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Dream About Strangulation meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do these violent dreams mean?

i always shoot them, never strangulation (except one time) or stabbing or anything. and it's always in the defense of a family member. like just last night i dreamt i was in a sewer with my sister and there was a ***** living down there, he tried to get my sister so i shot him dead.

i also had a dream a mexican gang banger was trying to kill by brother so i stole his gun, rapped a shirt around it to muffle the sound, shot him dead, then hid his body in a shack with the gun.

i also dreamt i found a secret passageway under a house i used to live at and me and my brother went under it and these swat team guys came out and tried to arrest him so i got out my pistol which had a sounds suppressor on it and shot the swat team guys dead. why do i keep having these freakin dreams?!@?

The dreams mean that you are feeling repressed anger or rage, which you are not acknowledging in your waking life. When you allow these feelings to be expressed while awake, the dreams will stop or change.

To see a gun in your dream symbolizes aggression, anger, and potential danger. You may be dealing with issues of passiveness/aggressiveness and authority/dependence.

Example: WEIRDEST READ: What did my dream mean ?

OK right into it.
My dream:
I was In a mental hospital and Dressed in a medical 'Onesie' of sorts but it was REALLY tight and I had to walk hunched over as it was so tight it hurt to stand up straight.

Two doctors came to a window of my classroom looking cell I was in and told me I needed 'This' Injection, I refused and asked "If it will help me grow, IF IT WILL ENHANCE ME". Then I started to become enraged with anger at the doctors (As I knew I had this amazing power the doctors were afraid of) and started to crack the wall by pushing against the window border.
The doctors got very scared and THEN weirdly I fell back and collapsed into helplessness. (I couldn't stand/walk/ talk properly or even hold myself up).
His arm stretched (Like a cartoon character) through the physical windows and injected me with this needle.

I was then calm/depressed. They both walked me to the canteen of the building where there were allot of other patients. I felt outcasted and didn't want to even look at any of them so I went to the toilet in the corner room of the canteen.

Now this is the weirdest part.

I started to urinate in this toilet But then my penis turned a REALLY deep purple and I was urinating deep purple colored urine that was an extreme struggle to get out. The toilet started to overflow with this purple urine of mine and I tried to clean it up but didn't care much I was just scared.
Another patient then barged into the toilet and I was then suddenly Very short'... he stood in the corner and I watched him in fear of what he was going to do.

That's it.
What did all that mean :S...

Example: What does this falling dream mean?

I just answered a question about dreams, and it made me want to ask about one of my dreams. Most of my dreams are very unusual, so I will ask about one of my more mild dreams.

I'm sure a lot of you have heard the myth that if you fall off of a high precipice in your dreams you will wake up before you hit the bottom because if you hit the bottom in your dream you will die in real life. I have evidence that this is a myth. I have hit the bottom.

In my dream, I accidentally fell off a really high cliff. I fell for about ten seconds. When I was falling, I did not want to die, but I was not afraid of it. I felt calm and ready. I know that sounds strange, but the best way I can explain that sensation is with an analogy: It was kind of like going to work. I don't really want to go to work, but I am not anxious about it and I am ready for what comes next when I get there.

In my dream I saw the landscape getting closer and closer until I could see even the details of the soil beneath me, and then I hit the bottom. I didn't feel any pain when I hit. Everything went black for a second, and then I dreamed about having an out of body experience where I left my badly bludgeoned body at the bottom of the cliff and floated away.

It was kind of odd because once I died I thought to myself, "Well, I guess I'll just get back to what I was doing before I was born". Mostly I went around observing current events and talking to other dead people about what was going on. I could also see evil spirits who were going around whispering in the ears of those who were still alive, and that made me very sad. I tried to talk to the live people also, but they wouldn't listen to me.

Next in my dream, God came to me and told me he wanted me to watch a serial killer and told me that if he tried to kill again it would be my job to stop him. This killer was stalking a young woman that I knew from before and cared a lot about. I followed him for many days while he obsessed over her. It was hard to do because the evil spirits that were urging him on were also trying to stop me from doing my job. He had made up his mind to kill her, so a few days latter (before he had the chance to go through with it) I touched him where the neck connects to the shoulder and he had a stroke. He lived, but still wanted to kill. He used to kill by strangulation, but he was to weak to do that now that he had the stroke, so he decided he would change his method and start poisoning people. When I found out, I gave him one more stroke that killed him. After he died, his spirit looked at me and asked me why I killed him. I told him God sent me because the girl he wanted to murder still had a purpose in life, and he was to evil to be left on the earth. I didn't want him to die, but it was better this way.

So what does this dream mean?

Example: Dreams presentation help?

I have to do a presentation on dreams or 45 min. i was wondering what you guys would want to see in a dreams presentation and if you were doing a survey what questions would you ask. also, i want to make some videos on dreams and i dont know which dreams i should use. what are some common dreams that i can make a video of and how. thanks

Example: Ever had a strangulation dream where you can feel hands on you and you wake up breathing heavy?

Last night I had a vivid dream about two hands around my neck strangling me. I could not see the attacker's face but I could feel the hands on my neck. All I could think about is fighting back. Then I woke up breathing heavy. What's this mean?

Example: My boyfriend (at the time of the dream) dreampt he killed me and his whole family by strangulation?

I just want to know what this means.. He told me about the dream a long time after it happened. & he said that he has dreams along the lines of these all the time.. & I cried about and he just held me and told me not to be upset because he has learned to not let his dreams effect him because he can't control them. & we are broken up now for almost a month. But we have been on and off for six years. The dream was right at a year ago when we were together. So, I still wonder about it and want to know

Example: I had a dream that I was in someone else body what does this mean?

It started out like I was at work or something but I did not know anyone there and had no control over the body. I talked to people and saw their faces and was calling them by name but I have never met any of these people before. I walked by a mirror and started to check my face and it was not me at all it was some one completely different. He gets a call for a friend and they go out and they pick up two guys. They go to his friends place and things are going well then he says he has to go because the mood changes from having a relaxed feel to a I want to feel you up feel and he has someone and leaves. He gets home and he tells his partner and he is killed by his partner by strangulation. There is more details but I don't want to put a soft porn story up. Anyway I was in this person's body and when he died I walked with him until he was at the place to cross over.

Example: I dreamt about my BF and brother in a car crash, what does this means?

Well I don't really know what to think and why would a normal, sane girl dream about that.

In my dream, it was a couple days before Christmas (again, I don't know why even that date) and they were arguing in the car. He was drunk and I was telling him many times to slow down and he yelled at me. Then my brother and two other people told him to slow down. Just then the car exploded, I went flying through the window.
By this point I just woke up screaming.

I sometimes get weird dreams such as arguments (unfortunately sometimes it happens), or last time I dreamt about my best friend drowning. Strangle the following week, I manage to pull her apart from an upcoming drunk driver.

Ok is this all a concidence or what? I'm really spooked out by now.

Example: Dream about being strangled?

i had a dream last night that I got up out of bed and went to walk upstairs, there was a baby's crib in my room, which is weird, I'm 19 and don't have a baby. Then a pair of hands jumped out at me and started strangling me and choking me. I couldn't see a face or body, just hands. I ended up on the couch then they kept choking me, then I was trying to scratch them with my finger nails, then I abruptly woke up and I was very shaken. I just started a job yesterday, would that have anything to do with it? What does this dream mean?

Example: I am a CNA & had a dream about a resident that passed away from pancreatic cancer..?

In the dream, she had passed then came back to life. Instead of taking care of her at the facility I worked at, I did home health care. There were other CNA's there, that I don't know, to help. I remember she was sitting on her couch, she looked the same way she did 3 days before she passed, and she was talkng to me. I don't know what she said but I do remember we both were crying. Then out of nowhere, this girl CNA came behind her and strangled her with the residents shirt. I tried to stop it but it was too late. Her eyes had a glazed go over them during the strangulation. The CNA said something like, she has to die because she was already dead. I'm helping her.
What does this dream mean?

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