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Dream About Stained Glass Windows meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do these weird dreams mean?

Not long ago I had a dream I was sitting by a river, (A place I knew, I was right in front of my old cabin, that we do not own anymore) and there was a woman there that I cannot recognize. I believe we were fishing, but I don't know for sure. Anyway, as we were sitting there, I saw horses skulls start coming down the river. And I kept trying to get them out. I wasn't really sad or any thing, but I wasn't happy. I remember feeling kind of surprised. Gradually, I saw less horses skulls, and human skulls started coming down the river.

Another dream I am outside on my playground, swinging, and then I go inside, something (I can't remember) happened, and then I was outside digging a hole in front of my playground, where I found an adult eagle (Who I presume to be the mother of) A baby eagle, curled up together in the ground.

Another dream I've had began with me on the play ground in my backyard, in the house we still live in. I remember there were people on the play ground, but I can't remember who. And some things happened which I can't remember well at all, like a helicopter went by and there was a rope within reach.. Something was tied to it, but I can't remember it. And some men from a power company Maybe a power company, if not, cable company or something) were working on this extremely large thing that added that was hooked to my play ground. I remember looking up at them, but not much else. Anyway, I guess I eventually made my way into the house, but before I was in the house, I remember for some reason I was in the ocean. I was with my mother (I think it was her) And some woman I didn't recognize. And we were swimming, and suddenly there were sharks all around us. And the woman I didn't recognize told us to curl up in a little ball type thin and swim around in circles. And I remember being scared out of my wits. AND FOR SOME REASON, I'm back in my house, and I go through the back door. And I can feel these sharks chasing me. So so I run as fast as I can and I get stuck in a dead end in the bathroom. And we have this odd stained glass looking window in our bathroom, and I kick the window out, and it shatters. And then I get out of the window, (I'm now at the side of my house) and I run to the front and go through the front door. My brother is in the den giving his music lessons, and my mother is in there talking to them all. Then she tells me I need to go wash dishes, and I ask her if she will come to the bathroom so I can show her the window. She does and she says it's okay that I broke out our window. I tell her about the sharks, and tell her I think the sharks thing is just a bad dream, but really in the back of my mind, I remember thinking that I had schizophrenia.

These are just a few dreams that I have had recently, that I can remember well. They are in order, if that matters. I just want to know what they mean.

Okay the number one image is the shark and horse going to the bathroom while you are breaking the window and telling your mother about it while your brother is conducting an harmonica lesson.

You need to set up a mailbox on the far side of your room and tell yourself to write down your dream while you're having it and mail it to Professor Marvel at the Dream Doctor Institute.

So, you're going to need to take paper, pen, envelope, stamp, and a mailbox to bed with you.

Your only other option is going to be hiring a dream stenographer or finding a way to bring the talking horse, shark, baby eagle, cottage, river, and curly balls with you back from the bathroom and invite them to dinner with your mother.

Example: What does my dream mean?

ok so in my dream me and a bunch of people were in a forest preserve and their was this box thing with a window in it where they were growing trees and their was lights that kept going on and off and their was a giant rock inside it with three faces on it. The faces were of guys and one of the guys were looking down and the other two were looking straight ahead then all of the sudden this guy came walking up to the glass where i was standing but he was on the other side of the glass and i couldnt go in the box. so in my dream i said, "hi david" and its weird because i have a friend named scott who iv known for a few months and i just found out his real name is david but the guy in my dream didnt look at all like my friend and he always lost his lighter and in my dream he said that as soon as he got in town lost his lighter. then this guy named ryan came up and asked "so how much money do u ow her know" and i said "he ows me 90 dollars" and i just really have no idea what it means

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I have been having many dreams lately. At first it was really blurry and foggy at first, but now I know what I dreamed.

I was in a forest. I was walking around when suddenly, things started to get black a little bit. I heard grass rustling behind me. While I was turning I was stabbed. I didn't see who it was. I fell to he ground. The whole forest turned to black when I hit the ground (I heard voices when I was drowsy and continued hearing them in the dream). A few seconds after I hit the ground I was in a bluish/redish sky. Falling, I was falling. When I hit the ground it turned black. I tried to climb back to the portal up in the sky but I was attacked again and fell. As I was falling. It turned into a huge mansion. A stain glass window with all my friends formed on the ceiling and I woke up when I hit the ground.

So what does this mean?

Example: Does this dream mean anything?

I saw this dream in two parts which is strange because I havent had any experience like that before.

1st part: I am in my home with my mother and two sis. Suddenly there's a blackout, then somehow we are all in a room. the door is locked and through the stained glass of windows we see that there is fire outside (more of a orange glow since all windows are closed too) and black shadows like figure are moving in the fire.

When I wake up I had an amazing feeling of calm and happiness.

Part 2: The blackout is still there but the door is open and we are out in other parts of house. There is no sign of fire. We are using torches and then these shadows are passing by me when I am alone in my room.

Again the same feeling of happiness after waking up. It did nkt occur again.

Example: What does my dream mean?

So a couple nights ago I had this dream that me and my sister were walking around a looking at houses (shes 18 and Im 16 we wernt like buying a house) anyways they were all new except one. It was old and had a vintage look. The windows were stained glass like you would see in church and some were broken. we decided to go inside and in there it smelled like dead people so I turned on the light. Standing next to me and my sister were these people in black what looked like morph suits but rubber or lether. Then at the same time they took off the head part of the suit. There faces looked like they were made out of grey burlap sacks ontop of the sacks were their eyes but the white part of there eyes were gone it was just the burlap sack and they had a huge smile with small rounded teeth and you could see the sack underneath the smile too. They said something but I cant remember exactly what. Then I woke up. After a while I fell back asleep and had this dream I use to always have. I look at the end of my bed and there is a black figure just standing there then I jerked awake in the same position as I was in the dream as if I was actually looking at somebody at the end of my bed. its been 3 days since then and every night I wake up and 4 in the morning. Could Someone please tell my what these mean and why Im waking up? thanks

Example: What does this weird dream mean? Help?

Sorry, its a little long... what does it mean?

I had pink hair and blue eyes and was in a white dress the whole time. And I went to this boarding school that looked like a cathedral.
For some reason I was going to leave that school soon. I was done with my studies there, but my parents had not picked me up yet. There was one other student in my situation, Croy (that was his name, for some reason). He was friendly with blonde hair and blue eyes.
All of the students (ranging from ages 5-12) (I was thirteen) were in those seats. . Just to let you know, this place was MASSIVE. The ceiling was HUGE and the building was entirely made of grayish-blue stone. It made you feel very small and vulnerable. At the near top there was a circular stained glass window that was very simple with one round peice in the middle and eight peices around it. It was all spring colors. Below that was a stadium like thing about ten by thirteen seats.
So, I started out looking up at the stain glass window in the middle of it's pool of light. I looked up for about a minute at how huge it was, but I wasn't fazed. I had grown up in this boarding school. The cathedrial thing was shaped like a rectangle . I decided to find Croy so I walked to the left on the polished black granite floor and found him at the indoor beach that the students used. All the students were in their seats right now, we did not have to join them, so Croy was surfing in a white polo and black slacks (we did not have any bathing suits) (school regulations).
The beach was an expanse of water with a wave maker and sand. It didn't look very beach-like to me. There was also weird mist that floated around everywhere above our head in purple and green. So I walked through the two hazes and there was a sunset and a golden orange sky.
I watched Croy surf, then he saw me. He waved and came to the shore (he had a blue surfboard with a white stripe down the middle). "Hey, Rachel, would you like to go surfing?" "What?!" He grabbed my hand and helped me up, then led me to the water. "Come on! It'll be fun!" I reluctantly sat on the surfboard and he pushed/swam me out into the water. Then he got on behind me and we waited for a big wave. A large one came and so we stood up. He showed me the right position and then the wave hit. We rode on top of it, laughing. Then the board tipped and we summersaulted into the sand, still laughing. "See, was that so bad?" He said.
"No, it was alot of fun!" I said. We retrived the board and talked on the sand for a long time, drying off in the "sun". Then we walked out of the haze and back into the "Auditorium" as I called it. Then we went into this office because Croy had to ask one of the workers something.
There was a worker there with glasses and a frowning face. Her arm was practicly sliced open. It was gushing blood. The lady barely noticed! "Um, mam, you need to go to the infirmary right away." Croy said. "No!" she said. "You need to go to the infirmary!" she yelled. "You must stay here so we can have children of our own. We will keep you!" I thought that she had gone insane. Like she wanted to keep us like pets forever. But we soon noticed that the other workers were closing in on us. They were walking strangely, not limping, but not normal. Then one threw a chair at Croy. It struck his leg. "Are you okay!?" I said.  "I'll be fine." He replied, standing up.
I grabbed a fountian pen and jabbed one of them in the arm. The blood spilled out, but then was sucked back in and the wound closed. "They can re-heal!?" I screamed in disbelif. Croy used his surfboard as a weapon/sheild. They chased us  like zombies out into the Auditorium. Then we saw all the parents in their seats (judging by the amount, it seemed like there were 5 for each student). They gasped as they saw me and Croy fighting for your lives with a surfboard and a fountian pen. The students screamed and some cried.
Suddenly, the workers froze. Me and Croy stopped, confused, then these men in black (they looked like secret agents) grabbed from behind and pressed tazers to our necks. The parents were yelling about how this was such an outrage and were starting to get out of their seats. Then a woman's voice came on a big speaker.
"I would stay still if I were you." Her voice vibrated off the walls, giving it a scary aspect. Everyone froze. "We are going to keep your children." Out of nowhere these twelve black boxes dropped down around the kids in the seats. They started screaming and crying for their parents. "If you tell anyone about this, they will die. Besides, we have many more in storage." A freshe patch of haze in purple and green came out and moved to each side of the massive room. When the haze touched the walls, they dissapeard in a flash, revealing long corridors, as high as the auditorium, filled with children. They were all in school uniform, standing in a straight lines. Thier face were put into grins, with string or wire, like coraline (If you

Example: Dream interpretation?

I had a dream I was in a cathedral when all of a sudden a dragon crashed through the huge stained glass window and started burning things and I shot at it with this crossbow that was also a shotgun.
What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean PLEASE READ?

ok so my mom and i were walking our dog through the neighborhood when we saw this ginormous house it was four stories tall and brick and had pillars and a stain glass window thing on the door's window. we went around to the back and saw that in the back there was a waterfall going from a ledge the heighth of the top of the house all the way down to a lake at the bottom it was amazing. well my dog started getting sick so we went up to the door and rang the doorbell. the man that answered was dressed in a tux and looked very annoyed but told us to come in. when we got inside be saw all the old victorian furiniture and i saw a little boy lying in one of the bedrooms. there were no toys in the room just a bed and a lamp. he was propped up on the bed reading. i talked with him and found out he was quite charming and verrry funny but he seemed sad. the next day we were at the mall and saw the couple and asked where there son was. they said that they had no son and that we were crazy

Example: What does it mean when you have a dream of something someone else near you saw?

One time I was sleeping over at my friends house. And my friend had fell asleep and I had just fell asleep too. I was standing in a cylinder shaped room with a bunch of books on the walls(like bookshelves) and another cylinder in the middle of this very small room with one book. I opened up the book and I looked up at a door with stained glass window without looking at the words and saw a face, no body, head, just a creep face. Had only a mouth and eyes, a big smile with jagged and sharp teeth and the eyes I don't really know how to describe. I opened the door and run out into a hallway that lead to no where and I ran back in the room again and shut the door and started to scream and cry while looking at the window again yet the face wasn't there. I then awoke crying and in fear, I didn't know why but I couldn't go back to sleep so I went in a corner and wanted for the sun. When my friend woke up I told her about the dream and she was terrified because when she fell asleep, she turned to her side and closed her eye facing the window in her room and as she closed her eyes she said she saw the face I had described in the window but thought she was just imaging things and went to sleep.
Do you have any idea what this could mean?

Example: Reoccurring dream?

i keep having the same dream every year around or in February. i am a girl living in a palace and there is a witch who locks this servant girl in the trapdoor in the palace. in my dream there is a stain glass window of sleeping beauty i always rescue the girl and then i either wake up or vanish. plz help me.

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