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Dream About Spy Glass meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What are some good anime/manga?

I would really like to know some good asian anime/manga. No it doesn't matter if it's Korean, Japanese, or even Taiwanese. As long as it's a good story line, I don't mind.

These are the manga/anime that I've read/watched or am currently reading/watching:
One Piece (and all the movies even the newest 3d movie Straw Hat Chase)
Naruto Shippuden (and all the movies)
Bleach (and all the movies even the newest movie Bleach: Hell Chapter (aka Jigoku Hen))
Vampire Knight
Gakuen Alice
Hunter x Hunter
Most of the Pokemon movies
Soul Eater
Soul Eater Not!
Do You Want To Try?
Uta no Prince-Sama-Maji Love 1000%
Blood Plus (or Blood X, as some of you seem to think)
Air Gear
Skip Beat
Kaicho wa Maid-sama!
Blue Exorcist (aka Ao no Exorcist)
1/2 Prince
D. Gray-Man
Fairy Tail
Sacred Seven
Gokusen (anime, manga, and drama)
Crows (anime, manga, and drama)
Ayakashi Hisen
Fairy Muskateers
Our Home's Fox Diety
Lady Death
Sora Kake Girl (The Girl Who Leapt Through Space)
Gun x Sword
Dororon Enma Kun Meeramera
Pretty Rythm Aurora Dream
Battle Girls
Jewel BEM Hunter Lime
Umi Monogatari
Angel Sanctuary
Mei-chan no Shitsuji
STRAIN: Strategic Armored Infantry
Moego Ken
Shadow Skill
Coyote Ragtime Show
Manyuu Hikenchou
Kamisama Dolls
Usagi Drop (Bunny Drop)
HoneyxHoney Drops
No. 6
Mawaru Penguindrum
Dantalian no Shoka
Kamisama no Memo-cho (Heaven's Memo Pad)
Casshern Sins
Itsuka Tenma (A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives)
High School of the Dead
Aishiteru Ze Baby
Akira (movie drama)
Ga-Rei: Zero
Gokujou Seitokai
Sweet Spy (drama)
Clash (movie drama)
Buso Renkin
Shikabane Hime
Bring It On!
HanaYuri Dango
Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu
Mai Hime/Otome
Kurokami Musou
Hikaru no Go
Glass Mask
Night Raid 1931 (Senko no Night Raid)
Zero no Tsukaima
Shakugan no Shana
Gentlemen's Alliance
Time Stranger Kyoko
Hyakk Ryouran: Samurai Girls
The Breaker
Tough: Shoot Fighter Tekken
Midnight Secretary
Private Prince
Koutetsu Sangokushi
Ninja Scroll
Samurai Girl: Reall Bout High School
Slam Dunk
Hitman Reborn
Hadashi de Bara o Fume (Stepping on Roses)
Full Moon o (wo) Sagashite (Searching for the Full Moon)
Kaleido Star
Grand Guignoi Orchestra
Guin Saga
Sands of Destruction
Trinity Blood
Great Teacher Onizuka
Tokyo Mew Mew

(There are, at the VERY least, another 50 that I've read/watched, but I can't remember them right now. At the VERY most, there are another 70 that I've watched. I do my best to keep count, but I've been slacking recently.)

As you can see, I don't really read/watch much regular anime/manga. So, can you recommend any good anime/manga that:
-are like Gokusen?
-are like One Piece?
-are like Uta no Prince-Sama?
-are like Kaicho wa Maid-sama?
-are like Skip Beat?

If you can, please provide a synopsis of the anime/manga!


god thats a long list... how do u remember all those anime/manga lol.
well as a manga i'd recommend Chrno Crusade and World Embryo
and for both anime and manga i would recommend
Pandora Hearts, Deadman Wonderland

Chrno Crusade is about an exorcist girl named Rosette who's traveling with her demon partner Chrno whom she has a contract with, it takes place in the 1920's

World Embryo is about a boy named Riku who find a cocoon that contains a child that looks like his dead sister, apparently she is connected to the strange monsters known as Kanshu that infect people through cel phone waves. Soon after he discovers the girl whom is named NeeNee, he becomes a Jinki User, those who get rid of Kanshu. It's by the same mangaka as Chrno Cruade, sorry i drew a blank when trying to think of manga I've been reading

Pandora Hearts is about a boy named Oz who is the heir to the Vessalius dukedom, during his coming of age ceremony something goes wrong and strange hooded people known as the Baskervilles come to send Oz to the Abyss, a dark, endless prison where time has no meaning. In the Abyss he means a Chain (the creatures that are in the abyss) names Alice who is the chain know as B-Rabbit (Black or Bloody Rabbit) It takes place sometime in the past, i assume the 19th century

Deadman Wonderland is about a boy named Ganta, and during a day at school Ganta sees someone in red floating at the window of his classroom, seconds later the Red Man does something horrific and the whole classroom is destroyed, Ganta gets knocked out and when he comes to a few minutes later, there is blood everywhere and everyone is dead, the mysterious Red Man the pushes a strange red crystal into Gantas chest and Ganta feints. When he wakes he is told that his is the prime suspect of the murder and is assumed the murderer of his entire class, he is then sent to the giant prison know as Deadman Wonderland where he meets a strange girl named Shiro, who claims she is Gantas old friend. Ganta makes it his goal to get revenge on the Red Man and soon after finds out he has gained a strange power

hope this helped, its only a few, but they're my favorites. I hope i didn't rename some that you've already read/watched, you have such a long list i may have

Example: I dream about a university, what does it mean?

The dream started when I have been summoned by an authority to investigate this said university, I am still a student though studying in a state university. I was asked to become an undercover agent and investigate this private university.

I went with a group of students who are transferees; I do this so that I could blend perfectly in them. My aunt was there, she is with me although she doesn’t know that I am an undercover agent. I entered the school and it doesn’t look like a school but a historical Spanish house.

We climbed the stairs; these are the conversations that everyone has… I was just quietly listening to them speak. I have been investigating the place and observing the actions of the ones who run the place:

“Unlike in the state university, students here pay for their education and we make sure of a high quality education where students get to learn from credible proffesors.” I stare closely at the directress, she is a young woman, about 27 or 28… pretty… but tactless and corrupt. I whispered to myself, “I have to take a closer watch to this woman.”

A student already studying in the university told her, “Why haven’t you renovated the second floor? Why haven’t you upgraded the materials? We have been paying too much for our education and it seems that the state university has better facilities.”

I looked closely to the woman who seemed to ignored what the student had said, I saw her handing a pouch with coins into one of her assistant. I thought it was a bribe or maybe corrupted money from the school.

I looked closely to the students and saw that they are tall and intelligent people, and they are not getting the right treatment that they deserve. They have been studying in a university who actually looks like an old Spanish house. I looked at the ceiling and noticed that the wood has been too old that it would almost break when a strong typhoon hits the place. I looked at the stairs and I had seen the same scenario… I climbed down.

The ground floor was pretty cool, it is clean and decent. It gives me the thought that there has been development in the place but it is a slow process because of the corrupt directress. I went on the garden…

There are no flowers but the grass is fresh, there are dogs, a mother dog and her children… probably about five of them. I saw my dog, my brown dog, tied into the side of the garden and I felt rage when I saw my dog has bruises. The caretaker told me they have to train the dog so it would be obedient… but I felt rage because they have been hurting my dog. I went on…

I was with the directress and my aunt, we have been preparing food to eat because we are guests and they are celebrating for new students.

The directress was trying to intimidate me but it only made my rage grow. She was plotting things against my aunt, and probably she would harm me and continue in doing het corruption in school. This directress has to be destroyed. I asked her to go to the school’s covered basketball court. It’s the gym.

I noticed that my hands are not my usual hands, it is a male’s hands… and I looked at the glass and saw my reflection there and I had seen a handsome male who wears a black jacket… he also has a long black hair and dark beautiful eyes. I was him, and I am powerful.

The directress has spoken, “Would you harm a lady, sir? I know your kind. You’re going to demote you dignity by killing me and absorbing my energy… I have little energy and it wouldn’t benefit you. You need to kill someone who has great amount of energy.” I didn’t actually pay my attention to her because my patience was running off. She could have less energy but she has been causing these children the inability to learn in a decent environment.

I summoned a snake that’s made out of rock. It looked like a tower, it has a beak of a slug… but sharp and pointy… it is gigantic… and is colored black. The directress started to run and I started to follow her… “I’ll kill you.” I whispered to myself.

We run in swirls upwards and the snake-slug was in my control… the beak of the snake-slug stabbed her heart. She was stubbed from the back.

I drank her blood and it tasted sour.

Every one told me that the directress was in loved with me and the reason why the blood tasted sour because she has been experiencing pain because of this love for me. An unrequited love, that her heart was feeling like it has been washed by acid.

The sourness of her blood remained in my tongue but I know it’ll fade in a short while… I have consumed her few energy and I felt stronger. I have saved the private university from a corrupt leader.

Example: What do you think my dream about a pomegranate means?

I had an odd dream the other night that's been stuck to the inside of my mind ever since.

I was a spy out to dinner with the enemy (working undercover) at a dark, kind of fancy restraunt. I had to act normal so when the enemy insisted on ordering wine I had no choice but to comply. But then, the waiter brought a wine glass with what looked like a pomegranate crammed inside and the juices were leaking out of it, filling the excess space inside the glass. The enemy told me to drink it so I did, but it didn't taste like alcohol, it was warm juice that overwhelmed me and made me feel disoriented. It was then that the enemy attacked and I was too slow to defend myself, and I died (quite brutally, too).

I wonder what that dream means... What are your thoughts?

Example: Weird Dream about naked moles?

I would like to see if somebody could help about this dream.
I had a dream that in the back and front seat of a car there were recently born animals, in the back seat(behind the drivers set) there were what look like naked moles 2 or 3-it really looked like dogs without any fur and almost no visible face, in my dream I apparently removed the mother that had died, but when I came back the other set of animals in the front seat-the mother of the other set of animals in the front seat-which had sort of black and gray fur and that in my mind was a cat but looked big like a dog; ate the naked moles. Later I wanted to look at the other babies and as I was laying down to see them they puff disappeared .
After that for some reason my mom and my father came back said something about winning the lottery, and then my mom said she was looking for her rings, that's when my father took out of a plastic cup among other things, two rings, I just noticed one, the one I have which was really clean and shiny, I actually said "that's my ring". Funny because I recently lost and found it but I have not been wearing it. There are part of my dream I don't remember the in between parts, something about looking from a big glass window-almost like an entire wall- to my neighbors house they had like a water spectacle and apparently there was a humpback whale jumping and splashing water-all at night.
I know is very high in imagination, but I believe that it has some meaning, and I also believe that dreams are God's messages. I hope somebody can help decipher this weird convoluted dream.
Lately I've been feeling stressed out about a friend of a close friend that I feel is the envious type of person- maybe that's why I had that weird dream since we when out yesterday- I've been trying to avoid her- because I don't want somebody just trying to know what I do, I don't feel like is a good energy. Other than that I'm trying to get out of my current part time to a full time. So that has been on my mind too. Sorry If I written it in a complicated way.
Thank your for your time.
I hope somebody can offer me some insight.

Example: Dreams dreams dreams... tell me what this means?

Im a regular girl, so i have crushes. I have this huuugggeeee crush on this one guy lets call him x.
Plus, in all of my dreams im 16.
Ok, so my parents got me this house that was HUUGE and it was really cool. my mom was a spy and she was like, hot. I dont even really know if that was my mom cuz it didnt look anything like her. She introduced me to my like, 20 year old butler and he showed me around the house. Lastly, he showed me to the living room, that was huge, and there were all of the people from my grade. It was like, a party. Everyone was congratulating me about the house and my new car. Finnaly, I saw x. He was sittin on a couch facing away from me. I walked up to it, obviously wanting to say hi, and he turned around before i tapped him on the shoulder like he knew i was there and kissed me. Ive never been kissed before and i was kind of stunned. He grinned this grin that i LOVE and said, "I know we can do this," And I was like DO WHAT?!?!?!?!?!? and he lead into this huge glass dome where i could see everything outside and he sat down in a beanbag chair and i sat in his lap while he played with my hair and i told him about something that i cant remember. then, he took my hand and lead he outside where it was raining slightly and he transformed into one of my friends. She yelled, "I am sick and tired of pretending to be your boyfriend!" And she stomped away. Dont get me wrong. i am not lesbien. i was kinda sad x wasnt who i thought he was and i walked inside. then he came out of a room and held his hands out like, come hug me. i said are u really x? and he was like umm... ya? who'd u think i was? and i was like ok and i walked into his arms

then it ended. it was an AWSOME DREAM! i just want to know what it means.

Example: What's this dream mean? ( see through shower)?

I was at my old house or next door to the house I use to live in. There was this whole wall cut out and made of glass. It had a shower in it... it was in the foyer- the front of the house, so anyone can see you if you take a shower.

Someone told me to get in and take one. and another family member was there ( i didn't notice right away but when i looked down there he was sitting there outside this see through shower and caught me by surprise- when he saw me he said " well, you better watch out and smirked and turned his head.

This family member in real life is kinda creepy. I think he has no life and spies on the family or knows a little too much. ( in the real world).

what do you think the dream means?-

im not sure if i took the shower or not but i know there was a see through shower and kinda remember someone taking one , i think it was me in there yet when someone told me to go take one i was outside it and he was there, they said " take one" - like it was nothing weird even though it was see through and there were people going in and out.

Example: What is the name of this old school rap song?

I heard this song on L.A. radio station 93.5 KDAY earlier today and I have no idea who's song it was. Some of the words that I picked up from the song and not in this order were "Christina something" i think it was Applegate but not sure, "you have to put me on" "baby you" and "drift". Probably doesn't narrow it down much but I'm still hoping someone can help.

Example: Do doppelgangers exist...?

A double of yourself.There are reports of people appearing in two places at once.How is this possible?Some slip into another dimension?

Example: List of the united states allies please and a separate list of north koreas if possible. Thank you?

I know china isnt the one of the norths allies so no1 say the are :)

Example: I had the weirdest dream EVER! Does it mean anything?

My 2 friends and me were spies I think, and this fat guy (I think I auditioned for a play of his 2 months ago) was there. I forget why but we were spying on him or something. Then he and 2 other people and they were chasing us in cars and he caught us. Then he locked us is my basement. But everything was padded, so we couldn't hurt our selves... Because he thought we had mental problems. Everything was padded, the fridge had blue leather material with fluff in side it all over it. Everything was like that so we couldn't hurt our selves, even the bath tub! Then we escaped threw the window and were scared he would see and get us. Then we were in my backyard not scared he would see us, (there's 2 big glass windows and a balcony so in real life he could!) We had a cheetah on a leash, and were walking with it.

That's all I can remember, but does it mean anything?

Thankyou, so much! :-)

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