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Dream About Spoon meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

My class and I were going on a trip to some ice cream factory. Nobody sat by me on the bus, and all the other seats around me were packed. My boyfriend was in the far back, and couldn't move to sit next to me because someone sat down between him and the isle. So, he waved to me and mouthed, "I'll sit next to you when we stopped." I waved back and smiled, and then realized I felt self-concious, because I had a huge bowl of ice cream on my lap ((in the giant bowl I used yesterday to put ingredients in for the cookies)) and no one else did.
We were almost to the place when I heard someone really pretty across the isle talking about me. "Yeah, (my boyfriend)'s being called a worm now because his girlfriend is one."
I turned to the girl and asked her, "Really, has everyone been saying that about me?"
She replied with ease, right out to my face, "Yeah, of course they have. You're so ugly."
And then this adult man behind her started laughing and agreed. He then said, "Are you gonna eat all that ice cream by yourself, fatty?"
And then started some confidence battle thing...the only thing I had over him was that I had less acne than him. Otherwise, he pointed out that my eyebrows were weird, my nose was to long, my lips too thin, and my hair was too plain. The discussion finally ended when I pointed out his acne, and he sat back with a "hmph."
The bus ride ended, and we were at the ice cream factory place. I didn't get off the bus, but sat the ice cream on my lap, and my boyfriend came over and sat next to me, taking my hand. I felt happy again, but it still stung over what the girl and man had said...and I could just feel that my boyfriend heard the whole conversation. I excused myself to go inside the ice cream place and get two spoons to share the insane amount of ice cream I had.
Inside was a futuristic looking Dairy Queen, but it was insanely big. They were showing a projection of two movies on the history of ice cream in two different rooms, and I had to go off to the side to get some plastic spoons. However, even though I was on the side, a lot of people turned to look at me, and the lady behind the counter (who was watching over just the silverware or something) awkwardly looked away from me when I grabbed two spoons. I then near ran out, and could still feel them looking at me.
I made it back onto the bus, and my boyfriend was there, waiting for me silently and happily without talking to the pretty girl that had insulted me. I sat next to him again, grinning near stupidly. I put the two spoons in the bowl, but the ice cream was melting. Shane laughed lightly and put the ice cream aside, and then gently took my hands and pulled me closer. I thought I was going to kiss him for the first time, but then he made a face, that was like everyone else's in the ice cream factory, and of the girl, and of the man... I looked back at the ice cream on the seat beside us, and it was completely melted.
And then I woke up crying. :(

What on earth does this dream mean? And why the heck was it ice cream themed? o.O

the dream means that you have very low self-esteem. you're afraid that people who don't like you will get to your boyfriend and convince him not to like you anymore. sure, he'll try to resist it, but you're scared it won't be enough. forget about what others think, and show your boyfriend why you got together in the first place.

good luck!

Example: What does it mean y dream about falling forks,spoons and knives, on the floor?

all i dreamt about was falling forks,spoons and knives..it was really loud. that's basically it.

Example: What can this dream mean?

i have had this dream multiple times throughout my life so far and it has become more frequent.

it starts out with me in a large marble/pearl staircase like a grand ballroom. and i am with my parents and one other person who always is different. then we buy a movie ticket from one of those automatic fortune teller boxes. we go up the staircase that turns blue as we ascend. it then leads to a red hallway with a door at each end. we enter the door on the right, and crawl through a small orange tunnel that gets smaller and smaller as we travel father into it. the we come to a small beat up metal hatch, when we open it we are thrown out the side of the wall into a large bowl. but to fall into the bwl we have to fall of the hatch through a giant blender and not be sliced to death. then the bowl carries us to a lake made of what looks to be blood. it gets deeper and deeper as we swim across, and dark jungle trees surround the lake so we cannot see what lurks around us. once we make it across the eerie lake, we must run down a rickity old dock made of several layers including salty ladders waiting to snap. then a creature with the skeleton of a human and the skull of a bull holding a long staff like dagger begins to chase us. if we make it to a safe golden dock, at the very bottom of the rickity dock layers, he cannot get us. but as we run i am behind everyone else and as they descend the last ladder to the safe dock, as i am climbing down that last ladder, it snaps and i am almost dropped to my death but i stay alive and drop down to the safe dock. then the bull skeleton guy looks at me for a while then turns and leaves. the safe dock connects to a small sandy shoal ad we walk across it to the other end of it where we exit out a large ornate gray door.

Example: What does my dream mean?

In my dream my betta fish was in his fishbowl with a female goldfish mating. My boyfriend took them out and put them in the toilet. I had to use the toilet but the fish had made these little black spots in the toliet I think it was baby fish. I took the guy fish out and put him back in his bowl and I put the goldfish in the sink but I think she died. After that my boyfriend and I got into an agrument and i left. He then called me and asked where did I go and that he was at home making wedding plans by himself. When I came back he had baby spoons. What does this mean? I really really doubt that I'm expecting.

Example: What does it mean when you have a dream of swallowing a spoon?

I had a dream that I swallowed a spoon. Then later on in my dream I was at a Library and I threw up the spoon. Does that mean anything?

Example: Ramadan:Wondering what this dream means?

Asalamu 3laykum
I had a dream my uncle died during the night..He wasnt dead completly ..he was very close.Later I continued my studying etc then came to check and he was still on the verge of death..but now instead of my uncle it became my father..I didnt feel sad which was weird, also me and my mother were busy with sugar..i was telling her only put one spoon in the cup because he has diabetes..because first she put 3..Idk the weird thing is i saw him laying there very dead and i was still fixing sugar for hime I think?
Another one: I was putting on red lipstick then I coated it with some glittery stuff..I remember my lips being red
can anyone help me islamically interpret these dreams?

Example: What does it means to dream of a gold spoon?

Example: HELP: What does my dream mean?

In my dream, I was an alchemist, a person that can change objects into other things if they have similar compositions. Like changing a knife into a spoon. But I could change anything into anything, like changing a pillow into a giant bar of chocolate (which I did in my dream ^^U). But when I went to change a rose petal into chocolate, it wouldn't work, which really frustrated me. Then I tried changing doll clothes into human size clothes, but I realized that they were restricted to the size they originally were; I could not change the size of the objects I was alchemizing (I don't think that's a word ^^U). But I moved on to trying to change the color of my skin, starting with changing little blotches on my hand to bright colors like teal and pink.

What does this dream mean?

Please help!

Example: Dreams...what do they mean?

i keep having these really vivid dreams and when i wake up i remember every last detail about them. the one i had last night started with my friends wanting to be in the navy and if a man gave you a piece of rice and a picture of a spoon you were in...i didn't even want to go but somehow i got a piece of rice. then it jumped to my house and it was raining ALOT and me and these people started carving melons into light art work things and someone asked what it was for and one of the girls said its for thea (thea is my friend who died in a car accident 2years ago) then my hand started going funny and someone put a pen in it and i started writing like thea did and she was saying she missed us and that she was doing a job for god. then a man saw me do it and started running away and i chased him onto this train and he said he didn't believe what i'd done and said he'd only believe if i started to bleed...and what do you know my hand started bleeding and i was shouting "please sir wait i'm bleeding, its all over my coat" and i had my hand raised in the air then i woke up...WHAT THE HELL lol, if anyone has like a dreambook or has any ideas please answer...thankyou!

Example: What does this dream mean?

last night.. i dreamt of me with a spoon in my mouth.. i was trying to be very careful not to let it fall down.. but then it fell down and i felt like i was also falling down with it trying to catch it really fast..then i woke up afterwards thinking that i fell down actually

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