loosing a huge opprtunity on becoming what i want to be in life, not that the air force would be bad, but i just dont know.
idk man, life is sometimes confusing.

but anyways,
"SB's (skate bums) GREEN AS S.H.I.T!"

for everyone out there, keep shredding!

Follow your dream. It is not all about money. It really isn't. I don't understand why any parent would encourage their child to join the military, unless, of course, it is the child's dream. Do your parents think that the pay is good in the military? Is this why they want you to join?

So, you can follow your dream and enjoy your life, and maybe make loads of money, or you can join the air force, be miserable, and always wonder what would have happened if you had followed your dream.

And if you do not follow your dream, on your death bed you will still be wondering how things would have turned out if you had.

Follow your dream, my friend. Follow your dream.

Example: I think child beauty contests should be illegal does anyone agree with me?

Not that I hate cute little children being dressed up and having amazing talents, it's the work that goes in it that should be illegal, adults making children have violin lessons or piano lessons, parents getting mad at there children for not doing the competition right or getting mad at them for losing... It's horrible, it's taking away a child's life! I feel bad for little girls being pushed into these contests, because when they grow up it makes them either feel ugly or feel so hot that they are gonna be mean to people, I know that some girls may like being in beauty contests, but pushing them to do it just because your they're parent, acting like it's there dream to be pretty and win contests and it's actually yours is pretty messed up... I do not mean any of this to be hurtful to some people but I just want to know if anyone agrees with me on this one.

Example: Do you all know that the DREAM ACT is TUITION for immigrants?

The DREAM Act is a nightmare. It repeals a 1996 federal law that prohibits any state from offering in-state tuition rates to illegal aliens unless the state also offers in-state tuition rates to all U.S. citizens. On top of that, the DREAM Act offers a separate amnesty to illegal-alien students.


On its own, the DREAM Act never stood a chance of passing. For years, polls have shown consistently that overwhelming majorities of voters oppose giving in-state tuition benefits to illegal aliens. Not surpris­ingly, the DREAM Act languished in committee for four years until the opportunity arose to hitch it to the Senate’s immigration bill.

Events of the past 10 years illustrate how the DREAM Act would undermine the rule of law. In September 1996, Congress passed the landmark Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Respon­sibility Act (IIRIRA). Led by Lamar Smith (R–TX) in the House of Representatives and Alan Simpson (R– WY) in the Senate, Congress significantly tough­ened the nation’s immigration laws. To his credit, President Bill Clinton signed the bill into law.

Open-borders advocates in some states—most notably California—had already raised the possi­bility of offering in-state tuition rates to illegal aliens who attend public universities. To prevent such a development, the IIRIRA’s sponsors inserted a clearly worded provision that prohibited any state from doing so unless it provided the same dis­counted tuition to all U.S. citizens:

Example: What to write to my sponsored child?

My husband and I have recently sponsored a child. We would like to write to the family but are really stumped as to what is appropriate to write about. The little Girl we have sponsored is still very young, only three, so the letter would have to be address to her grandmother whom she lives with. Any ideas on what to write to get a Dialogue going with the grandmother? We are really interested to know more about theyre lives there, but do not want to sound like tourists tossing the locals a quarter... Thoughts?

Example: Why do some people think that sponsoring a child to stay with their family is a better option for people...?

I see this over and over again in here. Wouldn't another option be to look in another place to find a child who needs a home- not just give up on your dream of becoming a parent, especially with so many children who NEED homes now.

People who can't take on the responsibility of becoming a parent to a child in need can sponsor families. People who just want to help poor families stay together cansponser famlies... but people who want to be parents should not just drop everything and ignore the children in need of real homes now.

Example: Why do I keep having this dream?

Hi,before I get into the dream,let me give a little pertinent background info. I'm a rape survivor that got pregnant through the act when I was 13. I lost the baby @ 3 months gestation. I'm now 31. My dream is recurring,and it's like this.I keep dreaming that the child I lost was a little boy,and we're in a field covered in leaves.It's autumn,and he's laughing,and running through the fall foliage.I feel totally at peace,but I don't want to leave him.He's all of seven in the dream,and dressed for the weather. I walk with him,and we talk about different things,but none of it ever pertains to his death.It's always a happy dream,and I'm always in tears when I wake up.He tells me that he loves me right before I wake up. Why am I having this dream?

Example: What conditions are reasonable for DREAM Act to be reconsidered.?

I think the parents would self deport themselves, if the DREAM Act passed, and they realized that once the their children could gain legality, they could get sponsored. I think illegal immigrant parents who have not been in trouble with the law or have not even been recognized as being here illegally should deport themselves or leave on their own cause if they are caught it will make matters worse for them and their children. Illegal immigrants should leave any children that they would like to stay in the US with custody of family who are citizens or legals.

Example: Can i pliz get an individual sponsor to help me with $600 to complete the construction of an individual projec?

i did conceive an i dea to start up a pig farm in 2008 and thus started saving towards its establishment. in 2010-todate i thought my savings would be enough to carry me through the whole establishment. i have realised my savings have only taken me to 80%. am left with final touches and the amount above can be able to make my dream come true.

thank you

Example: Do you have commercials in your dreams?

It's 1:29 a.m. here and I just woke up...& realized that I had a dream & my dream had a dream commercial for a product,
I don't think exists.
I'm going back to bed, now. it's 1:38 a.m.
I don't care what it means...I have several books on dreams,
I just never had one like this.

Example: Dream with good friend that didn''t seem happy to see me.?

Last night i had a dream with a very good friend in it. She is my sponsor for when I made my confirmation. We have been talking online, via email, since she lives far away and we don't go to the same mass, so I don't really see her. But anyways, in my dream I was at a bowling alley and I was bowling. I don't remember who was with me, but a lot of other people were there. Then I looked over and saw Kyrstin (my sponsor). She was sitting down, so she didn't see me, so I told her daughter to get her. I was so happy that I saw her because I haven't in a while. (She doesn't have a daughter in real life, but is currently pregnant). But when she turned to me, she didn't even seem happy to see me. She had a straight face. And this girl is known for her great hugs, she hugs everybody! But she only gave me a handshake. I was kind of dumbfounded in my dream, but then after she was happy and was talking to me. Then we were planning when we could go out for lunch just to catch up on things...

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