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Dream About Stir Up meanings

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Example: What do you think this dream means?

O.K... so I had this really weird dream a few days ago, and I just remembered it now... So can anyone tell me what this means?

So it was my birthday party, and everyone was there that was at my party 2 weeks ago except for one girl I'm not friends with anymore. And everyone had just got there. And for some reason we decided we wanted to map the real positions of the stars on the walls of my basement. So we magically got a laptop that looks exactly like the one at school. And so we got up to place the first marks of the stars and went into the other room and left the laptop there, and we heard this loud bang, and we went back to the laptop and it was on hotbabes . com. So we got weirded out, but didn't think anything of it, and we went back to placing the stars, when we heard the toilet flush, and nobody was in there. So we started screaming, and decided that we had to get out of the basement, but the stairs weren't an option, so we used a vent that led to the bathroom upstairs. Cont.

Mapping the stars on your basement wall seems, to me, to represent your desire to understand "the infinite"... spiritual reality. However, in your efforts to do so, perhaps you have tapped into an unfriendly source of information... something occult, spiritism. Could you have stirred something you didn't mean to awaken?

See, spiritual entities are not friendly strangers who exist to inform and entertain us, eager to satisfy our curiosity. To seek contact with them is even more dangerous than giving your contact information to a TOTAL stranger on the internet. You don't know WHO you're talking to, now what their intentions are toward you.

Now, you feel the need to escape, but you really don't know how. This even follows you back to the "real world" of your upstairs, your parents, etc. What was done in secret has followed you into the light of day. It won't stay hidden.

The apple your friend was eating, that she threw at you, represents the fruit Adam and Eve partook of in the Garden of Eden... the desire for knowledge and power, no matter the cost. Adam and Eve could have been taught by God Himself, but they chose a short cut, to tap into things they weren't ready for yet, or that would harm them. We are like them when we seek for knowledge and power without having a clue what we are getting into.

Pray for wisdom. Ask God to protect you from the forces you have awakened.

I've created a website that is kind of a "basic survial & first aid kit) for those who have accidentally (or not so accidentally) invited unwelcome spiritual entities into their lives by seeking in spiritually "unsafe neighborhoods" so to speak. Feel free to visit me.


Example: What Does This Deer Dream mean?

I dreamt that as I was walking down a road with a few people I saw a baby deer. It was very dirty but it did not look malnourished. I called to it and it came up to me, looking for food and I fed it. I ended up taking it with me.

Example: Dream Meaning?

Sorry not much detail but this is about what I remember. I was in a huge white room, With a couple other people. I was having a conversation with this man, And I started to realize that There were dead people everywhere. In what I believe were open coffins. But the corps were all kinda decaying. But the weirdest part was I was rotating the arms of the corps. And the other guy was doing it to. I soon woke up to my alarm and it's been bugging me all day.. Thanks for all the help guys! =]

Example: Can someone tell me what this dream meant?

I had a dream last night, that I was running down an endless corridor, chasing this girl I know…she just kept glancing back at me, wouldn’t stop, wouldn’t say anything. I cried out her name, but she disappeared into a white light. I followed her, of course, through the light gateway…and found myself outside. We stood opposite each other, in a field of high grass and bright summer sun that glittered off her tawny hair; a faint breeze stirred around our feet, and ruffled the white, silken gown she was suddenly wearing. I tried to speak but no sound came out…she stared me down, then saying “Why?” over and over…and then the field disappeared, turned to nothingness black ocean. She vanished, and I fell. And fell. And never hit bottom…

Example: What is the meaning of snake in dreams?

In my dream I've seen my girlfriend watching me playing with the green snakes in my hands what does mean?

Example: What does this dream mean ?

I am running around a garden late in the middle of the night and my boss a gangster is teaching a your man to shot and all about espionage.Now i seem to be running through a garden of a friends i loved as a kid.I can hide so well and they seem to walk right past me and not even notice me hiding in the bushes or under tree's.Now the gangstar says to the kid lets actually kill not realising i am so close to him. i am shocked so i run through the gardens on to the street where i see a garden i can hide in. i run into the garden and i run towards a fence that is made of metal.i see this fence and realise it would be easy for me to get over but i know that it would be sore and uncomfortable to climb over so i just stand in the shadow far from them waiting for day. Now as i look to my left i see a woman wearing a berry cap and black glasses so that suggest to me she is french and she cants see a thing.i know her or trust her and she walks around to the front of the house and we talk about>>>

Example: What could this dream mean?

I want actual answers, not them immature, random answers. please. thank you.

I had a sort of depressing dream (not like committing suicide, nor anything like that).

I had a dream that I was at work, and this woman (my co-worker) I'm crushing on was walking by my side. I was walking her to the front door since her shift was done. then I offered to take her to the subway station, she looks at me sad, and says "my boyfriend is mad at me", and I'm asking "why? he knows about me?", then she responds with "yeah, but I told him we just friends. that we going out to the movies, and dinner as friends". then she just walks out, and I see her boyfriend waiting for her across the street, puts his arm around her knowing I was looking at them.

what could this dream mean (I know she has a boyfriend, and she knows I like her more than a friend, but even with us knowing about each other, it's not awkward like it usually would to other people in our situation)?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I've had this dream twice over the past year after hearing about 2012. i was standing in front of a college or something like that with a few people and i look up at the sunny sky and all of a sudden it goes a little dark and i see this huge red flaming planet and before i wake up it hits and i catch my breath after i wake up.now i did research because it scared me and i looked up big red planet and it brought me to this site and had stuff written down about a planet called Herculobus or something like that.,and to see a picture of it and it looked pretty much like the planet i seen in my dream and well I've been wondering for awhile now so i figured i would ask on here so please help me because i really would like to know what this means.

Example: Do dreams have a meaning?

Example: What could my dream mean?

So there is this guy and I met him at a field trip and I was introduced to him through a friend. We hung out together with alot of other people.. I honestly didn't even know he went to my school but he approached me in the hall one day and we talked.We continued talking every once in awhile if I saw him around at school and I realized he was a very sweet genuine guy. I thought it was adorable though because he is so shy. My friends would Tell me he liked me when he would come up to talk to me shyly while id be walking to my bus after the bell rang.. Anyway, he stopped approaching me because I stopped talking to him. Now we pass in the hall and just make eye contact or he will smile. I honestly now have feelings for him,especially now that he doesn't talk to me.

I had a dream that I was at a different field trip and I saw his friend and I was wondering where the guy I liked was. Then I stopped caring about where he was and I hung out with my friends.Then I was walking up the steps into a museum and I turned around and the guy I like came running up and we began talking and laughing. He was so confident and brave that he didn't seem like the shy guy he was. Then the dream flashed and I was in a bathroom. I looked into the mirror and I was scared when I realized I was in the body of the guy I liked.I remember rubbing my face to make sure it was my reflection and it was. I was confused but I walked out the bathroom and right into a kitchen.there was a young lady standing there,it was me. I was stirring something in a pot and my hair was very long and I looked 16. I looked at the reflection in the pot and saw the guy I liked. So I was in my crush's body standing next to the older version of me. Then my older me says, "You've gatta tell the girl you like how you feel." and then I can't even control what I'm saying and I blurt "but it's you!" and it's in his voice. Then I woke up.

I'm so confused haha could someone please explain what this could mean?

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