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Dream About Stripes meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok so I had this dream last night that I was in my garage fixing a car until my phone rang so I picked it up and there was no one there so I put the phone back than turned right to find a one legged man with an eye patch he said he was my therapist for the evening so I guess I agreed for me and him to talk about my life history and then after I told him this he told me my life was boring so he left than a woman came in the room and was speaking a language I did not know than she ran away so I ran after her to find I guess it was her grandfather naked and stuck to a toilet I giggled a little than helped him out than he walked outside than the girl kissed me and said this to me Vous êtes tellement grosse et vous remercier d'avoir sauvé mon odorat pa pa than she walked outside and striped naked than she jumped into my pool than I woke up... What did she say in what language and what does this dream mean?

Its French meaning you are so big thank you for saving my smelly papa... Um, that its a dream and you might want that to happen to you some day? I don't think anyone knows why dreams happen and why dreams have weird *** ****... How did you know exactly what she said and how did you know how to spell it?

Example: What does my Dream Mean?

The other night I dreamt that a large black snake with yellow stripes on his back was trying to play with my daughter. Then he began to try and eat her. He swallowed her up to her knees. Then I got a knife and I cut her out. There was not any blood when I cut the snake and my daughter was fine when I got her out. What does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

2-3 nights ago I had this strange dream.
I was in a bathtub, there wasn't any water and I was completely dry. I was just sitting in the bath tub, wearing only white panties (if the colour matters). Then all of a sudden I saw a spider in the other end of the bath tub. It was black, with thick black legs and had some yellow on it, too (something like yellow stripes but not quite). At first it wasn't heading towards me but I was trying to find something to kill it with. Then, it started walking fast towards me, my vag***, if I have to be more specific. I started searching for something to hit it with around me while I was still sitting in the bath tub (I couldn't stand up for some reason). Then I grabbed a deodorant that was on a small table on my left side, I think I couldn't hit it with that (and maybe dropped it?) so that's why after that I tried to get another deodorant or a bottle similar to that from a small table located in the right... I remember there was also this small magazine in the bathtub... Anyway, I couldn't kill the spider and it was still heading fast towards me... Then I woke up frightened and I remember I hit the wall with my hand in real.

Does this have any meaning, or is it just a dream?

Thank you!

Example: I dreamt my boyfriend of 8 months was wearing lime green zebra striped bloomers? What could that mean?

At first this dream sort of reminded me of the Hunger Games, since I'm reading the last one. It started out with pretty much the entire world trying to kill me. They had already killed a lot of my friends. Me and my friend Morgan hid in this shack thing, but they found us so we ran into a river and swam for what seemed like forever. Plus I had to drag her because she didn't know how to swim. We came to a castle, so I left her at land. I went inside and up a spiral staircase and found 2 of my friend's dead bodies on the steps. Then they told my cousin to kill my other cousin for a lot of money, so I had to go save my other cousin in the river. Then one of my baby cousins on land wouldn't stop crying and cried harder when she looked at me. Then I went in this tiny building of people gathering that were on my side. My boyfriend came in last so I locked him out to mess with him. When I let him in, he had on this pair of lime green, zebra striped bloomers that I've had my eye on for a while at my tumbling class. I have absolutely no idea what that could possibly mean lol.

Example: Wat does dreaming about a baby mean?

I had a dream a couple of nights ago that I can't get out of my head. I normally don't remember dreams so well of for this long so I'm assuming that maybe I'm trying to tell myself something.

It was a baby boy, maybe two months or less, wearing a green and light green striped onesie. I knew he was mine and though I knew it was a challenege to take care of him (changing extremely messy diapers, trying to carry him into Walmart, closing a car door while trying to keep hold on him and grabbing a basket to put him in while trying not to drop him) I enjoyed it. I stuck it out no matter how difficult it was to me. I've taken care of my baby cousin mulitple times and that overwhelmed me so I know it's not telling me to have a kid.

My little sister enjoyed him being around and always asked questions and though my mom didn't say anything she supported me and I think even helped me out financially though I would never want her to. Around the end of the dream I was actually starting to enjoy it more then I woke up and felt kind of sad.

From all that I gathered so far there's some creative idea that I should probably put more focus on. If so, I know what the idea is, but I need more info. I've never had a dream that's stuck with me like this before.

Example: Having weird dreams . what do they mean?

i ve had three continued dreams . this is the third part . It was night time and my step dad wanted a picture of a tiger on the floor . ( i am good at painting ) So he told me to please help him paint a tiger .I painted the tiger in a swimming pose . For some reason no one could see the tiger , the paint ing was like invisible on the white marble floor . It wasn't till my step dad painted black around the tiger that it was visible . The after that one of my friends came to visit , along with her came a rock band . then there were other kids form my school there and we were playing tag . the last kid standing won $150.00 . then every one slept on a couch and there were nun left over and i did not have some where to sleep . My friend who came to visit had a whole bunch of cats that followed her to my house . THE cats lined up my window which took up one whole side of the wall . then this small , slender , orange cat with big striped ears , some how came inside my house . it didnt want to be bothered but i still i tried petting it , over and over . at last i picked it up and carried it with its paws up and its white belly facing me . then the cat talked to me . i dont exactly remember what it said . it said " papa ..." idk i think it said "papa , michel jackson , what did he do before he died ?" ( i am not a fan of Michel jackson ) Answered the cat with saying he danced and sang . then the cat left and i woke up .

Example: What does my dream mean?!?

Last night i had a dream where i was walking to my house with my best friend her mom my mom my sister and me of course and it was dark, we were walking around the corner and a man drove up in a truck and ordered us to get in the truck, my sister said i have a gun and pointed it at him, then he said i do to, so we all took off running and he sped off after us. . .Then i woke up and i saw a girl on the side of my bed wearing a purple and pink striped tanktop and jean shorts just standing there i had to blink my eyes a few times to make it stop. . .It scared the crap out me!

Example: What does this dream means?

i dreamt that
there was a boy standing near my car(i know that boy)i was afraid but still i asked him for his tie(colour:green and yellow stripes)he gave it to me angrily but then smiled at me.!
Its a weird dream real weird

Example: What does dreaming about a white Siamese cat with light grey stripes and one snake fang biting me, means?

So I had a dream a few nights ago where I was alone in my grandparents’ home where I encountered a white Siamese cat with light grey strips that weirdly enough had one snake fang on the right side of its mouth. I remember that I spoke out to it to get its attention and when I did it jumped down in front of me where it afterwards jump and grabbed a hold of my left hand where it began to sink its one snake fang into my hand to bite it. I remember it biting me twice in the hand and no matter what I could not force it off my hand. I panicked in my dream and woke up just as it was about to bite a third time.

I have been very puzzled lately by this dream so I have been searching on the various meanings behind it. So far, I’ve found out about the meaning behind the cat being white and why it was biting me. However, there was nothing about the cat also having light grey stripes and one snake fang only for a tooth, which is the weirdest part of the dream. So I hope that there might be someone who understand the last detail of the dream and would be willing to share it to me since I’ve been thinking about that dream so much lately.

Example: Do dreams mean anything?

This dream happend a week a go but im still wondering why i was mistaken for jasmine i dont know anyone named jasmine

in my dream the guy i liked was wearing a striped tshirt vertical lined and he mistaked me for the name jasmine and he was smileing and nervous we were at a theater play all i can remember what does it mean if you put all these clues together?

does it have to do with soulmates cause im re asking this question and almost all the answers everyone said soulmates

To see jasmine in your dream, signifies love and protection. It is also an indication of short-lived pleasures.

I just want to know what jasmine means or who she is etc.

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