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Dream About Stun meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Weird dream, what does it mean?

i had a weird dream last night that i went to my old school to visit my teacher and he asked me to marry him!
does it mean that somewhere in my mind i had a crush on him or i miss my school?
i think that is soo weird cause i always thought he was a butt-munch, and i never really liked him!

Lol. Dreams aren't usually that literal in their meaning... think of everything as a metaphor. So, teacher that's a bit of a "butt-munch" (haha) could be metaphor for any authority figure. a policeman, a parent, a bossy friend, or even something more general like a work place or plans to go to the army. Can you see how I got there? lol... like, teachers and workplaces and the army all make rules for us, take up all our time, look after us, make us work, kinda annoy us, etc.)

The proposal probably just signafies your commitment... or the commitment that you think is expected and asked of you, by whoever the ''teacher'' is representing. Maybe your brain's trying to work out how committed you are. How did you feel about the proposal in your dream?
a. excited
b. stunned,
c. scared,
d. horrified/disgusted?

If this is anywhere near the right track, that's probably how you subconciously feel about your relationship or committment to whatever the 'teacher' is.

Lol. I hope that makes sense. I have NO research into this though, except reading dream section of cleo now and then- and thinking about my own whack dreams... but it's something to think about anyway. It could be a metaphor for ANYTHING. or it could just be a random dream. lol


Example: What does my crazy dream mean?

My dream last night: My family and I were in a car sorta late at night and we were driving to out house. There is a 3-way intersection near where I live. A man was standing in the middle of it shooting everyone in sight. My mom tried to run him over to stop the shooting but missed. He got angry and chased up our big lane to our house.

I must have been scared cause I woke up right there, what does that dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

ok so i had a weird but good dream last night and im wondering what it means; here it is...
ok so i had a dream i had sisters (i am an only child in real life) and i was 16 years old (i am 13 in real life) and i was goin to prom/school dance with a really cute guy at my high school (some hot random dude i dreamed up) and i was wearing the CUTEST light green dress and i looked fabulouse (LOL!) and i got like 76523214 compliments and after we got 2 the dance we started dancing and then like full on making out and i tried to kiss his neck but he was like wait till tonight and i was like k then the rest went on but then all of a sudden everything flipped around & i was wearing a butt ugly dress & an ugly guy i was dancing with and when i went home my dad said is this your date? and i didnt answer bcus i honestly didnt know then i tried to give him a cheek kiss goodnight and he rejected me and i was stunned but i just left. WHAT DOESS IT MEAN?

btw, thanks for taking your time to read my extremely long dream, haha(:

Example: What does my dolphin dream mean?

I dreamt that I was in a pool of water with dolphins in, watching them from the side. Then one of them rose up, thudded into me and dragged me down under the water and I remained there for a while. I wasn't particularly frightened, more a bit stunned.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had an argument with my girlfriend, and then I stormed to the library thinking about her. This was over the phone i think. Anyways, when I get to the library, there is a GIANT fat red parrot on the roof. So stunned, I stop and stare at it. A few moments later, my girlfriend and her sisters are walking to the library and stand right beside me. The parrot starts to lift up and fly, so me and one of the sisters run back a distance so we can look but not be sat on or anything. My girlfriend and her other sister stayed there. The parrot flew above them, and started defecating on them. It was poop though, more like giant bullets or something. They came out like a machine gun. So now all we see is smoke around them. Seconds later, we see giant eggs on fire shooting randomly from the smoke. None, near us, but they are just going in random directions. As the smoke clears, one hits the library and it collapses. We don't see me girlfriend or her sister anymore. And right then and there, I woke up saying WTF!?!?!?!

Example: What does my dream mean?

To begin with I was sat in an old-fashioned metal bathtub in my sitting room with a lightning storm outside. I was worried my dad was going to enter the room so I held a towel over my naked body. It was either dusk or dawn so everything was pretty dimly lit. A blackbird and a jackdaw came through the window. A black cat was also in the dream. Suddenly I was outside being chased by white horses with lightning striking all around. The road I was on isn't far from my home.

I don't know how accurate this description is as I dreamt it a little while ago now. I seem to remember the horses were owned as their carer was chasing after them. I didn't feel at all scared during the dream.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I was painting on a canvas and I was painting a sky, a blue with orange sky, with clouds painted pink and white. I even remember mixing the paint colors as if I knew how to paint, and if as I knew what I was doing. The painting was beautiful, so beautiful that if i knew how to draw it in real life it would stun the Art industry.

Example: What does this falling dream mean?

In my dream somebody somehow catapulted me up into the air, lol idk if that makes sense. There was this tall structure, it was like a building but different and I was supposed to land on it but I didn't I fell instead. It was so high up that I thought I could see the stars up close, it was like outer space. But then I was falling, and I had that same sensation that I get in real life like on a rollercoaster, and it was really vivid and I saw the ground and I was anticipating myself being in great pain when I would crash. Then I actually crashed and it was sort of painful but I woke up all of a sudden and my body was completely numb and paralysed for a few seconds. It was a really intense experience, and really vivid! What could this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamed that I was in an elevator, a young blond man gets in and he says "If something happens to you, I am sorry". I hug him and say "whatever it is, you are going to be okay. All of a sudden the elevator jerks and we start falling, spinning swaying, rolling up, then down, then up to the top when the doors open we are on a street in the middle of a University. The steps are made of cake icing, and all the walls are decorated in pink and dark blue icing. I am stunned, and looking at everything in awe. The young man crosses the street, and waves good bye...

Example: What could this religious dream mean?

When I was a little girl, I had this dream that seems to stay in my mind.

I'm in a park. It's bright and sunny outside and I see a somewhat unusual tunnel slide. What made it unusual was it was black - not silver. I climb up the ladder and look down the slide - it seems normal; could even see the opening and the wood chipped ground. I go down the slide and find that it goes on for a while, spirals, and eventually I reach the end. I stand up and look over a cliff. The ground was sand. There were brown crosses in rows - like at a grave yard. In the middle of it all, was a giant cross with a silver cloth draped around the arms of the cross. All of a sudden, the small crosses went ablaze. I just stand there, stunned, moments later, the large cross starts fire and is brighter and bigger then the smaller flames. A scythe is dropped at my feet and I pick it up. I watch the fires and seem to be happy and sad at the same time. I remember wanting to cry and laugh but couldn't do either or.

What could this dream possibly mean? And don't just say "It was just a dream" because if it was, I wouldn't remember it this vividly.

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