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Dream About Stubble meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had this dream that someone was trying to kill me?! Can someone tell me what it means? l give u the details.?

So me and my dad were at a hotel, then my mom went to the parking lot bc she heard something. I walk out of the hotel room where my dad is, and I look out a busted window. a man sees me, then showed a very large gun and shot at me. He missed me by a little bit. I finally hid behind something. It was a couch, like red colored or something. He climbed in the window and saw me. He kept shooting at me and my dad heard it, he kept the door a crack open. Then he yelled for me, I went in as fast as i could. I made it in, then heard the door slam shut. That's when I woke up.
Violent huh? lol and it was a man, with black clothes and a small black cap that didn't cover his face. he looked a little young, 20s to 30s? he had like a little bit of a beard. like stubble. and the gun was really long and it was black, it had like two holes instead of one at the top.
I just wanted to know what's going on with my dreams! lol
is it somethings going to happen or just something from my past?
Nothing bad with men has happened me (or that I can remember) and certainly no gun shootings! no Killings or anything (hooray!).
Please help. I really wanna know.

Dream means you faced unexpected terrible danger but found a way to survive it. Means you are able to figure your way out of difficult situations despite slim chance of success.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had as dream last night that I was married to this man and we were in bed together. I heard a noise so I said I would go check what is was. He laughed at me and said "this is the part where you go check and you come back and he'll be behind the door." I rolled my eyes and checked anyway. I remember bringing something with me like a baseball bat or a stick I'm not sure. Nobody was out there so I turned around and went back to my room. When I opened the door my husband looked scared, his eyes were huge and black and when I turned to see what he was looking at I saw a man. He had stubble brown hair that came to his earlobes and glasses with black frames. He was wearing a brown shirt with a logo that was in a yellow-brown (I couldn't make out what it said.) I tried saying "Who are you?" but I couldn't speak all I did was move my lips and I was having a really hard time breathing. Then I woke up.

Any interpritations?

Example: What does it mean if you can feel a kiss from outside your dream?

I know there have been many questions like this, but I can't seem to find the right answer for my "particular" question. What happened was I dreamed I was at one of Tom Daley's swim practices and I caught him just before he was heading to the change rooms. I was with one of my aunts and her son and we all got pictures together. So when I asked for a single picture with just Tom he said "of course" and we took quite a lot. Then for our last few, I kissed his cheek and he made a silly face and then he smiled for the other. Then, when he went to kiss my cheek for the last picture, I instantly felt his stubble on my cheek outside the dream the second he placed his lips on my cheek but I didn't wake up. And then a few seconds later I felt "sparks" and then a few minutes later I woke up. Now I know this sounds cheesy, but I would really like to know what it means. And a little additional info would that yeah I am a fan of him, but not a die-hard fangirl not have I EVER dreamed of him before.

Oh and I'm 15 (I know, pretty young), but I'm curious cause I've heard this kind of stuff means something.


Example: What does my dream mean?

I was a cowboy with stubble. I was in a dark barn and had a pistol. There was a young man in the room too. He was an Indian. I was trying to kill him. My perceptive was from both men. There was a small crack in the side of the barn. The Indian was hiding behind a barrell and "I" said "I bet my friend that I could kill an Indian *spit on floor* Imma kill you boy. My friend said I miss" 'I' pulld out a knife and missed the man as he crawled out the hole in the wall. A small black boy, toddler, crawled in from the hole because he didn't know what was going on. He had a small afro. I think i killed him because i said "If I kill you, will you scream?" the boy nodded and my scene changed to outside on a grassy field by the barn. I heard a scream and i think it was the boy. Then I was in the eyes of the cowboy and i was walking towards people shooting. I heard a woman screamed and she ran by with her baby in her arms. I then woke up. I have no idea what this dream means, can somebody please tell me! **Notice: That day I learned more about the shooting at the high school in Colorado. It was about the Rachael girl, the first to get shot.**

Example: I had a strange dream...What does my dream mean?

In my dream i'm at the super market and i walk to a stand and theres this old man and he keeps aging and aging and his stubble keeps growing longer into a beard. I talk to him and then afterwoods he sees Molly(a cat on ABC tv) and he grabs a bow and arrow and chases after her. When the old man is gone i talk to molly and she points at a packet of whiskers cat food and says "That's you" I got soo offended i picked up a bow and arrow and tried to hunt down molly. But i lost her and then i see her hiding behind the end of an isle. I think "this must be a trap" and i see her holding skipping rope connected to a skate board and if she pulled it it would swing like a pendulum blade... she knew i wouldn't be hit so she says "Hey watch this" and one of my friends walks through the door and gets hit by the trap. Another of my friends pop out of nowhere and says my dad needs me and i felt disapointed that he ruined my fun. And then i woke up

Example: **Dream of Spa meaning and more?

I had a dream couple of nights ago of myself visiting a spa at passing north london where there were green grass, suburbs and very nice sunny day. Open area too. I must have been on a bus and ive reached the spa and settled in.

After so many treatments and jacuzzi session later, i pretty enjoyed my time and i wanted to have a shower and i must have been a bit disappointed because of the cubicle showers were kinda shoulder height lower so it meant i could see other women as well. Luckily there were only about 2 women who were on there way out. I see 2 men who were maintenance workers, fixing the pipes and waters. I was a bit reluctant to have my shower but nevertheless i had my swimsuit on so it wasn't a big deal so i carried on. one of the men had to leave to get something i think was a tool whilst the other guy, who was noticing me. I'm slightly shy when it comes to men, so i was coy. He made 2 steps forward to see me closer and i was hurrying myself to get out of the shower room but got caught up with this guy. Normally, i do like dark featured guys and he was dark, with green/hazel eyes. He had mid long hair and looked to be in this 30's and he had stubble facial hair. To me, i thought he was handsome in his own way.

Anyhoo, we were talking briefly but trying not to engage too much as the feeling of passion and heated romance were flushing in. But i was worried if that guy were only interested in sex rather than a bit more. However, i had a feeling that this guy is a little a bit more than that. He asked me what were my plans and i said like have dinner or to sleep. He looked at me with a slight smile with his eyes gazing at my eyes and believe it or not i couldn't resist him. The guy's co worker came back with his tool so they both had to go back. I said to him, i'll see him around...

My heart was beating my hands were shivering and i was smiling like ive never before. It felt like as if ive known him before. But thought it might just be a passing acquaintance, nothing to be excited about but there was a knock on my hotel door. i opened and it was him and i was speechless. He entered, holding my body against his and we ended up kissing and well you know it...one hot steamy passionate love making session! Probably the best session i had all day!

After all that i remember myself dreaming of my departing my way home on a bus, that was going so fast and i request to stop so i came off and what i see in front of me was a park with my leather jacket and my bag near the tree and i was confused but i saw the same guy again and we kissed again. then i woke up.

What the hell was that dream about?

Example: What do my dreams mean?

For the past two months i have been having vivid dreams with the same people over and over again. Thedreams have different settings and are not the same, different dreams with the same people. And theyre five boys.. i know them but they dont know me, and way older than me. But sometimes only like one or two of them shows up or just all of them. I once had adream that had kissed one of them, as i kissed him held his face in my hands and felt the stubble on hisface. and felt his lips when we kissed.
What does this mean..?

Example: What does my dream mean?

About 2 weeks ago I had a dream that I had this friend from church (I don't even know anyone that looks like this guy). We had to partner up for something so we chose to be partners. We were sopposed to get to know each other over the course of a month. We did and began to to like one another. Then the youth leaders broke us the news that the guys all had to be locked in a room with there prized posetions and burned alive.

I woke up from that dream crying. And now everytime I think about that dream it makes me all teary eyed and its like I knew this person and all. It makes me feel really bad that in my dream I let that happen...It feels like everytime I see his face that he looks at me and says this was for the best, I will see you in heaven. But then I want to die cause it just made me sooooo sad!

So I don't know what this means can you all help me?

Example: What does my dream mean? (tub overflowing with water)?

I just woke up a little while ago after having a very bizarre dream. First i was lying in my bed and a shadowy figure stood over at the of the bed. I looked at it and said "Why? What is wrong with me?" The figure put his hand on my shoulder and walked away. Next thing i know, i had gotten up and walked into my bathroom. The tub there (which i dont have in real life) was overflowing like crazy. I just stood there and watched it. There were these towels that were arranged to direct the water all around the room, and watter was just going everywhere. Weird right? Then i start talking to my parents (who are alive). They were very sad and upset. I just remember telling them how they understand better than anyone else. But they were still upset and asking me a bunch of questions that i cant remember. I couldnt actually see them i just felt that they were there and of course i heard them. I could feel the figure behind me but i didnt dare turn around. I just watched the water fill the room. Then all of a sudden my parents just left, i couldnt feel or hear them anymore and i walked toward the tub. I started picking up all the towels and the water slowly stopped overflowing. I took the towels and cleaned up the floor and when i looked up the water had gone down and was extremely calm. Then i woke up!

Now i know that different people from different faiths and cultures explain these things in their own ways so thats all im looking for. Not a definate answer, just how you would interpret sucha thing because let me tell you, i have never had such a vivd dream in my entire life.

Please respond and thank you!

Example: Can anyone tell me what this dream might have meant?

Okay... so it basically revolved around this guy. I don't know who the hell he is, but I seemed to love him...
In the dream we where in a pretty dirty house(a drug house, i was later to find out.)I had my arms draped around his neck, and I was focusing on his face stubble for some reason. He had black hair, and a moment later all I could see were his eyes... I think they were green. I remember a tremendous feeling of wanting him to say "I love you." but he didn't.
Anyway, the dream went all weird and all of a sudden a cop was there saying that the guy had a court hearing for animal cruelty(which I'm highly against), and of course, being involved in drugs. Now Aparently I was involved in drugs too, which is strange because outside of the dream I don't do drugs, and he could possibly go to jail for 7 years. I still had my arms around him though and started crying... he comforted me...
then in the court room I said i was clean for two weeks, he said he was clean for almost 2 weeks.

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