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Dream About Stadium meanings

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Example: What do you think this dream means ?

I had this dream last night where i was in a big tunnel, not sure if it was like the one people see when you die. But it looked like a tunnel like that is at a Foot ball stadium you know when the team comes on to the filed they enter through that big tunnel. Well it was dark there was maybe a little bit of light b/c i seen my shadow when i was in it. I saw people at the end of it not sure who the people where like they all they stood there like a gang. Also when i woke up from it i herd something in my ear don't know what i herd but i herd something and then my ear got cold.
its like they were waiting for me or something.

Any ideas on what this dream means ? this is all that happened in it.

That dream means that you are going to die and that you have relatives waiting on the other side for you. The thing that whispered in your ear and made it feel cold was a spirit coming to take you away.

Example: Does this dream mean something?

I was dreaming that I was entering this Hotel. Inside were rows of beds at first which looked more like a hospital. When I came further, I went to the bathroom because for some reason I knew that was where the elevator of the hotel rooms led.

I got in the elevator and as I got to the top floor, the hallway was so elegant. Bright chandeliers were hanging from the ceiling. I overheard 2 female-like voices talking in the background but it was unclear to me on what they were talking about. I thought I heard them say “Allopolo”. I just ignored the voices and walked slowly around the corridors. As I got to my room, I opened the door which had 2 beds inside. As I moved deeper into the bedroom the lights suddenly kept flickering on and off until the lights stayed off. I looked behind me and on the bed was a weird, white and arch-shaped object that wasn't supposed to be there. I just paused, staring at it until it slowly dropped as if it were only an ironing board. It gotten bigger and bigger and it was about to drop on top of me, then I passed out.

Later, I think I woke up in a run-down area. The place was so huge. It was almost a size of a football stadium, yet it was dark and only little light shinned through the holes on the ceiling. I quickly paused, hearing something. I looked behind me. What stood behind me was a weird purple-masked stranger. Around its head was a purple coloured, pin covered cloth so it couldn’t see. Suddenly, another purple-masked person came up and then lunged at the other one, not making any noise. The other one jumped around the walls, as if it was escaping. It then shouted “Allopolo” as if it was casting a spell and disappeared.

The other purple-masked person was still there, and mistaken me as the other one. I turned around running towards what looked like a ladder that would bring me higher up. Since the purple-masked thing couldn’t see me, its ears detected my every movement. It jumped up and tackled me out of the ladder. I fell down but kept on running.

It attempted to kick me but then I dodged it. I thought I heard it say “You’re Allopolo!” which really confused me, that’s when I woke up.

Ever since I woke up, I can still remember the word ‘Allopolo’ in my head and always think of it as a name. I’ve never heard of the word “Allopolo” before until I got this dream. Is this dream trying to tell me something, and who or what is 'Allopolo'?

Example: What could this dream mean?

So it started off in what looked like a stadium. i did not at all pay attention to what was going on below as i was talking to a family. I then proceeded to leave to get something to drink, somehow i stumbled into a library and started browsing the books. The shelf was disorganized at first until some people came and organized it. (i was organizing it myself until they arrived and told me if i was working here i said no and they told me to back off). A girl that i knew but had feelings for way back (like 6 years ago, we never dated and i still see her at school) (also she had a black shirt on) she came up to me and whispered a gay comment into my ear, this pissed me off so i garbed her in a choke hold but not tight enough where she couldn't speak (she did not struggle either and seemed to sort of enjoy it) i told her "why don't you come to my place and i'll show you different?"
she replied "no your ugly".
me-" what makes me ugly?"
her-"you blaze, are a future janitor, and spend 100 dollars a month"
me-"i stopped smoking, I've been accepted into a college, and planning for the future"
after this she agreed to give me her number.
At the end i ended up buying five children's books
What could this mean? any ideas? Could this be a vision from my future?

Example: What Does My Dream Mean!?

I only can remember bits and peices, parts of different dreams in the same night.

I was inside some sort of hallway, and on my right there was this window where i could see inside a stadium where they were playing soccer, one kid in particular i knew, transformed into a kid i usually don't hangout with.

The next part, I met the girl of my Dreams. (lol)
She had long blond hair, she was chesty wearing a pink shirt with a skirt and a black thong.

We started kissing and a man walked up that i relized was her boyfriend.

Next part i was stuck in the middle of a flood, helplessly flowing down the street.

and the next part i was trying to escape a insaine aslylum which ended up me in a basement with the man that the girl of my dreams cheated on and i woke up.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a really strange dream last night, and I wondering if anyone thought it meant anything. Sorry it's a bit long! But if you wouldn't mind reading it that would be great.

It's a bit weird, but it started with a football match (soccer) between two teams, one wearing black and the other white. And for the national anthem to be sung at the beginning, I had to balance on someones head whilst they unicycled across a tight rope. (Well it was supposed to be a tight rope but it was actually a wooden beam.) So I was practising this ready for the football match. But I kept losing my partners and didn't have anyone to practise or do it with. I never got to practise, so I then went off and found my Mum. And then we were walking along a grave yard, which I assumed was a World War One cemetery. It was seperated from us by a line of barbed wire, which stretched all the way along. It was also on top of a small hill, next a beach. (we had suddenly appeared on a beach with a lot of people at the bottom along with my balance beam.) So I was walking along the grave yard and noticed that there was some grey bodies lying on the graves, with the tomb stones covering them almost like blankets. All of the bodies were small and some almost looked like they had decayed. Even though they were made out of stone. But there were also others which looked like large babies in a peaceful foetul position, with their eyes closed. I then turned around and noticed my Mum was missing, I then looked back and noticed that she had gotten into this grave yard and had broken one of the baby graves. I then went over and tried to help her fix it, because she had broken the head off. Then when she placed it back more of the body broke off but somehow we managed to place it back in position. Mean while I noticed I was late for the tight rope thing and then my Mum said she would be my partner, we ran over to the beam and climbed on but we'd missed our que. So we quickly tried to finished the trick even though people had stopped singing, they then started singing again but when I tried to balance on my Mums head she cycled off saying she had to do something and left me sitting on an awkward position on the beam. I just sat there for a little bit trying to think about what had just happened, when suddenly this boy from school I used to like ran over with a unicycle and said he would help. I went back to the platform and he got on with his unicycle and I balanced on his head (wearing walking boots for some reason) and we finished the trick. After that I went over to the football pitch when the match had finished, everyone was so happy and the whole stadium had ran onto the pitch, taking little bits of the grass because for some reason it was special. (Even though the whole pitch was made of astro turf.)

So that was my dream, it was really strange and I was just wondering if anyone could make any sense of it.

Thanks :)

Example: What do my dreams mean?

I first dream with a chick, i was in a basbeall game i think or a stadium, and all the seats were filled. Her hand stuck out of the crowd and i held her hand. I could never see her face. i was standing next to the seats. In the second dream, i had sex with her, but never got to see her face. Why? what do you think this means?

Example: What does my dream mean?

ok for some dream expert out there lol i dreamt that this one really popular guy in my grade was supposed to sing at this concert thingy at a huge stadium.well,i went there to watch him with my parents and i ran into my guy best friend,but i just stood there and looked at him and i couldnt say anything.what does this mean?

Example: What does this weird dream mean?

I've been having many strange dreams lately, and most I forget soon after. But sometimes when you really remember the details it doesn't go away. This dream took place during a 30 minute nap.

I live in SoCal so it starts out that I'm at the LA Zoo, who knows why, but then I'm just wandering along and the zoo suddenly merges with Dodger Stadium. This isn't the stadium everyone knows, it's much larger and configured much differently.

All of a sudden I'm not at Dodger stadium, but trying to get to Long Beach via some bus. I ask the driver how I can transfer to get to LB. He tells me of all these different options, and to look for certain drivers only.

Example: What does my dream mean?

When the dream started, I had just gotten out of the shower so all I had on was a towel wrapped around me. And then somehow, I ended up in the middle of a stadium full of people, still only wearing a towel. They were all looking at me like they were waiting for me to say or do something, but I didn't know what I was supposed to do. The dream just went on like that, and then I woke up. Does my dream have any meaning, if any at all?

Example: Is there a meaning in my dream?

My dream was pretty weird:
I was walking to a stadium. There was a big banner saying "Pinoys are welcome!" I entered the stadium and inside there are Hundreds of Thousands of Filipinos! I guess there was a competition of some sort and I walked to the stadium to sign up for the competition. I was on the red team. I turn around, and I see my friend shouting and cheering for the team xD Some one speaks through the microphone about the rules. It was basically like dodge ball, but with instruments ! We had to grab the closest instrument and try to knock out our opponents. A bell rang and I grabbed a saxophone.. so did the girl next to me. She took her saxophone and threw it as hard as she could and knocked out this Japanese-looking teen! In the end, my team won and someone threw a brass instrument at me and I woke up .

Any meaning here? It was a quite vivid dream but I choose not to write the specific details :\

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