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Dream About Spray Can meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream about aliens?

I posted this before but very few replies.

My dream began on a roller coaster and I was just having fun. Then it got serious and the person in charge had to make sure we were strapped in.

Then he gave us this test, said we had to defeat these aliens and said this thing called nertuio was the best thing for it. It came in guns, in spray cans, chocolates and there was other stuff too.

We had to choose which one was best for killing aliens and there was stuff that didn't kill them too. Everyone chose the right stuff and I was not listening, thinking it was a game and did not know what to choose. I chose the stuff which was made out of chocolates. We had tazer guns and were taken into this big tunnel.

I thought it was a game but these aliens were real and we were being tricked into killing them. I fed them chocolates to kill them and it did not work.

They were green and had frog arms and legs and were thin and tall with strange eyes and strange faces. They said they are going to eat me and the rest of the people were fighting them and I had no guns and I had to run.

I followed these people and for some reason took the wrong turn and got lost in the bushes. they said they were going to eat my toes and fingers. I said help gosh no. I was running but was lost.

I would like to add I went to sleep worried about my missing cat and if he was lost somewhere. Could this be the cause of this dream?

Dreaming about an alien means something is not close to you and you find it strange. It also means something new is coming your way. So try and think of what in your life right now fits this and you will find your answer. :))

Example: Can you help my find out what these dreams mean?

I have two dreams that made me really curious as to what they may mean. Both of them were unsettling. I wouldn't consider them nightmares, I was thinking more of stress dreams. Not so much dreams you wake up screaming from, but ones you wake up from and you're glad they're just dreams and that they're over.
If you can put them in a catagory for a type of dream that'd help loads too. Here we go:

Dream one: The Gunman.
I had moved to Louisiana for some odd reason, and was in a diner and this man was sitting at the table across from me. I can't remember anything about him but his cheshire cat smile. During the dream, I had this short weird vision like thing of a girl sitting in the diner, going to eat her sandwich, and getting hit in the face with a spray of blood and saying either "Smells like pig's blood" or "Tastes like pigs blood". But anyway, I knew this man was going to rob the diner, and was going to shoot someone. Then I had his gun. I didn't even reach out and take it, he didn't even have it drawn. I just had a little silver pistol and I knew it was his. He chuckled at me, and I knew he wanted me to shoot someone. I panned the diner with the gun and knew I just couldn't shoot anyone. I knew that if he shot someone he'd shoot fataly, and if I did at least they'd live. But I just couldn't do it. And so he drew another gun out and said he'd do it. I started crying hysterically and told him not to shoot anyone in the head or an old or disabled person. He got really reassuring and said he wouldn't. So I blocked my ears and he fired the gun at this big burly guy, and got him in the abdomen. The burly guy got really angry and began pounding his fists on our table, but then blood began to pour from the wound and he fell down. Then the gunman smiled really, really wide at me.
Then I woke up.

Dream two: The Stalker.
In my dream I was told that a man had been watching me at my work for the past few months. There were photos taken of the man creepily standing right behind me, and an undercover cop showed me them. He told me to be careful. So one night I was in my house and I heard something outside, and then I suddenly was outside, and the stalker was there holding a rotweiler dog on a leash. He was very disturbing. He had this thin, thin greasy brown long hair that went to about his shoulders, and his face was very wrinkly. One of his eyes was all distorted. His fingernails were very dirty and almost rotten looking. Overall, he just looked very dirty and unkempt. And then I just knew somehow in the back of my head that he was a pedophile. I got really scared. He said: "Hi Hannah, I just want to talk to you." But I swore at him and ran away, and he began chasing me and kept laughing and laughing. Then I tried to scream but I just couldn't. I would make noise, but it would never be louder than a plain old speaking voice. Then I began to run slower. He caught up to me fast. When he got to me, he turned into a kid I know from school who I'm sort of friends with. I was still in a panic, and the kid outstretched his arm and I kicked it and broke it, and then he cried out in pain, and then his voice became the stalker/pedophile's voice again and he was very angry and said: "Damn it, I live next door to you, I was just walking my dog! You people will hear about this!" and I knew he was going to make me look like the bad guy, even though he was stalking me and tresspassing on my property, and a cop already knew he was stalking a minor, and possibly that he was a pedophile as well. Then he became the kid from school again, and he was on the phone with his mom crying that I broke his arm. I felt awful and ran home and my friend was in my room, and I started crying and told her that everyone was going to hate me and think I'm a terrible person because I broke this poor kid's arm for no reason.
And then I woke up.

So...what is your input?
Thank you!

Example: I dreamed that water and blood was spraying from my palm..waht doea it mean?

What does my dream means?

Example: Dream Meaning?

I want to see if anyone can provide some insight to my dream.

I've had a recurring dream over the last two weeks that my best friend of 14 years repeatedly kidnaps me.

In one she was a cop assigned to protect me and my sister while my husband was out of town. While showing me around her house she hit me over the head while I am not looking, knocking me out. Then did the same to my sister.

Another time she visited me at work and sprayed me and my boss with her perfume bottle causing us both to pass out.

There are others but all involve her knocking me (and whomever I'm with) out in some form or another. When I come to she is usually gone.

We do not fight at all and see each other a couple of times a week. She was the maid of honor in my wedding.

Is there any significance to being knocked unconscious in a dream? Especially by my best friend?

Thanks. JJ

Example: My dream IN DETAIL, please can you tell me what it means? 10 points to most helpful.. I'm desperate.?

Sorry, but this is going to be soo long and in detail.
I told you IN DETAIL everything. If you can decode only some of it, that'd still be helpful. I just need this dream figured out.

I had a dream that I was in my backyard with my mom, dad, my dad's mom, and my mom's deceased mom and dad. I walked up to my deck where my younger brother, cousin, and two cousins I haven't seen in four years were. I told them that I could show them a trick, and I started flying. The feeling in my stomach was so surreal. It felt like I was on a rollercoaster that I knew was going to crash. I can't even explain it. I had troubles landing, but I would never get hurt. Then my younger brother started screaming. (Younger meaning 12 years old.) Then I started screaming, then everyone else on the deck did. There was a huge spider walking across the deck. We ran off my deck towards the middle of my yard where one of those patio swings were. We all sat down, relieved to be away from the bugs. I looked up and screamed. In one corner of the swing there was a spiderweb. Each web was extremely thick and pure white. It woke a beautiful pattern, and a spider slowly came down. We all got up and ran to my dad, and told him to get spider spray to kill them. He got up and went in the house with my mom. My mom was going to make cookies for everyone. My dad came out and he put the spray on the spiderwebs on our deck. He went to go do the huge web on the patio swing, but before he could, my mom started yelling at him for killing them. He walked into my house to put the spray away. He came back out and there was an ambulance in my neighbors backyard. There was police tape around the tree, but there was a body laying helplessly away from the police tape. I asked my dad what was wrong, and he said he'd go over there and find out, even though the bodies have been there awhile before the cops came. So he knew they were there but didn't do anything. Me, my younger cousin, and my dad hopped an extremely wiggly fence and started asking all of the people there what happened. We found at that two of the people who lived in the house were sitting around the tree talking, and then someone from the bushes behind them strangled them with a blue bandana. I got scared because we were just next door and they could have done that to my family that was also by the bushes. We went inside my house, calling the day quits. Then someone rang my doorbell. She was a jogger and she was breathing heavily. She asked if she could talk to my mom, but I got my dad instead. She asked for my mom again so I got her. My mom went out to the front of my house with her, and the lady asked my mom if she could ask her questions about the accident. She was a detective. I walked up my stairs and someone I've never seen before ran past me and into my basement. Around her hair was a blue bandana. She was the killer. I started to eavesdrop on my mom and the detective through the window. My curtain was clear and I was sure that the detective saw me once or twice. Then I heard the detective say that she killed the two people. And then the girl with the blue bandana ran up the stairs and opened my front door and yelled to the detective that she was a liar and that she did it.
And then I woke up.

Example: What does this dream mean?

so i have this guy in one of my classes, and well hes always creepin me out...always trying to walk with me, and tries to impress me is so many ways, after ive told him i have a bf...he asked me who was pickin me up from skoo...he said it in such a concern way ir really bothered me...it was wierd cus i donot know him...and to top it all he knows my schedule after the only time i told him...so last night i had a dream where he kidnapped me, and he wouldnt let me free and he would just tell me that we were gonna be happy together, and that he was gonna get rid of my bf and idk wtf else..but this mornin in class, he turned around and starred at my legs[i was in shorts] i just imagined him sayin what he said in my dream, i literaly stood up and left the class cus i was so creeped out...what can my dream mean?

Example: Can you tell me what my dream means...?

I am laying in bed trying to get my son to fall asleep when I notice a large black crow flying at my window. He is holding something in his mouth I can’t distinguish and he is adamant at trying to get in the window of my 7th floor apartment. I debate on getting up to try and see what the crow is carrying and to shoe him away. I slowly get out of bed and I wake to the window and as I am getting to the window I notice that the crow has now become 2 big black dogs and I am wondering how they are there since I am on the 7th floor and there is no balcony outside my window. I start to kind of panic, worrying about these dogs, I finally get to the window and they are sitting on the ground and I realize that my apartment is now on the main level. I run to door to find what looks like soot all around my door and door handle. So instantly I think there was a fire and my unit some how survived it but feel to the first floor. I open my door to find some guys to doing the carpet in my hallway which is spraying black fibers that look like the soot.

Example: What can this dream mean?! (weird)?

Okay I know this is really weird and scary but just read..

So, I went to the crossroads guitar festival and after, I went to a friends house. At my friends house, John Lennon came from downstairs. And he wasn't dead. No one thought anything of it which is creepy. Next thing I know, he takes me and my sister aside and tells us that he wants to lock us up in his closet. That part wasn't so scary until he said Yoko's dead body was in there. (It gets weirder so just keep reading) Anyway, he took us into the living room where a bunch of deformed looking people were standing in a line. John Lennon goes one by one and tells what they have been thorugh. One guy got electrocuted and he was half dead and he looked really sad. He had many dents in his face he was pure white. Another person "Blew his mind out in a car" and John said thats where he got his inspiration for the song, A day in a life. They were all shaking their heads "No" (They couldn't talk) I think they were doing that because they were all forced to be put in the closet. The next part, me and my sister hid in the bathroom. We heard knocking or scratching on the door like someone was trying to get in. We peaked out of the door and an old lady was there.. she didn't say much so we walked out. I was curious about the closet so I went into Johns bedroom. I looked in the closet and I saw Yokos dead head. It was really creepy. Next, my sister locked me outside while John was out there too. I tried to get back in the house because I didn't want to get captured by him. So, I finally got back in and some lady gave me a gun for protection. It didn't shoot bullets though. It shot out steam. So I went outside and John was waiting for me and he had a big gun. So I was spraying steam at him, thinking it would fog up his glasses but that didnt work so I ran around my block and he was chasing after me ready to pull the trigger.. and I think he did but my dream ended to soon. But, the weird thing about my dream was that the song Revolution 9 was playing faintly in the background throughout the whole dream... Can anyone tell me what this means?!?! I know it was really weird... I am so scared hahahaha. Thanks!

Example: I had a dream about a lizard and being sprayed with cold water what does it mean?

and there was a voice in the background saying i had to be sprayed down completly...


last night i had a dream that the devil was coming for my soul and jesus himself came in and stopped the devil from doing so. jesus wasn't a person, he was a statue, and after he stopped the devil, he started to melt and just faded away. shortly after, an angel came to me in human form. the angel told me once in every humans life a guardian angel will come to them and if the person prove they're worthy of living, the angel won't kill you. the angel had a bottle that looked like purfume and he sprayed it on me, causing me to not breathe for a minute or so, giving me a glimpse of what death feels like i guess. anyways, this angel was in love with me, and offended and angered me somehow and i ran away from him. the angel said he'd let me live, but i don't know if it was because he angered me or if i proved worthy of living.

the colors in the dream were very bright and beautiful. probably what you would think of when you'd think of heaven. my dreams are usually colorless or just very dull colored.

i had to force myself to wake up from this dream to see if i was actually still alive or if i died and was being judged?

can anyone tell me what this dream means?

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