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Dream About Squinting Of The Eyes meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean!?

I took care of my grandma for a year while she was sick. She recently passed away in January.

Now my dream:
I had a dream my grandma lived in a big house (she really didn't) anyways, I was staying with her I was sick and she was sick. Someone rang the door bell and she yelled be right back. I yelled back okay. A few hours went by and I checked for her she never came back. I was watching the news and heard of an old lady stealing money. I called my mom by phone told her my grandma was missing she said she had a bad feeling and so did I. I went to get my purse from the kitchen counter and heard the front door open, I went to say police but couldnt get my voice to come out because I was so scared I turned the corner and a scary looking guy with his eyes squinted came walking in and threw open his arms as if he was going to grab me and said come here to me. Last thing I remember before waking up was looking down at the open area under his chest.

Please explain to me what my dream means. It has me scared. I'm wondering if it means her house was robbed? I'm wondering if shes trying to tell me i didnt do a good job taking care of her? Or if shes trying to tell me shes mad that i wasnt their when she passed away? Im wondering why she was taken? If shes okay. Im wondering why he came back for me? Im wondering a million things and cant sleep because im so scared.

Please help me understand my dream in a way im obviously not able to understand!

Dreams are dreams but this is what I think. Her going missing may mean that you feel that she was taken away or stolen from you. If you were close with her I mean. And you going out to find out what's happened to her may mean that you weren't really ready for her to pass away. And the part where you yell out and can't yell I think means that you have really struggled with her passing away very emotional for you. It feels that you are "powerless" when this happens (I get this often) and that means you can't do anything now to bring back your grandma. The guy that comes and gets you at the end is I think a guy who wants you to move on. (cuz u said you were going to find out wat happened to her) he's stopping you from furthur hurting yourself emotionally from your grandma's passing. Well that's my report lol. It's tough wen someone passes away. I'm sorry.

Example: Dream meaning? Pulling eye out?

I had a dream last night that I was at my dads house and I took my eyes out to clean them, it didn't hurt and it seemed like normal thing to do, while cleaning them I was squinting but I could still see but blurred. After cleaning them I could not put my eyes back in because my eye sockets has started to close up like healing together, I started to scream and panic when my dad came running up the stairs who I the. Begged to put the eyes back in for me but he couldn't either. I rang 999 I panic and then woke up


Example: What does this dream mean?

It was a very short dream, but before I explain what it was, I used to smoke weed and do ecstasy but three months ago my mom put me in rehab because she found out and I haven't done drugs since. However, I did go to the dentist the other day and they put me on laughing gas. This actually kind of tripped me out because I felt like I was on some sort of weird drug.

But anyways I was on some sort of drug in this dream, and I was in someone's house and above me was a picture of the Last Supper. In my mind in the dream for some reason, I was like "Oh, I heard this picture looks so different when you're on something." So I looked up and I squinted my eyes or something and saw a picture of God or Jesus or some sort of figure in it in this weird color (it was like when you put a negative color effect on a picture) and something about the picture really just creeped me out and woke me up... And when I woke up I prayed and then went back to sleep, and I was fine. But I just want to know what exactly my dream might mean... It was a short dream, but it just kinda creeped me out, haha.

Example: What might my dreams mean?

So I had a few weird dreams. They happened last night & the night before last...

+Dream 1 (Thursday night):

Basically.. all I can remember was that I was in some bleachers looking for a guy and so I asked this girl. And she said something like "Oh, he's somewhere" and looked away. I can't remember all the dialogue but she was acting snobby and in the end she said "I don't know why you're talking to me" like she didn't want to be seen with me. I walked off and the setting changed,
I was in my 3rd block. I saw the guy I was looking for, but it was like we suddenly didn't know each other. So we were just talking a little, I was acting shy, but we just kept smiling at each other. If felt like we were good friends towards the end of my dream. And I remember sitting in these chairs with him, we were looking at my puppy I just got this week and then his girlfriend came up to us. She squinted her eyes at us and said "You know what I think? F*ck you, and f*ck you too" (pointing to each of us). In my dream I smiled, looking down at myself, then at the guy and tried not to laugh. I was thinking 'she thinks something is going on between us'. And then I was wondering what he was thinking.*

My dream ended there. I don't know any of the people in my dream personally. They go to my school, I see them in the hall every day but I have never spoken to them. The guy in my dream and his girlfriend, for some reason, seemed mad at each other when I went to school the next day. It was weird. I do have a crush on the guy, but only because he's so gorgeous. It's not anything serious.

+Dream 2 (Friday night):

I don't remember anything about this dream, really. Except that there was a different girl in my dream acting the same way as the girl from my dream on Thursday. Different girl, same bleachers, same attitude.*

She's in my gym class, but again, I don't know her personally.

I think there might be something about these dreams, because of how similar some parts of them were. Can anyone tell me what my dreams might mean? or why I am having them? *I know this is really long. Thanks, for reading it and for any help, in advance.*

Example: What do my dreams mean?

2 nights ago, I dreamt I was lying in bed, on my side and I could feel a hand touching my hip, over and over, trying to wake me I guess? when Id feel the hand touch, Id hear my name and a chiming sound. I was so afraid I didnt want to open my eyes, but I peeked twice. the first time I peeked I saw a bare chest, in shape, but there were lines on the outlines, as if it were a drawing. the man had color though, and if I remember correctly he was bright, but not bright enough to burn my eyes..if that makes sense. The second time I peeked, I saw the bottom half of a face, and it was bearded. about a 3 inch beard, really scruffy but not a child molester creepy beard. the man kept touching my hip and saying my name, and I remember closing my eyes and thinking it was God, but I was afraid even though he didnt sound threatening at all. then I just woke up.

last night, I dreamt I was swinging in my boyfriends back yard with my boyfriend, when I came inside (to my best friends house, where I live. I dont know why it was her house with his back yard) his mom had taken a picture of us outside but my boyfriend wasnt in the picture, I was swinging alone. I kept squinting, thinking I must be seeing wrong. My best friend (lindlee) came from outside and walked into her bedroom, at the same time I walked into the bathroom and I could feel something touching me. I was so scared I couldnt move, and I started to feel it all around me, so I finally screamed "tori" (my childhood best friend, who wasnt even in this dream, I dont know why I didnt scream for lindlee) but my voice was so shaky, up and down, and not as loud as I wanted it to be but it was a scream nonetheless. then I woke up.

Earlier today, lindlee said I screamed for tori in my sleep, she explained it just as I had heard it in the dream. shaky, scared, etc.

I dont know what they mean, Ive tried to google it all but Im not coming up with anything

Example: What did this dream mean?! Dream interpreters please help?

I was on a ship until a violent storm had wrecked it. The waves had crashed over me as I fell into the brutally cold water. I could smell the salt in the water all around me. I soon found a piece of the ship and got on top of it as if it were a life boat. I waited for 3 days
until I saw an island up ahead. I was forced to wait for about 3 hours until I actually hit land. I was starving to death and I was weak and dizzy from the lack of nutrition. I slowly walked up unto the beach. The dream was so weird though because everything felt very real. I could feel the sand under my feet, the wind in my hair, and the slight rain that was falling down on me. So anyways...back to the dream. I was stranded on the island, and I had no idea what to do. I tried to make a fire but it simply wouldn’t work. Then I looked into the leaves of the jungle up ahead and there were too blue eyes. Exactly like mine. I squinted so I could see them better but they seemed to disappear. I was so scared to be there in my dream, I was all alone, and i felt like nobody was caring to try and find me. I had stayed on the island alone for 3 days. On the third day a man came out of the jungle. It was the man with blue eyes. He told me he was my father and that he never wanted me, and walked away. Later that day I was watching the waves and waiting for some dead fish to wash ashore when a helicopter was in my view. My father jumped out of the jungle and flagged the helicopter down. The helicopter picked him up and as I was running to the helicopter I saw my dad saying “leave her here, she’s worth nothing” to the pilot. I was left alone, and I died.

What did this dream mean?! I have never met my father before because he had left me and my mother when I was about 3 days old. I asked my mother to dig out some old photos of my father, and I got to see what he looked like for the first time in my life today. He looked exactly like he did in my dream. How is that possible?! I know iv never seen the pictures before today because my mom keeps them in a locked up box….can you tell me what this means?

Example: DREAMS... AnyONE kNOW whaT IT mEANS?

ive had numerous dreams where i'm @ school and i can't keep my eyes open, because there is a bright light that is making my eyes squint sort of like blinding me... what could this mean.

Example: What does this dream mean? ?

Sorry for the bad english, im dutch. I had a dream that I was in my bedroom and in my bed ( i was squinting) and I saw my ex-crush with her friend in the floor. My crush was pulling out birth control pills and was telling her friend what it was. I opened my eyes and I and said "What are those pills?" she said giggling that it was birth control pills. Then I laughed and tried to stand up until I knew I was nude. They both laughed and my crush was going to my bed und then I woked up. I fell back to sleep and dreamt about me and my crush again in a school dance holding hands. What does dream this mean? Does she like me? I didn't see her since the last day of school, like 2 months ago.

Example: Whats the meaning of my dream?

Ok, first of all, i'd like to say that i don't get dreams very often and recently i had a dream about me speaking to this girl that i like at my school, but the thing is her left eye was red, and my left eye was like not looking at her, kinda like it was squinting i'd like to know what does this mean (if it has a meaning) and why did i have had this dream

Example: What could these dreams mean?

Ive been having some strannge dreams lately and I cant figure out why or what they could mean. Theres a few of them...
In the first one, I'm outside this house but still in front of the fence and theres this dog thats friendly at first but after a few minutes it starts getting aggressive and biting me, so I kicked it away and the owner came out and got really mad at me. Then all of a sudden I was back at my house, it was christmastime, and my mom sent me to go to some shoppe in the mall to get a chocolate cake. When I got there it was SO packed, and they didn't have what she wanted, so I just got a pre-made, but all they had for icing was this thick neon pink goop, and the lady couldn't decorate the top for dirt. So I turned around and got into this line, and when I got to the front of it, she was there again and started to draw a christmas tree on my hand. Then I woke up.

Another dream I had was I had ridden my bike up to the local wal-mart at night and the parking lot was packed with cars still, but there was a trail of coins. So I decided to see where it lead, which was to the foyer area, and I left my bike around the alcove unlocked. So I started picking up just the silver, not the pennies, and something whispered to me "I wonder who took your bike". I looked and it wasnt there, but when I looked back in the foyer, it was sitting in there upside down. At this point there was this old guy complaining to anyone who would listen that his truck had been stolen. Well, noone would do anything about it, so he went on his way, and when I started to go back and try picking up all the pennies in the trail too, they weren't there and he tells me "sure were a lot of them, huh?". So for some reason, even though I had all the silver, I knew he had all the pennies and was mad that he wouldn't give them 'back' to me. Then I woke up.

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