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Dream About Stoning meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Stones growing from my abdomen dream meaning?

The dream had a very strange vibe, i was definitely feeling uneasy about different stones attached to my stomach and I also felt anxious to know what was happening and if it would be like that forever. Any interpretations?

The dream, shows ur fear. and shows ur acute stress, low confidence, will over powered, depression , frustration, insecurity and fear of failure, try to be happy

Example: What does it mean to dream of a face in stone. There were three huge square stones dark gray or black in color?

Example: Dream meaning - stone grave?

I had a dream went to the church with my father and my aunt (not for ceremony, we just needed to drop something by there) and in front of the church, on the left side, there was graveyard made of stones - it looked like some ancient graveyard, which normally does not exist there. So I asked my aunt why is not our grandfather burried here but in another town? She said because there was no place anymore and this is the ancient graveyard. Me and my autn entered the church and my father started taking off the stones from the grave which actually represented the grave of his father (my grandfather) so he was actually burried there. Beneath the cover stone there was some artificial green leaves and he took that away making a comment how his mother (my grandmother) always puts there something not esthetic.He seemed as if was trying to prove something and I asked him is he wanting to prove his father wasnt properly examined after his death..and he seemed confirming that. The I woke up. What could this mean?

Example: I had a dream that I was wearing a Tiger eye stone bracelet, what does this mean?

Example: Dreams of taking stones/pebbles out of your mouth means?

I had a dream that my mouth was filled with stones/pebbles and I tried to take them out one by one but it seemed like loads. At the end, I managed to get them all out. What does this dream mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream you kiss a rubi stone?

Ok so i dreamt that my boyfriend and i kissed a giant red rubi on opposite sides. Ok so i just would like to know what it means. please no mean comments. Thankyou!

Example: What does it mean when you dream of stone wings?

ok so last night i had this dream i was listening to this one nerdy kinda guy and he saiid sumthing about finding bermuda wings.(no rude or unsporting comments please). ok well i found the wings and they looked like a lion withought all the hair and it had a paw upsidedown holding a diamond it also had the most beautiful stone wings ever they were huge but beutiful so i gave them to the guy and he held me while we jumped off a roof well when we jumped the wings became real and we just flew away my dream ended after that but here are sum more things i would like to mention.

first every time i have a dream about flying im always jumping off a roof or im flapping my regular arms and with each flap i go higher and higher above people.

if any one has had a dream similar to this or knows what it means please feel free to comment but im asking kindly no rude or unsporting comments please

Example: What does a dream of putting stones in a river mean?

I dreamed i was at a riverbank and putting smooth brown stones in it (maybe river stones but they looked too polished to naturally be part of the river - and the stones belonged to me). The water was moving and clear and i was crouched down just placing them in there and there was quite a few of them. I wasn't throwing them or anything.

Example: I had a dream my mom stoned me! what does that mean?

We were at my cousins house, and me and my cousin were watching a movie in the basement(me and my cousin don't talk anymore so that was weird) and when it was time to go my mom ignored me then she said something smart, I forget what she said but I remember being mad then going outside to the car. I was in the front lawn and then she was behind me and said "You're so stupid that...blah blah blah" I forget what she said but I said back "mom you're so f*cking stupid that...blah blah blah" I forget what I said but then I remember her just going ballistic and she threw a stone at me. I remember there were people outside so I walked a little closer to my mom to see if she would throw another stone in front of those people(not for them to make her stop, just to see if she would throw a stone at me in front of people)... also just for myself to see if she would throw another stone, because its so weird that she did. She did then she yelled and threw so many stones at me that I stopped breathing while she kept throwing stones and eventualy passed out then woke up.

WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? me and my mom always argue and yesterday we had a big argument but she would never call me stupid. She never abuses me either.

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