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Dream About Stuffed Animals meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I'm pretty skeptical about dreams really meaning stuff but...?

I had a really weird one. I was at a private lake property in Mason County, WA (I go there a lot, so that's nothing new). I went to the bathroom next to my place and when I walked back, I noticed something under the trailer. When it looked at me, I noticed that it was a cougar. I ignored it (It's a dream, nothing makes sense) and went back inside the trailer. The dream sort of skipped right to night time while I was inside, and a weird black creature was looking at me through the window. It was the size of a full grown chihuahua and it was built like a raccoon, but skinnier. It made sounds like a raccoon, so I assumed it was a raccoon (remember, it was a dream, the logic center of your brain is off during sleep). Later on, it was daytime and the cougar came out of hiding. I got a better look at it as it chased me, and I noticed something... It was an african lion. I jumped into the lake and landed in the middle on a raft, and had a guitar in my hand that came from no where. It was a 7/8 size acoustic like the one I have in the real world. I remember suddenly being in the car on the way back home, and my logic center flipped on or something and my mind screamed "Lucid dream!" About five seconds later, I woke up. And I had some fun things planned for lucid dreams... Damn.

What could this mean? It was my first remembered lucid.

First, the private lake tells me this has something to do with your private thoughts, things you don't share with everyone. Wild animals often represent the wild part of yourself, usually sexuality, so that fits with private thoughts. Also, I looked up some of your questions and I see you're about 15 and male, but I'm not sure how sexually active you are or aren't.

Another thing that led me to believe this deals with sexuality was the cougar reference. For anyone who doesn't know, that is slang for an older woman who pursues younger men. It could be that you noticed an older woman and tried to ignore your feelings.

Inside your trailer is another private space, and a weird black creature could mean you're dealing with some weird thoughts, hard to categorize or identify.

The cougar coming out of hiding tells me that things became more open in terms of an older woman, maybe you feel she is pursuing you, but then again when you get a better look it's not a cougar but an african lion. Usually when things change it means we find our expectations do not meet reality, or it could just be that the situation changed with time. Interestingly you said an African lion, because as far as I know there are no other kinds, so I wonder if there is someone in your life who is African?

You jumped into a lake, which can mean you allowed yourself to get involved (jumping in), or it can mean you somehow escaped it by retreating to your privacy (the private lake). Water also often represents emotions, getting swept away or in over your head. But I don't see much of that, and you land on a raft which is a safe place, but a lonely place.

Having your guitar maybe tells me you use that to deal with your feelings of sexuality.

I'm not an expert on lucid dreaming but this doesn't strike me as one because unless you didn't describe it properly, I didn't see you consciously driving the action. It just seems to me like a very vivid dream.

Edit: Being under the trailer represents something kept hidden below the surface. When it changes from a cougar to a lion -- even though it might have been a lion all along, your perception of it has changed. That shows some kind of shift when this thing surfaces. Both are wild animals though. Now it might not be sexual although animals often are; they could represent anything wild and possibly dangerous in your life, for example: violent thoughts.

Example: What does it mean to dream about REAL stuffed animals?

I'm not talking about the fuzzy kid ones. There was a wolf, dogs, roosters, chickens, etc. Then they came alive when I tried to remove them from the field. A feather I picked up from the same spot was the same color of a bird I dreamed of about a week ago.

Me and a couple of other people were also wearing paint on our faces. We were at a Christmas party.

I also remember dreaming of dead things that weren't really dead. They just weren't breathing, look very sleepy, and not moving.


Example: What does my dream mean? I dreamed of 3 dying animals.?

Okay so every night I dream. Alot of the times it's killing dreams.
My deams are normally chock full of stuff. Many times I can't remember the majority.
Okay so this time I remembered this part of a dream
I was at a krogers parking lot. I was kneeling down in front of 3 dying animals. All large. A dog, goat, andd Horse. All were dying. I sat there staring at them. I wanted to help but I stayed silent.
So what did that mean?
Or what did the jist of it mean?
Oh also. I've been having more of these kinds of dreams the closer school starts

Example: What does this dream mean about a stuffed animal?

I have been doing some cleaning and reorganizing. I have 3 dogs, so I have allot toys lying around. When the toys start looking bad I through them out of they can not be washed. Anyway they had this moose stuffed animal way to big to put in the washing machine. It started getting ratty looking so I threw it out. About a week later, I have this dream that I still had the stuffed animal, but in the dream I remember looking at the stuffed animal thinking to myself, "what is this doing here", I threw that out last week. In the dream it was driving me crazy as too how that stuffed animals made its way back. Realistically there is no way, because the waste management services had already emptied the can. I just thought that was weird. Until I got to thinking about it yesterday, one of my dogs passed away last September and she used to love rough house with that moose. I have been really depressed over her death, could that be her way of trying to comfort me?

Example: I had a dream about my stuffed animal, what does it mean?

Last night I had a very sexual dream about my stuffed penguin, Chipper. I do not know what this means and I am very afraid. But I think I love Chipper.

Example: My son keeps dreaming his stuffed animals are being mean to him?

my 5 year old son . resently started having nightmares that his stuffed animals yell at him and are mean to him... I dont know how to help him he wont even go in his room to play with his toys... its so sad... ANY ideas?

Example: Werid dream about animals invading my house?What does it mean?

I forgot how it started but I have been having this dream quiet a lot now, and every time an animal invades my mom carelessly lays outside tanning and i have to pull her in, to protect her.Last night I was dreaming that a wolf came so I took a branch and scared it into the corner of the gates entrance.The gate was big and made out of wood so i didn't see what was on the other side,i opened one side just to see a sloth hanging on the other side from my last dream. I kicked the wolf out just to see the monkey from lion king coming my way.I screamed and closed the gate.The monkeys head popped out so i started slapping it with a branch, and then spraying it with a host. But it got into my back yard anyways and it started chasing my,luckily i got to the door and closed it just before it got it.But then i realized my mom was tanning (Again) peacefully outside.The monkey noticed and was about to turn around when i smashed the door in its face and ran to get my mom.the monkey was unconscious and I saved my mother once again.Some how those dreams keep waking me up...i hate monkeys they r so creppyy!

Do you know what this can mean?Does it mean anything at all?Or is it just a silly dream?

silly dreams r getting me creeped out lately TT.TT

Example: What do these dreams mean?

i had a dream i was with my little nephew and we was guideing a elephant through like a airport or something but it was small and when we got outside it shrunk to like the size of a stuffed animal

Example: What does my dream mean?

ive heard that either demons God or just my concision is where dreams come from when i was a lil kid i had a dream where a angle dressed in white with a shiny golden halo came out of the clouds she was huge and only her chest up is what you could see my mom and me were driving home and she came out of the sky and all the sudden there were tons of cars on the rural road we were driving on and no one seemed to notice and when we got home we had to hide in the kitchen but my mom and me were running back and forth from my room to the kitchen grabbing all of my stuffed animals. does my dream mean anything or does it mean something

Example: Why did I have a dream about live stuffed animals ? What does it mean ?

I have had a reoccurring dream about live stuffed animals attacking me and hurting me. I try to fight back but they all ways find a way to find and hurt me. Why am I having this dream and what does it mean? What can I do to stop this dream ?

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