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Dream About Stairs meanings

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Example: Bull, bird and stairs Dream Meaning?

Last night I had a series of different dreams.

Dream 1 - I was running down a street and a stampede of raging bulls were chasing me.

Dream 2 - I had stairs leading into my bedroom (which I don't have in reality) I was preoccupied with all of the stairs in my house (there seemed to be a fair few) and I wanted to count them all!

Dream 3 - A bird flew into my house, first I thought it was a robin red breast, but then it was a pigeon sized bird and pink. As we tried to catch it, it was shedding all of it's feathers and when we caugh it, it was tiny.

Any knowledge from dream interpreters will be appreciated :)


To me it sounds like the dreams are related. You have a major challenge/opportunity in front of you. You are anxious about whether you will be triumphant or fail as a result of the obstacle. It seems like this is an important time for you, so you are hoping you can focus on what is important, rather than focusing on minor details.

Example: What does it mean to dream about stairs and black crows?

I was in this water well looking thing with stairs going up. There were black crows everywhere. I went up the stairs because my family was there but i could not fully get to them.I dont remember much but i did remember the stairs and the black crow... oh and the stairs where white

Example: What is the meaning of dreaming about stairs sorrounded with flowers?

Example: What does this dream mean? stairs?

i had a dream that my crush and i were in class together and she gave me these looks...and then we were walking down the hallway and she went up the stairs ...the stairs were blue...like dark blue...and i like walked outside...

Example: What does dreaming about stairs mean?

I have these reoccurring dreams about trying to climb up stairs and I always end up crawling pathetically up them because I can't do it any other way. I also have dreams where I need to climb down the stairs, but all I'm able to do is jump down. What do these dreams mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about stair cases?

I'm in a bus or a subway type of thing and i get off on the wrong stop. When I look around once I am out of the bus/train i see a bunch of stair cases sort of like escalators all around and I don't know which way to go so then I proceed to walk away from them and meet a person and tell her where the exit is because I don't see one so she sneaks me into an exit and once I'm out I feel a sense of relief/peaceful. I don't understand what it could mean can somebody help me understand.

Example: What does a recurring dream mean about stairs?

I know someone who keeps getting a recurring dream about stairs. It is either about going up or down stairs and she gets a really bad feeling. What does this mean? Does it mean something bad will happen soon about stairs?

Example: What does my dream mean (winding stairs)?

Ok so I had a dream last night that I was on a winding staircase going up and up and up but then I came to a bit where the staircase diverted so I could have just walked off onto that balcony but the stairs carried on up in front of me into darkness so I kept on walking. Near the top I realised I was wearing high heels and I kept on tripping up but I didn't feel very scared. To my surprise my old teacher appeared out of nowhere and held out her hand to give me a hand to the top but I refused (I hate asking for help in real life aswell), I kept on tripping on up the stairs until I got to the top. At the top in was pretty dark although I could see a little bit. I realised I was on a balcony with a wooden bar at the edge and I looked down to see people from the college I used to go to (ps college here in the uk is where you can go straight after school for vocational training), I felt awkward looking down and felt that I hadn't achieved what I wanted to achieve (I dropped out of college after a few months as it is not what I wanted to do... I have aspirations in the direction of the performing arts). After that bit where I looked down, I can't remember anything after that.

There was another 'scene' where I was being forced to go somewhere different that I didn't know, it had a posh name but I can't quite recall where... anyhow I was very scared and I could hear my heart beating in my chest. I was on my knees crying and crying. My Nana and grandad were the ones tring to force me to go. I have a bf and he wasn't allowed to come with me either and he didn't seem that bothered... he didn't even give me any comfort (bear in mind this is the same person I am going out with now). So the next minute I know me and my nan were near a train track and suddenly we were in this train and we were going to go under this royal red coloured metal bridge but the train wasn't moving and it was directly in the middle of a wide track and that is all I remember from that 'scene'.

Ok so that last and final 'scene' I dreamt last night was that I was at my moms house and it was kind of dark so I went to sleep. Soon after, I woke up and looked around the house for my mom but she wasn't anywhere to be found... it looked like the place had been burgled. The bathroom window was wide open like someone had climbed through it and it was weird how the picture on her bedroom wall had 'opened' like a door. .. kind of like a hole in the wall. My keyboard (which I normally leave at my moms) was very broken like someone had ruined it. I looked and looked and I couldn't find my mom anywhere and my heart sank into my stomach as I realised she was gone. Just before I woke up I was kneeling in front of a cross a bit like a gravestone but bigger and then it faded into white light and I woke up.

There other bits of the dream that I have a 'feeling' for but I can't remember them.

Please could you interpret this for me?

Example: What does this dream meaning?-broken white stairs?

I had a dream that i was inside the house,i was walking up stairs..and most staircases broke when i was walking up.Stairs were white with beautiful flowers on top.

Example: What does climbing a stair case dream mean?

What does it mean when you climb a winding and sound stair case of a very top building quickly and confidently all the way to the top room/office of the building. Mature and respectful answers please.

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