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Dream About Sunflower meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do my dreams mean?

I have to dreams that I have had ever since i was a small child. It a dream about a evil toy chest. I am in a room when all of a sudden I fall in this hole and end up in a place that looks like space but there are toys everywhere. I wonder and wonder until i give up, I them walk into a doll house and these dolls pull out knives and try to kill me so i run out of the house frantic and hop on top of this closed Jack-in-a-Box and kick the dolls away and they fall to the floor. So when i think i am safe i try to get down and 2 clowns and 2 tigers come up and they are circling me then the Jack in the box opens and i fly into the air and end up in a field covered by beautiful yellow flowers. Once again i think i am safe when soldiers start to come up the hills and fight each other. I then run to a random public bathroom in the middle of the field and hide in a stall, then these scary, weird sunflower monsters with guns come and i am just so scared that i wake up shaking.

The other one is about Dinosaurs. In this dream its like it doesn't matter the place or time but its like they are everywhere i go, even when i am with friends or at my house or the mall, its usually meat eaters, mostly a T-rex's and Raptors.

Which trauma had [ mark ] your childhood ?
This dream reflect a trauma

Example: What is the meaning of my dream?

I saw a strange dream but i dont remember most of it:
i was in a strange place with the students of the same age of my school and we had to feed some animals like hen(the only one i remember or maybe the only one ) and the food was in sacks and i took sunflower seeds to feed them... near, there was a boy from the other class who had blueberries in his hand (to feed them), but it looked like berries to me and i said him to give some to me.(i've never eaten or seen blueberries, but i've eaten berries in real life) he put some in my pocket in a hidden way without talking to me... i dont remember how but i was with my mom in the building nearby(which was in "ruins") and we were looking from the window... we could see a torrent and an abandoned baby in it (the creek was too shallow) i called some to save that baby and to bring him up.. 2 men took the baby and while i was thinking of the name, someone told me i should be feeding the hens, and in the last moment i said: andy, that's the only name coming through my head

Example: Can you tell me what my dream means?

ok, so last night i had a craazzzy dream . . .

I was lying in my bed, then i fell into unconsciousness. . .

Oh no! A giant sunflower seed is chasing me! Then it started to rain and the sunflower was bloomin' like a bloomin' onion! It started going high and higher 'till it was way up in the clouds! I suddenly stopped in my tracks. Then I started running towards it! I couldn't stop myself! Then one by one pedals on the sunflower started growing, forming a giant staircase made of pedals! Then I started climbing the pedals, and when I got to the top, I saw Michael Jackson and I screamed! I fell all the way down the sunflower, and hit the group with a grunt and some broken bones!

Can u tell me what that means?

Example: What does it mean to dream of a seed growing from your head?

Okay .. slightly weird. But last night I had a dream that I felt the top of my head itching. I went to the bathroom and saw a seed (similar to a sunflower seed) sticking out of the top of my head. I was afraid to pull it out so I left it and just stared at it. Any idea what that could mean in the dream world? I don't remember much else from the dream though.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay I don't remember all of it because it was incredibly detailed, and really strange but this is what I remember from it. In my dream I was on Google Maps and you know how there's a street view feature? well I was using that except I was looking in peoples houses, and I could go into each room, but with each house I looked into, it felt more and more like I was actually there. I went Into my aunt's house, and a couple of other houses around that neighborhood. Then I went into my grandma's (RIP) house. There was also this elderly woman there, and she would tidy up the houses before the people inside wake up. I don't think the elderly woman was my grandmother because she didn't look anything like her. I asked her if she ever felt like she had to whisper on google maps so that she wouldn't wake up the people living there. She seemed annoyed at my question. Then I'm riding a school bus (I think I used google maps to get there, but I don't remember for sure but anyway) It was my bus I used to take when I used to go to middle school. I got up and started walking to the back of the bus. at the back of the bus there was a doorway going into my grandpas (RIP) bedroom and there was also this woman in lingerie sitting in the back seat. I went into my grandpas bedroom and there was another woman there. She seemed upset and asked me if I had sex with the woman in lingerie because she thought I did. I told her I didn't. I then went back up to the seat I was sitting in before and there was this guy who looked kind of like a bum, kept asking me if he can have my bible, because somehow, I had my backpack, my coat, and a bible with me. I said no. I sat there for a while and he kept bugging me about the bible. When the bus stopped, I got up to get off, and I saw the guy trying to steal my bible. I grabbed it out of his hands and started hitting him over the head with it. Then I got off the bus, without my stuff and the bible wasn't with me anymore. When I got off, I was out in the country, and there was a little girl there in a little blue dress (the kind Dorothy from Wizard of Oz was wore). She offered me sunflower seeds. I don't know why, but she looked familiar, even though I've never seen her either in my waking life or in my dreams before. I turned around and there was another girl who looked exactly like the girl that was offering me sunflower seeds, and she was offering me a bouquet of sunflowers. I suddenly felt really sad, like if someone very close to me died. The bus left, and it went from first person view to third person, like I was watching a movie, and I saw myself standing by the side of the road in the country, with the girl with the sunflower seeds on the left, the girl with the sunflowers on the right, and me in the middle. I still felt really sad and when I woke up I was close to crying.

Now a dream that was that detailed HAD to have meant something, but I can't make heads or tails of it. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

Example: What does it mean when you dream of a garden full of sunflowers? Thanks?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of a garden full of sunflowers? Thanks?

Example: I had a dream that i killed a sunflower?

So i had a dream that i received a sunflower seed and a pot filled with soil in the mail. I planted the sunflower seed and followed the directions of the package that the seed had been in. It told me to water it a couple of times. I did, and it sprout up into this a sunflower the height of me (5'4) but the stem was sort of light yellow. I then received balloons and a love letter in the mail and went to my room where the sunflower was. My mom (who is big on flowers and plants) came to my room to see who the love letter was from and gasped when she saw the sunflower (which startled me, my heart beat fast for a few seconds) and she said. "The sunflower is dead." and when i looked up the leaves were yellow and the flower had brown spots on the petals and then i woke up. Does this mean anything?

Example: What does this Dream mean? I really need answers! Any answer will do!?

So a couple days ago i had this dream and i keep thinking about, it just pops in my head randomly and i don't know what it means :( tell me what you think please
So we were in this school, it was a different school, but the people were the same (kind of like switched location or something). It was cloudy, and it looked kind of foggy, probably wasn't since this dream didn't have any color (is that normal?). There was this garden, and everyone gathered there, not "everyone" everyone. probably about 35~ people.
Then one of my friends gave me a tomato, i don't really like tomatoes. When i bit into it had this goo inside, then one of my other friends said,"what do you think of it?" i said," its sweet :) i like it"
Then all of a sudden we were like teleported to another location, it was in the back of the school. (i can't quite remember what happened there).
Then I walked back to the garden, mostly everyone was back. And then i was just staring at a sunflower or something. Then one of my friends said, "If you want to meet someone, why don't you meet me?" And she opened her arms for a hug. Then i woke up.
I don't understand why she said that, it keeps looping in my head "If you want to meet someone, why don't you meet me?"
I really like her, she's kind of like a special friend to me. She is like the only person i really love hugging, we're like perfect height and everything. So when i hug her, i don't want to let go. But she has a girlfriend, which is also one of my best friends. She doesn't get mad or anything :)
Then one day, when it was the second to last day of school, i saw her. And just hugged her, and cried in her arms. I couldn't stop crying, i didn't want the moment to end, just like i wanted that moment to be forever. I am older than her, one year, so she's an underclassmen.
She told us, that she was going to move to a different state, next school year. So she won't stay here. I didn't want her to go. I wanted to stay in contact with her. (oh my gosh im crying as i write this...).
Then the last day came, i wanted to spend every moment with her, but i couldn't actually tell her that. About 3 hours before school ended we went to our band room. We all gathered there and just spent those last few moments together, everyone woodwind and brass. We took photos together. I wanted to play a song with everyone again, but all the stands and music were stored away :(
Then when i saw her, i just couldn't stop crying. She hugged me.
Then that time we had was over. Once we went to our final class, nothing happened. During the last few minutes of school, we al (graduates) gathered in this area in the building on the second floor and told each other our farewells'. Everyone was crying, i couldn't stop crying. Then when i hugged this guy, i really like him though i didn't tell him my feelings for him. So that hug felt kind of special. My (underclassmen) friend class was leaving kind of early, so she saw me crying, and when i hugged that guy. She had this kind of shocked face, but it was also kind of happy. That was the last time i saw her.
I didn't get her email address, or phone number. So we didn't have any Contact at all.
During the summer, is when i started to think, "Do i really like her like that?" "Have i fallen in love with her" "what about that guy?"
Then that dream happened. "If you want to meet someone, why don't you meet me?"
What does this mean?
(im female btw)
please any answer will work, i just want your opinion; even if its about the story (like a comment about it).
p.s. i might make this into a real novel so ideas for that you can suggest and stuff

Example: Does my dream mean anything?

I was standing on a dirt path and I was surrounded by sunflowers (my favorite flower). There was a cute little wood cottage there but I was just standing there looking at the sunflowers because I really like them. I thought about looking inside the cottage but I was really reluctant to. I felt like I didn't want to ever do anything but stare at the sunflowers and feel the warm breeze. (To me, this does sound really really heavenly and beautiful.) But then all I wanted to do was curl up and take a little nap. then I woke up in real life.
I felt really peaceful all day and ive really wanted to go to a sunflower field since I had that dream (I had it like two weeks ago)
is this just a normal dream or is there a deeper meaning? Ive been kind of stressed about school lately and I don't usually remember my dreams. I forget them the instant I wake up except for that dream. So that's why its weird to me. So again is it normal or am I thinking too much into it?

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