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Dream About Sport Utility Vehicle meanings

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Example: Want to move to Hawaii!?

I am in High School and my dream ever since I was a child was to live by the beach! I was born in Florida but moved to Michigan when I was very young and then during middle school and high school my mom and I moved to Colorado. I've dreamt of living on the beach my whole life! I visited California over the summer and fell in love but when the idea of living in Hawaii settled into my head I was ecstatic and went to work researching!

I think I want to live on Maui from what I know, but maybe Oahu could be nice too. I am scuba certified and the beach and ocean is where I want to be. I am the kind of girl who will always keep my bathing suit in the back seat of my car... just in case. :)
Also, I want to go to college to become a Marine Biologist. I know UH is located on Oahu, but I dont know if thats the bast place for me to live. I dont care about attending a large University and since I am paying for everything after I move out of my mom's (college, rent, food, clothing, car...everything!) then I just want a good education for a cheap price! I will be about to turn 18 when I graduate High School and I want to attend a small community college closer to home for the first year of college.

WHERE SHOULD I GO!?!?!?!?!?!?! Help! Thanks

p.s. My dad might pitch in formy car, but I also want to know what a good car is for Maui or Oahu...? Also, I would like to NOT use my car if its not necessary. I will buy a bycicle to get around and opick up something small if its not too far away. I am also very willing to take busses around if it's cheaper than gas.

I hear milk is VERY expensive, but my mom is lactose intolerant and I never liked it that much so we never had milk in the house, except maybe soy occasionally. I dont drink a lot of it, but in college I have a feeling that I will be eating a lot of cereal for breakfast!

California is VERY expensive, but Hawaii is even more expensive, so don't even think about moving to Hawaii unless you have a job lined up -- and bear in mind you will probably never be able to afford your own house unless you're making at least $500K a year. That means renting a house or condo, and a lot of people have roommates because they can't afford the rent on their own.

You're better off staying here in the continental U.S. to get your college education. Tuition in Hawaii is on-par with California, but room and board costs an arm and a leg.

If you're looking to becme a marine biologist, you could conceivably work (and live) on any of the Hawaiian islands. Oahu is the first choice because the University of Hawaii is there, but you could still live on Maui, Kauai, or Hawaii (The Big Island). Maui gets most of the tourist traffic, Hawaii (The Big Island) is pretty desolate -- the active volcanoes are the big draw, and Kauai is the least developed in terms of things like malls, grocery stores, and restaurants (probably why Kauai is my favorite island -- you can really get away from it all and get the real Hawaii experience there).

Public transportation is most available on Oahu because of Honolulu, but the other islands have some public transportation. You'll probably find before too long that you'd rather have your own car. Something small and fuel-efficient is best because the only place you can go more than 50 MPH is on H1 on Oahu. Four-wheel-drive is not a must for most people, so don't waste the money on a sport utility vehicle unless you HAVE to do a lot of off-roading. If you can find a place to live that's close to your workplace, riding a bike is an option. Just be warned -- all the Hawaiian islands get a lot of rain (but sometimes it's just a 10-minute burst and then the sky clears up and it looks like it never rained).

Here are some places you may want to consider living:

OAHU: The suburbs around Honolulu (just do your homework -- some of them are BAD)
MAUI: Lahaina or Kahului
HAWAII (The Big Island): Hilo or Kailua-Kona
KAUAI: Lihue or Kapa'a

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