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Dream About Staircase meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream interpretation: Trapped on spiral staircase?

I had a very vivid dream as below:

I am in a corporate building which has winding stairs, the staircase and walls are all well lit and white in corporate style. I go up and down these stairs but it does not lead anywhere. I then try and get off them by going through dark corridors but they all to lead back to the stairs. I then begin to hear my wife's voice and but I cannot get to her as I can't get off the stairs. I end the dream baffled as to how I am going to get out.

Back ground

I am in my 30s I have very recently been made redundant from my job of 5 years. I am confident of finding something new although I am a bit nervous at having to start again. Do you think this is linked or is dream about something else entirely? Any analysis welcome.


Before I read your background, as I was reading, I was thinking that your dream meant just that. You're dead on about it. Looks like according to your dream, you've done everything in your power to make things change but to no avail. Yet you hear your wife's voice. Maybe its an indication that you should listen to your wife's opinion or advice to what you should do in this situation. Really listen to her voice and what she has to say and she just might help you find a way off those stairs.

Example: What Does My Dream Mean? A Huge Staircase?

I recently had this weird dream. In the dream, I'm walking around an unfamiliar neighborhood with the same name as one that I hang around often. I'm with a group of people, but I keep getting separated from the group and I have to retrace my steps to find them again. Then, at the main point of the dream, I'm walking down a street but this huge staircase suddenly appears, and at the top are a line of houses. I don't go up the staircase, but I have to walk around them to get to my friends, and as soon as I passed by it, I turned around and it was gone.
Anyone know what it might mean?

Example: What does my dream about staircases and childhood things mean?

I had a dream in which I was climbing a very long, narrow spiral staircase. At each turn of the staircase I would find an object from my childhood. Does this mean anything?

Example: What does my dream mean? (Running Down Staircase)?

Okay so me and Kid Cudi had like did something that got us into trouble and then this guy like started chasing us down the steps, and each time the steps would change different colors or patterns. Kid Cudi and me would hide ever so often so that they couldn't get us, I'd hide in the bathroom so they weren't allowed to even try to open the door but he would hide else where, I dunno where nd then it became like a musical and all the people chasing us started singing to me saying that I was dumb for tryna help Kid Cudi, but I didn't listen and we kept going and then like they gave up but we kept going and when we got to the very bottom and there were no more stairs and we jst was sheltered and safe and no one was after us anymore, everyone left us alone. Then i woke up.

Howeverr, a part of me believes the person I'm running with isn't Kid Cudi jst a represenatative for the real person this dream is about?

Example: What do dreams about altered staircases mean?

I frequently (about every other month) have dreams about staircases that have been altered in some way. Like, you're going up & then at some point there's a big gap in the steps & you have to jump to make it, or you fall a long ways. Sometimes there are obstacles you have to jump on or swing across to get to the next steps. I'm usually with people in these dreams, & they have no problem making it to the next step, but I'm freaked out that I'll fall.

The other day, my brother told me he had a dream about a spiral staircase where the steps were lilypads, & it was hard to get from one to the other. He says that he dreams about weird staircases a lot, too.

What do these dreams mean?

Example: What could this dream involving a staircase have meant?

Last night I had a dream involving a staircase. Everyone was having no problem climbing up/down; however, at one point I attempted to climb up, got towards the top and suddenly I couldn't get any higher. I was trying and trying but kept nearly falling and got scared and upset and people were looking at me as if I was hopeless or useless because they could all make it to the top. What could this have meant?

Example: What does a dream about a neverending staircase mean?

I don't really buy into dream reading, but I've been having a recurring dream about a neverending indistinct staircase, and I'm interested to know what it supposedly means.

Example: I keep having a dream/nightmare about running up a long staircase,always the same stairs-DOES IT MEAN ANYTHING?

i've always been told that repetitive dreams mean something. does this mean anything?

Example: What do Staircases represent in dreams?

I had a dream i was going to my freinds house (who does have a tall/high staircase you gotta go up to get to their apartment) and the staircase was reaaaally scary (way more then it is in real life lol) and wobboly, and unsafe. I made it up all the way though, succesfuly, and so did my freinds who were with me in the dream. Once we got up there and into the apartment we had a good time lol.. SOO what does going up unsafe staircase mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was running down this huge, really steep, staircase that was like miles long for what seemed like hours (though I know dreams in reality only last a few seconds) and when I finally got to the bottom, I turned the other way and trudged back up them! What could this mean?

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