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Dream About Sting meanings

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Example: What does it mean when i dream bees r stinging and my face swells up and cant breath?

My answer is only going to be me interpreting what you have just written.. And I'm using a website to look up key points.. So it may or may not be accurate. I will post the site in my source so you can refer to it if you like..
To dream that you are stung represents some hurtful action or remark. The dream may be a pun on some "stinging remark". Although, you are not letting it show how it has affected you, the pain is making its way into your dreamscape. Alternatively, the dream may also be a metaphor for being in love.
To dream that you are stung by a bee indicates that you have been wronged. Maybe you have been hurt by some stinging remark.
To dream that your face is flawed or pimply symbolizes erupting emotions. You may be suffering an attack on your persona or your reputation.According to folklore, if you dream that your face is swollen, then it means that you will see an improvement to your financial situation.
To dream that you are swelling up symbolizes a growing problem or issue. You need to address the situation before it gets out of hand. Consider the object or body part that is swollen for additional significance. Alternatively, the dream may be a pun on something that is going "swell". Or it may be a metaphor of your over-inflated ego.
To dream that you cannot breathe indicates that you are feeling exhausted.People who suffer from asthma often have dreams of not being able to breathe.

Read those, and try to see if some of it can apply to your waking life.
Good luck.

Example: What does it mean if u dream of being stung by a scorpion?

i had a dream that i was stung in the lift calf by a jet black scorpion, before that it stung my mom in the hand an then it stung me in the left calf.

my mom is a Scorpio if that makes any difference.

Example: Do bee stings in dreams mean anything?

Every night I have a dream where a bee stings my index finger. It's a short dream and it's always at my grandmothers house. Does this mean anything?

Example: What does it mean to dream about bee stings?

I dreamt my soon-to-be younger brother was attacked by bees and was stung all over. I had to individually take out all of the stingers in his body. Any symbolism there?

Example: What does it mean to dream a bee sting you on your neck?

I saw i was bringing someone in a room (i think i was carrying my dad) and a woman yelled there was bees in the room so i was trying to run then it stung me on my neck and my brother was stung also.

Example: I had a dream that a bee sting on my eyelid what it mean?

day before yesterday in my dream i was just walking, then suddenly a bee sting my left eyelid i can feel the pressure, but i didnt know it was a bee. Then when i reached home,see myself in a mirror i realized that the bee sting to my left eyelid.I did not do anything to the bee,it just sting me unexpectedly and i did not affect my eye vision.

What does this dream means

Example: What does it mean when you dream of being stung by bees and wasps?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about bees stinging you?

Example: Some peolple complain that sometimes their wet dreams stings.does it mean that they are sick?

their wet dreams produces a bad smell and sometimes causes tiny painful sores on the tip of the penis

Example: What does this dream mean(stung by a bee)?

I dreamt that a bee was stinging me in my wrist and i felt the sting as it pinched me and it hurt me in the dream

what does it mean

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