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Dream About Super Soaker meanings

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Example: How much do you really ***?

I've seen fanfics on the Internet and fanart of cartoon characters cumming somewhat of a torrent of *** out of their penises. I feel as though I want to make my penis do the same, but I got some feedback from the doctors last year saying that in real life, men only *** a dollop of ***, like a spoonful, and not spilling everywhere like in the explicit fanart or fanfics I see on the Internet. How much does a man really ***? It can't be a torrent ***. By the way, I'm 21 1/2 years old, so by now I would know about something like this.

Average is about a teaspoon or two (5-10ml). A few factors play into it, but I have no idea (meaning no factual evidence to prove) if it is genuinely true or not. But it does seem to be true sometimes. Or perhaps just coincidence.

The longer since your last ejaculation, the more semen and more forceful the next ejaculation will be. So if you want to shoot across the room like a super soaker (possibly), then save it up for a week or two. Don't wait VERY long or else you'll just have a wet dream and lose all the extra. But seriously, it still won't all THAT much. Not like a tsunami or anything and letting you super-soak that hoe. Maybe an extra teaspoon or so. But I usually find this is true. The reverse seems true that if you ejaculate 2, 3, 4 or more times in a row, each time will have less and less semen. So the opposite would seem to be true also to some extent.

Some people think certain stimulation, like stimulating the prostate gland, will produce larger ejaculations. Can't say with any certainty how true this is. Maybe the orgasm will feel better. But better orgasms don't necessarily translate into larger amounts of semen/ejaculate.

Some people think edging will produce a larger ejaculation. Edging is when you get to the brink of orgasm then stop. Repeatedly getting to the brink and away without orgasm. Again, it may feel good, and there will certainly be a lot of pre-ejaculate, but I can't say for certain that it in fact does increase the amount of semen during ejaculation.

What I think is that some guys just simply consistently ejaculate more than other guy. Some guys shoot while others just sorta drip. The amount of semen does not directly relate to how much sperm is in it. So if you only ejaculate several drops, that doesn't mean you ejaculated less sperm than someone who seemingly emptied a milk carton all over the place.

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